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Pants Inspector (SFW)
  • 😰😰😰

  • Should half naked pictures of anime characters be marked NSFW on Lemmy?
  • Yeah, I agree. I do sort of understand op's consternation. I don't browse Lemmy on my work PC, but sometimes on lunch or in public I pull it up on my phone on All communities and I'm suddenly conscious that everyone beside me can see the "sfw" furry and anime art that I scroll past.

    However, that's kinda my fault. I don't want to ban those communities because I like that stuff. It's just a little odd that we call it sfw when, to be honest, I have a hard time picturing most work places where I live happy to see that on my desktop.

  • Should half naked pictures of anime characters be marked NSFW on Lemmy?
  • Yeah, that would be great. Many instance admins already use CSAM classifier models on all incoming images. It'd be great if they could add additional models that could put meta tags on images automatically like "suggestive" and "gore" with the option for the poster to modify the tags just in case it was a false negative or positive. Like a lasagna getting gore, for example.

  • Should half naked pictures of anime characters be marked NSFW on Lemmy?
  • I feel like the Internet needs more tags:

    • Explicit (rude language, nudity, etc)
    • Porn (nsfw legacy tag)
    • Violence
    • Not safe for life

    Something like that.

  • end your free trial
  • I use virtual credit cards from for trials I set a $1 limit and forget about it. It's pretty useful for legitimate subscriptions too, since I can pause or end them just by pausing the card.

  • thanks lain (rule)
  • Thank you Lain.

  • AI influencer bots: my sexy robot is just too horny
  • $1 a minute?!

    For what now?!?

    Okay, I know most folks aren't that technically competent, but just go to, make an account, and tell the default chat bot what you want to do. It's probably more trustworthy than some arsonist's sex bot service, likely more convincing, and will never cost you anything.

  • NASA finds humanity would totally fumble asteroid defense
  • 🤣 just visualizing the United Nations Assembly talking turns curb stomping some poor android.

  • NASA finds humanity would totally fumble asteroid defense
  • Call me an optimist, but I think that if an android was actually going to destroy life as we know it, nations would do everything in their power to advert the disaster.

  • 4 year ruled Lemmy meme to put things into perspective
  • I use Lemmy because it appeals to my wish to be alone, by myself, with no one here beside me ❤️ social media peace at last.

  • I discovered porn on my dad's computer
  • I'm in my 30s now, so perhaps I am out of touch with my younger self, but I don't remember being bothered by the idea of my parents sexuality.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's abnormal to be bothered by it. I've heard plenty of people joke about how gross it is that their parents had sex or whatever. I don't really understand it exactly. I guess maybe it's just an embarrassing subject!

    Also, not to pile on, but don't look at your poor old dad's web history! What a nightmare! Lol

  • A flawless strategy
  • 25% of Lemmy users are incapable of understanding this meme without the inclusion of a comma, and they seem to think this reflects more on the intelligence of the meme's author, rather than their own inadequacies as a reader. They take this opportunity to effusively mansplain the importance of proper punctuation to her, and... Wait a minute... She's a genius!

  • no really how do we fix this?
  • I've been using duck duck go for months now. It's totally cromulent in my opinion!

  • I would like to create a website that creates children's story books using AI.
  • Please don't. Children's media is already flooded with ai generated fluff. You won't make any money on it.

  • The place that I use to cope with my depression, has become depressing. (Story in the description)
  • 😊 I encourage you to express those specific feelings if you haven't been doing so. Telling others that you're stressed and worried, but really like dancing, and are happy that they're here dancing with you might help.

    I try not to force the vibe to improve, but I've found deliberately being earnest can open the floodgates to other people. It's easy to say things in your head, but not aloud.

  • How do we check if Beehaw is down?

    Beehaw is inaccessible to me right now. I cannot load my profile or the main page. In the event that Beehaw is down, is there some other place we can check to see updates? I'm assuming it's the reddit exodus hugging it to death.