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Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees
  • They could create a new flag for Abandoned Early Access games. If an Early Access game hasn't been updated in a long time, that could trigger an automatic email to the publisher saying "Hey your game hasn't been updated in a long time and could be changed from Early Access to Abandoned Early Access. Consider updating the game or store page to keep Early Access status. If you would like to switch to Abandoned Early Access, you can ignore this message and it will automatically update in two weeks or you can manually change the status on your game's Steam page." Wouldn't really need more employees to handle this unless the current employees are all too busy to implement something like it.

  • Russia aims to undermine Biden in November election, intel officials say
  • Considering they hate us this is their best move.

    This is a super naive way of looking at geopolitics, especially regarding China. We are their biggest trade ally. If the US crumbles, both of our economies implode. Trump wants to put insane tariffs on our imports from China. An economically strong US is to China's benefit since we are their single biggest trade ally (comparable to the entire European Union, which includes major trade allies as well). A strong US is not "China's biggest hurdle."

    Russia geopolitically benefits from Trump in power because, among other things, Trump is fine letting Russia continue to ravage Ukraine with war and wants to pull us out of NATO (or at least cut funding to it). We don't have strong trade relations with Russia so they aren't directly affected if we economically flounder (the weak trade relations is why the sanctions on Russia did basically nothing long-term; Russia was already doing very little trade with the US).

    China is not interested in "destabilizing the west." They would obviously benefit from being the economic center of the world, but they get there via strong geopolitical and economic relations with other relevant countries (which means not trying to cause those countries to collapse). Russia has less incentive to avoid causing turmoil in the US and EU, but right now it would very directly benefit from a Trump presidency, which in this case would be the driver behind Russia's decision to help put Trump back in power.

  • Funkwhale + Portainer?
  • I swear there was at least one more server I looked at but passed over and I cannot recall the name.

    Maybe Jellyfin? It's best at movies/shows but it also handles music (and more). The native music experience isn't great but it works. For Windows/Linux/Mac you can use Feishin (I use and mostly recommend it, also you can use the web app version). Android has Symfonium I use and highly recommend it, also it works with FAR more than just Jellyfin). I don't use iOS but I just looked for an iOS app and found AmpFin (not to be confused with Finamp).

    You said your users have their own libraries. Jellyfin works great with this. Out each in its own folder, create a new library for each in Jellyfin (pointing to each folder), and you can choose which accounts can see which libraries (and optionally let them manage libraries too so they can delete songs or modify metadata for the libraries they have access to).

    I'm a fan of Jellyfin if you couldn't tell…

  • Is it safe to automatically pull and update docker containers?
  • I use Watchtower and haven't had any major issues in the two(?) years I've been using it. Make sure you use persistent volumes for your containers and make sure you back up those volumes. If anything breaks, you can roll back to before the update.

    If you don't use persistent volumes, you'll lose data when Watchtower takes down the image and replaces it with the newer one (which doesn't copy over ephemeral volumes).

    I also recommend for database containers to use an image tag that won't update with breaking changes. Don't use postgres:latest, use postgres:15.2 or something like that (whatever the image you're using the database for recommends).

  • [Help] I can't make Radarr's hardlink work
  • I didn't realize this when I first set up Radarr/Sonarr and they ended up copying every single file instead of hardlinking. By the time I realized, I had like 400gb of duplicate files. Ended up running fclones and getting it all back.

  • Anyone else get an email from Portainer?
  • Portainer does store compose files though? I've manually used docker compose commands from the folders Portainer saves them in. They're labeled with numbers instead of project names which makes it difficult to know which one you're looking for, but I use rga so that wasn't as much of an issue for me as it would have been otherwise. It was tedious, but the compose files very much exist on your hard drive.

  • "Portainer restructuring and layoffs" (cross-post from another site)
  • I started with Yacht and moved to Portainer. Yacht's ui was just too heavy and unresponsive for me. I got logged out of sessions without it actually telling me almost every time I used Yacht. I would have to log out and in again just to use it (a process that often freezed up as well for reasons I cannot comprehend). I finally had enough and switched to Portainer; not a single complaint since.

  • 127 degrees: Heat record shattered in Death Valley, with high temperature of 130 in forecast
  • I don't think people take dry heat seriously. Humid heat is obviously dangerous because you can't sweat the heat out of your body as efficiently, but dry heat at these temperatures feels like walking outside and holding a hair dryer to your skin. It's so fucking hot. You can feel the sun touching your skin like its physically reaching out. You sunburn from 5–15 minutes in the sun without sunblock. And it doesn't cool off either, not really. Temperatures stay in the high 80s and low-to-mid 90s all night. "But it's a dry heat" is really dismissive of how dangerous an unwavering 90–120° is, in this case for weeks on end.

  • Sanders: Supreme Court Is “Out of Control” and Must Be Reformed
  • This most recent ruling wildly expanded the immunity, added presumed immunity for adjacent actions, and phrased everything in such a way that actually prosecuting the president for literally anything will take years.

    Say the president does something you think is illegal and should be prosecuted. Stop. Before you can take him to court over that, you need to determine if what he did was "official" or "unofficial." SCOTUS didn't give deterministic guidelines to differentiate, so you need to have a separate court case just for that. Alright so let's have the court case that determines whether what the president did was official or unofficial. Let's introduce some evidence—

    Stop. Evidence from official acts cannot be introduced in a case to prove something was unofficial. So you actually need to have a separate court case to determine if that evidence is official or unofficial. Once you have your results, one party won't like it and will appeal it up and up to the supreme court. Repeat for potentially every single piece of evidence.

    Okay now that we know what evidence we can and can't introduce, we can finally determine if what the president did was official or unofficial. Once we have a result, one party won't like it and it will be appealed all the way up to the supreme court again. Only when SCOTUS rules the action was unofficial (IF they rule it was unofficial) can you then BEGIN the process of actually taking the president to court over that action.

    This will take years, not to mention the supreme court is appointed by the president and it recently ruled that taking bribes after you do something instead of before is perfectly legal actually. This is all by design. The point is to keep this all tied up in court for years, which effectively gives the president full immunity for everything. And he can also pressure the courts or judges to rule his way via any number of threats (if you think that's an unofficial act, feel free to take him to court over it).

    This is pretty clearly designed to functionally protect the president from all culpability (which the dissenting SCOTUS opinions agree on, ergo their dissent).

  • Greece introduces the six-day work week
  • The thing is in this case, it's only human suffering. People don't actually work nonstop all week. Giving them fewer hours over four days means they're more productive for those days because they're not dragging out their work to fill the arbitrary 40 hours they have to work for. So companies pay workers the same, but can save money in amenities and office space or whatever by using it less AND have more productive workers. Longer work weeks don't actually make companies more money (oversimplifying and speaking broadly).

  • Flathub has passed 2 billion downloads
  • I imagine the largest mobile phone operating system on the planet has a few more downloads than one of the several available package managers for the comparatively very small desktop Linux audience, yeah. This is the Linux community, not the Android or Google community, so I'm not sure what you're yapping away about or why.

    edit: i wanted to know how many devices run android and according to this it's three billion so you're wrong anyway lmao

  • Hundreds died during this year's Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia amid intense heat, officials say
  • “Regrettably, the number of mortalities reached 1,301, with 83% being unauthorised to perform hajj and having walked long distances under direct sunlight, without adequate shelter or comfort,” the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

    That's still 200+ deaths who were registered. And my understanding of Saudia Arabia in this context is that they don't always permit Muslims from certain countries, so they have no choice if they want to make their pilgrimage. This is a once in a lifetime event that some people may plan out years in advance. I don't think it's fair to blame them for not registering, especially when in some cases they can't.

  • Deduplication tool
  • I was using Radarr/Sonarr to download files via qBittorrent and then hardlink them to an organized directory for Jellyfin, but I set up my container volume mappings incorrectly and it was only copying the files over, not hardlinking them. When I realized this, I fixed the volume mappings and ended up using fclones to deduplicate the existing files and it was amazing. It did exactly what I needed it to and it did it fast. Highly recommend fclones.

    I've used it on Windows as well, but I've had much more trouble there since I like to write the output to a file first to double check it before catting the information back into fclones to actually deduplicate the files it found. I think running everything as admin works but I don't remember.

  • Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • The group used “sophisticated computer scripts” and software to scour piracy services (including the Pirate Bay and Torrentz) for illegal copies of TV episodes, which they then downloaded and hosted on Jetflicks’ servers, according to federal prosecutors.

    They probably used Sonarr and Radarr and called it a day (or similar off-the-shelf tools available on GitHub). It's not very sophisticated at all. That combined with Jellyfin and a VPN (or Usenet or a country that doesn't care about piracy) and you have your own up and running. You could also just use free sites with an ad blocker instead of paying $10/mo like the service this article is about charged.

    Unrelated to all of this:

  • Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil protesters - BBC News
  • That's the point though. They've done other protest work "the proper way" and nobody knows about it because it doesn't get reported on. They want the message "just stop oil" to be in the news, so they do what gets them in the news.

    If they go for the "right" attention, they're barely reported on by two local outlets. If they go for public outcry, they're global news in hours. Their goal isn't to get you to support their organization. It's to keep you talking about and thinking about and caring about climate change.

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