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Anyone ever do one of these long walks?
  • I’m currently on the camino francés route to Santiago de Compastella. My first day will be the day after tomorrow. I spend a lot of time over planning for it I’m sure. It seems very well supported by local communities and there are municipal albergues along the way. I was hoping to fund a community on lemmy for the pilgrimage.

  • X revokes paid blue check from United Auto Workers after strike called
  • Getting your ass kicked is not even a big deal in combat sports with rules. You’ll mostly be fine, you can spin the story. I bet Zuck gets beat all the time in training. I rather see Musk call out fights and back out. That is such a pussy move.

  • What is the best treatment for chronic dog ear yeast infections?
  • Does your dog have skin issues or anything that seems related to allergies? I am dealing with allergies that cause skin issues like bumps, and flaky skin. I was advised to keep my dog’s ears clean as allergies that cause skin issues can also cause ear infections. I don’t have anything to recommend in terms of medicine but just something to consider as a possible cause if your dog has allergies.

  • Dogs papajohn


    me: can turn my dog’s name into a name that sounds like a dinosaur? My dog’s name is Serverina. She is a big dog with a docked tail.

    chatGPT: For a dog named Severina, here's a dinosaur-inspired name that takes her size and tail into account: "Tyrannosevra." It combines elements of "Tyrannosaurus," a well-known dinosaur known for its size, with a twist on her name, Severina. This name adds a fun and unique touch while honoring her characteristics.

    Sentient spiders
  • Oh man, I totally forgot. Expeditionary Force is so good! Its funny like hitch hikers guide to the galaxy but more modern and the writing is not as clever. But there is a HUGE story arc dealing with super smart spiders. I listened to it and I’m pretty sure it was made for audiobooks first.

  • Books like the expanse?
  • If you want fun politics and war in the entire solar system, I recommend Red Rising and the the subsequent 2 novels (I haven’t read beyond that). The characters are incredibly sentimental but it was really fun to read. It doesn’t start off anything like The Expanse but politics within the entire solar system and divisions between the outer planets and asteroid belt were reminiscent of some scenarios.

    If you want a more philosophical and hard science exploration of Humanity expanding beyond our solar system, dealing with long term evolution and exploring sentience in other species, I like Children of Time and the followup books.

    Neither are very similar to Expanse but both series are great.

  • Fence post expanding foam
  • Foam sounds terrible for holding bolts. If you have to fill it and have a clear hollow access, I’d consider epoxy and some wood dowels. The dowels would be to bring the cost down because you will probably need more than a gallon of epoxy and that stuff is expensive. This is my idea, please feel free to poop on it.

  • What types of physical exercise do you enjoy the most?
  • Jiu Jitsu. Really fun to grapple hard against an opponent. Unlike striking sports, you can practice pretty hard and mostly avoid injuries. There is a thinking component and a mental strength component making it much more fun than other workouts I do.

  • “A woman evacutes her horse”

    I remember this clip from the wire where they discuss the difference between evacuating a place and evacuating a person. The Wire - Evacuate Found one example of what they discussed in an NPR article today and is made me laugh.A woman evacuate her horse.


    The Sand Island Story (1981)


    What do you call lemmy?

    Do you call them lemminites? Lamminators? Lems? Lemmings? I haven’t seen what sticks yet but I’m new.


    Can I get an ID?

    Found this all over my local trail in Hawaii. Looks like turkey tail but not white on the edges and not a lot of color separation. Also, Ive never id’ a mushroom.


    Dog is the referee

    Evening pickleball match with my best bud keeping score.