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Now I'm here.

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SMBC [2011-05-04]
  • Reminds me of a TV ad, older than this comic, for a frosted cereal (probably not the first one that comes to mind) and the adult about to consume them has the inner dialogue "What about fat?!" "Wimp!"

    (I always heard it as "Wamp!", so to this day I'm not completely sure if it was an early example of a spoken sad trombone, but "Wimp!" is more likely.)

    They don't make ads like that any more.

  • Is Firefox still good ?
  • Some Linux packages have WebKit as a dependency and that often has something called MiniBrowser installed as, well, precisely what it says it is. Not sure if it's available on Windows, but it's OK in a pinch.

    There are a few other lesser known browsers, not in the main families, that are currently in development too.

  • What would an ENSH*TTIFIED Linux distro look like?
  • GNOME and its applications have been headed in that direction for a while now, but I'm not sure Canonical are behind those changes. If they were, I'm sure they would have done something about GNOME apps looking alien on Xubuntu, for example.


    As that link suggests, the Mint team are looking to produce apps that run on any desktop environment, forking GNOME apps that don't comply with that. Hopefully that keeps the momentum going for that sort of thing.

  • Arry Otter
  • Me? I'd be the muggliest of muggles except for certain knowledge a witch implanted in my brain. And it's since transpired that she was the one who should not be named all along.

  • Twitch terminates all members of its Safety Advisory Council
  • Important: The article mentions that they are being replaced not that the SAC is being done away with completely.

    On the other hand:

    Twitch declined to comment on whether the [new council members] would be paid.

    The text I replaced there is "ambassadors", that is, Twitch ambassadors, people given a title that means nothing outside of Twitch, but is the only payment these people will be getting, outside, perhaps, a sense of pride and accomplishment.

  • Why AI Search Blew Up in Google’s Face
  • It's not about whether it works, it's about proving that they're keeping pace with the trends in technology that they're not directly driving.

    They're afraid that if they don't give that impression, their stockholders will pull their money and give it to someone who does, and since that's what their stockholders also fear about all the other stockholders, that's what will happen.

    AI funding is so far up it's own backside I'm not sure they'll hear the cry of the small child pointing out that this Emperor has no clothes.

  • fixed with cinnamon gum.
  • Gonna guess people who missed the memo about Mint until well after they installed Ubuntu. They haven't had the time or energy to switch distros yet, but did manage the time and/or energy to install Cinnamon.

    Maybe a couple of others who have unknown reasons for avoiding Mint. No idea what those reasons are, but there's always someone with a different take.

  • RIP ICQ: Remembering a classic messaging app that was way ahead of its time
  • Set one up when I used a different handle but literally never used it. Thought I had a short ID number but, for reasons I'm not sure of, the piddly scrap of paper I wrote the number down on has always been in a particular place (and has been there for well over a decade), and it was 9 digits.

    Must have been thinking of that handle's Slashdot ID. That was 6 digits.

    ... and technically still is. Wow. The account is apparently still there. Not sure I'm going back there any time soon, but took this opportunity to reset the password just in case.

  • Father of the year [Hagar the Horrible]
  • Had to check. It looks like the comic actually only ceased production last year after the passing of the (second) artist.

    Chris Browne took on Hägar after his father Dik - who drew the linked comic - died, but today I learned that Chris died last year.

    As an extra kicker, I also learned that his brother Chance died a couple of months back. He didn't draw Hägar but had taken on another of their father's strips, Hi and Lois.

    My denial about getting older can only take so much of this.

  • [linux mint, cinnamon] how can i resize the panel's width?
  • Pretty sure Cinnamon panels are designed to fit to the width (or height if they're attached to the side) of the screen and can't be altered. (The depth/breadth/"thickness" of the panel can be changed, but that's not particularly relevant here.)

    The same may also be true of panel-like features in XFCE and MATE too, but I can't easily confirm.

  • Mmm, a cinnamon roll...
  • Reminds me of that time in a pub restaurant where I ordered the Cumberland sausage (plus mash, etc.). When it arrived it looked not entirely dissimilar. Thankfully, when I cut into it, it was indeed sausage, not a snail. Or anything else.

    (Must have tasted OK because I don't remember hating it.)

  • PayPal plans an ad network built off your purchase history
  • Let me guess: I'll buy a toaster because my old one died but then I'll get ads for new toasters constantly. You bought one, you must want another. And another. And another. Why aren't you buying more toasters. You bought one. Buy another! Buy twenty!! People who bought toasters also bought microwaves and kettles. Do you want a toaster? Does anyone want any toast?

  • Viruses & Task Viewers
  • True. There are various legitimate tools that are only really one step away from malware, so it's not too hard to imagine going that one step further.

    Thinking specifically of the fact that a new process is allowed to change its apparent name, as well as creating secondary process pools, but there are bound to be other, deeper ways.