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Notepad’s spellcheck and autocorrect are rolling out to everybody after 41 years
  • A spell checker is pretty useless. It's not a word processor. I just want to very quickly open a text file and perhaps make a small edit. I would usually use it for config files.

    Syntax highlighting for xml, JSON, yaml and CSV would be a much more useful feature. gEdit on gnome really nails the lightweight but useable text editor.

    Also, would it kill them to use a rolling buffer instead of loading and rendering an entire 500MB file before rendering the first 30 lines on screen?

    People say "just use [editor]", but it's no good when you're configuring someone else's prod environment 7 proxies deep, and all you can use is notepad.

  • Sony is killing off recordable Blu-ray, bidding farewell to disc burning | TechSpot
  • CF is still used in high-end DSLRs. Like, it's still the "premium" storage option.

    CD burning is still kinda useful for hifi. I wouldn't use it for data these days.

    Iomega ZIP disks. Those things just clicked all day.

  • Any MythTV Users Here?
  • Thanks! I'm going through a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter because it was the only way to get 4K video. Pipewire is a bit flaky and applies filters that I don't want. It's a 3.1 channel setup. The goal is for the AV receiver to do all the decoding.

  • Any MythTV Users Here?
  • I'm on the new HTPC version installed as a snap. I can see that it's meant to work with passthrough, but I find that it... doesn't.

    I haven't tried in a few versions. Maybe I should give it another crack.

  • Any MythTV Users Here?
  • I used MythTV for decades. I really loved the "raw" digital output of the music player. It would casually hop from 44/16/2.0 to 96/24/5.1 between songs and my amp would decode it. I even contributed a small patch to make the visualizer work with 24bit audio.

    The live TV hardware accelerated deinterlacing was really good too. TV recording was super reliable.

    The TVDb lookup was a tad glitchy. It turns out that it didn't include the year in the lookup. I wrote a patch that did it (and improved my metadata lookups heaps) but never made a PR.

    I jumped to Plex around 2020. Mostly for things like streaming to my phone so I can have my music on the train. I believe Myth was better for HTPC, but Plex isn't too far off.

    I'm not a fan of Plex audio. Every time I try to make it do AC3 passthrough or skip the OS mixers, the whole thing breaks.

  • PSA: How to install Brother HL-L5210DW printer under Fedora 40 using IPP-over-USB
  • Printers are always horrible to administer. Brother are typically the best on Linux. I wrote a massive instructional blog a few weeks ago because it took so much work to get my HL-3150CDN working over USB. I had to repackage a Frankenstein's monster of a driver because my printer never got 64-bit CUPS filters.

  • Legality of removing sim cards from cars in Australia
  • Yep. It's your car to do with it what you want. The ADRs (Australian Design Rules) only apply at point of sale. Once it's yours, it merely needs meet roadworthy requirements. As long as you keep a functioning speedo, wipers and lights, you can rip out every bit of electronics in the car.

  • How was your NBN fttp upgrade experience ?
  • Mine was pretty good. Strangely I had FTTC for about 2 weeks and they came back to upgrade to FTTP.

    I did a lot of the prep work myself to make sure it was as quick and easy for them as possible. I dug trenches, pulled drawstring through the walls etc.

    The weird part was that they got 90% through the FTTP install and the job got cancelled because I already had NBN. I had to convince them it was worth finishing.

  • Simple mail server
  • The longest outage I've had in a decade is when my primary SSD died a 2 months ago and I had to reinstall using config backups. It was down for around a day.

    I've thrown a UPS on it and flown overseas for a week or two. It's basically just email for me and the kids.

    I've had longer outages on hosted services, TBH.

  • Simple mail server
  • I host my own mail. When it's down, the mail just gets delivered after I get online again. Almost all mail servers are configured to retry over a period of several days before giving up.

    Once my health insurer sent me mail by post to tell me that my mail server was down. That was kinda funny.