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playing dark souls III for the first time - virtueisdead virtueisdead

Welcome to the streaming section of our site. Timbre mostly uses this to stream games and music production when he has the time.

*laughs in unicycle*
  • Amateur!

    <gets out his penny-farthing>

  • Freedom, flexibility and fun. Taking back your live streams with Owncast.
  • Happy t help! If you have any questions feel free to post here or check my profile to email, microblog, matrix, or DM me here. :-D

  • Freedom, flexibility and fun. Taking back your live streams with Owncast.
  • OBS can record streams. The Owncast can't do clips or vods or anything ... YET. Gabe Kangas, primary and solo Dev, is working on it.

  • What open-source software would you like more people to know about?
  • Owncast Stream whatever you want on your own platform and announce natively to the Fediverse!

    IDK why but tons of folks think it's not feasible as they need million dollar computers. I've streamed to 70+ open streams, albeit as a test, on a like $5/month VPS. The key is that the resources needed are how many qualities you're transcoding, not how many folks are viewing. Yes bandwidth is needed for each viewer, but that's significantly less than people imagine.

    Full transparency I run the [email protected] community, but I'm in no way affiliated with the project. I just love open platforms and open source.

  • playing dark souls for the first time - virtueisdead virtueisdead

    Welcome to the streaming section of our site. Timbre mostly uses this to stream games and music production when he has the time.

    Are there any innovative platforms in the Fediverse?
  • I stream on Owncast and really enjoy it. One of the easiest installations I've ever had with software. And despite what lots of folks think you don't need a million dollars to stream to groups of folks.

    Full disclosure I run the [email protected] community and actively promote it on Matrix if anyone is interested or need help. :-D

  • Owncast Newsletter April/May 2024

    In This Issue * A Note From The Editor * Technical Updates * Owncast 0.1.3 Released * Owncasts For Roku Released * Features * Featured Streamer: Game That Tune * Closing Remarks A Note From The Editor Wow. Did anyone authorize my schedule to go this wildly? I often start the prep of...

    By Kit Rhett Aultman — Apr 22, 2024 Owncast Newsletter April/May 2024 In This Issue

    A Note From The Editor Technical Updates Owncast 0.1.3 Released Owncasts For Roku Released Features Featured Streamer: Game That Tune Closing Remarks

    A Note From The Editor

    Wow. Did anyone authorize my schedule to go this wildly? I often start the prep of a new Owncast newsletter while finishing up the one due for release, and this month was no different, but a week's overseas work travel will certainly torpedo one's plans. Regardless, here we are again, with what's been cooking in the world of Owncast.

    This month, we've got some pretty big technical announcements, so don't miss them. On the featured streamer front, we've got some details on Game That Tune, a perennial fixture of the Owncast streaming landscape. If you've ever fancied the idea of having a 24/7 streaming channel that maintains a high level of engagement and interactivity, their model's pretty hard to beat.

    Given the need for a little breathing room and the fact that this edition hasn't released until the end of April, I'm going to take May off to regroup and hopefully publish the next edition in early June. Thanks a big one for reading and for your support.

    Don't forget this is a newsletter by and for the community of Owncast streamers and viewers. Please share it widely, suggest ideas for features, submit announcements of events you're planning, etc. Don't forget the #FediWave hashtag, and, until next time, keep the streams running. Owncast 0.1.3 Released

    Owncast 0.1.3 was released on April 7, 2024. While this is an incremental update and therefore focused on bug fixes and performance improvements, this release does include some interesting new changes that warrant upgrading your instance if you haven't already.

    Among other things, Owncast 0.1.3 introduces rel="me" attributes for social links, which is extremely useful for things like verification on the Fediverse. There are also improvements to the chat that make it less noisy when people disconnect and reconnect, and it removes chat rate limiting for moderators. If you have an active chat to moderate, this will no doubt be welcome.

    Of course, these are a couple of the dozens of fixes and improvements provided by community developers. Follow the link to the release to see them all and to get instructions for upgrading! Owncasts For Roku Released

    Most Owncast streamers and viewers are familiar with the Owncast Directory. This feature of the Owncast ecosystem facilitates easy exploration and discovery of streams. Moreover, because it's based on a feed of JSON data, it's easy to make client software for the directory.

    For most of the Owncast project, the Owncast directory was available on Roku devices through a system called Direct Publisher. This allowed owners of JSON and XML data feeds to have them represented as a Roku channel with no development effort. Unfortunately, anyone who's used the old Owncast Directory channel on Roku knows it didn't update reliably and often had stale streams in it. Worse still, Roku cancelled its Direct Publisher system at the beginning of 2024. With that, Owncast lost its presence in the Roku ecosystem...until now!

    Hot on the heels of Owncasts for iOS devices, community member Kit Aultman (the editor of this newsletter) and Owncast founder Gabe Kangas developed and published a new Owncasts channel for Roku. This should now be available for all Roku devices, and it should hopefully not suffer from the same shortcomings as the old channel.

    It's early days for this app, and there are a lot of features and improvements to make. If you have interest in helping out with the project, contact Kit or Gabe to get set up. This is a great project for anyone who's wanted to dabble in the Roku SDK but not wanted to set up a full channel themselves. Featured Streamer: Game That Tune

    Game That Tune (GTT), billing itself separately as "the Internet's only VGM quiz show" and "four guys who make a fun podcast about videogame music", have been releasing episodes since 2016. In addition to their regular podcast episodes, they also operate Game That Tune Radio, a 24/7 request-driven stream of video game music. Of course, their choice for streaming is Owncast.

    What's particularly interesting about their work is the high level of interactivity they've built into the system. The GTT chatbot system provides all sorts of interactive search and request features, and it also enables a sort of weekly voting game. Each week, users can use the chatbot to "bop" the currently playing song, and every Friday afternoon features a roundup, the "Bop Ten Countdown", of the most-bopped songs from the week.

    GTT Radio is a testament to the flexibility of Owncast; GTT host John Regan has contributed to Owncast to facilitate development of the GTT chatbot, and the live streaming system, a mixture of C and Lua that automatically visualizes the music and produces an endless video stream to be processed by Owncast, is available on Github for others to use.

    If you're a lover of video game music or just want to spend some time with a long-standing part of the Owncast community, you're sure to find something to love, so go check 'em out. Closing Remarks

    This newsletter is the product of, and a service to, the community of Owncast developers, streamers, viewers, and enthusiasts later. We cannot be a sounding board for the community without your support. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with interesting project news, events, or other news of note, and if you'd like to help build the social fabric of the Owncast community, please consider checking out the #owncast-community channel on

    The President of the United States is blocked on this instance
  • No, I disagree. Threads is blocked. POTUS decided to set up an account on a blocked instance.

  • The Verge: President Biden is now posting into the fediverse
  • WELP ... almost had it right ... I block Threads so I guess I won't be following.

  • Why did the skeleton refuse to go to the ball?
  • Saw a right through that one.

  • Google will delete data collected from private browsing
  • And who is going to verify they deleted it and how are they deleting it?

    Is it about time we get analysts that monitor these companies from the inside?

  • Trump Media plunges more than 25% after company reports net loss of $58 million in 2023
  • If anyone checked the filing presentation they literally put questions marks for their profitability. It was HILLARIOUS.

  • Thoughts on VPN providers?
  • I've been on Proton for years and I've had a Visionary account for years. Proton's price doesn't really go up, but the quality and features does immensely. They give me extra storage every year. I get more VPNs, more password managers, more and more and more. IMO they have a track that shows they care about privacy and want to make things better.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I mainly use Matrix for myself, my family, and have rooms set up for a community.

    Discord I have and use as a couple groups of friends are still and basically every game dev uses Discord now and you have to go to Discord to find out any info about the game, look up tips/hints, or even report bugs. FUN!

  • Facebook snooped on users' Snapchat traffic in secret project, documents reveal
  • Why? It's not illegal, people don't care, they've decimated privacy to the point no one cares, so they're doing nothing wrong as Lon as they can justify all his horrendous shit to themselves.

  • Facebook snooped on users' Snapchat traffic in secret project, documents reveal
  • It's not spying when you directly give them access to monitor your communications. Says section 632 subsection VIIXVVIIX Subsubsection D in the 69 fine print 42. Isn't everyone a lawyer with hundreds of hours to spend reading Eula's?

    Also fuck this noise. It's made legal because people click agree to 10000000 pages of contract.

  • Veloren 0.16 Release

    Veloren 0.16 Release

    Veloren 0.16 Release

    0.16 Release

    Veloren is finally releasing 0.16! It has been 9 months since 0.15 was released so there has been a lot of work put into this version.

    If you're reading this before 18:00 GMT on March 30th, make sure to join the release party. On the side, you can also watch the release party dev stream, where we'll be chatting with devs about what went into this version.

    To join, you can download the game for free at and create an account, then launch the game and hop on the default server. See you there!

    We'll also be having a vote on discord for the new map to use for the official server in the coming days. Be sure to check that out! New in this release

    Here are some of the changes in this release:

    New axe skill tree. Two new dungeons, haniwa catacombs and terracotta ruins. Some new structures: airship docs, taverns and desert arenas. We got a cool new mesa biome, where the mountain towns are built now. Caves got a really cool update, with new cave biomes, be sure to check them out! We are finally using a new wgpu version which allows people to run the game using OpenGl. Plugins have gotten updates and it's now supported for servers to have plugins which are shared with the client when joining. Map generation UI for singleplayer in voxygen. Many balancing changes. New models and shader changes so the low level of detail terrain will look a lot better. While gliding you can now encounter updrafts.


    As always, there are always more changes than we can add to a single post! You can check out the full changelog here.

    Thanks to this versions contributors (in random order):

    Laura, Monty Marz, Yusuf Bera Ertan, Animoe, Gemu Peachems, Talha Qamar, BigKhan, Xiretza, Keegan-JW, Marcel Märtens, Tim Vincent, Woeful_Wolf, Youssef Fahmy, Pybit, Uniior, Haijo7, TelepathicWalrus, Treeco, JimmyDdotEXE, Benoît du Garreau, Dmytro Kovalchuk, Froggy, Hugo Famechon, Neras, Illia Denysenko, HEIEnthusiast, Joshua Barretto, Javier Pérez, Sorann753, JCoxeye, David Fisher, danielkenji83, Syniis, crabman, Igigog, Jaroslav Lichtblau, Francesco Vasco, Darren Salt, Otto Richter, Py bit, Thomas S, flo666, Justin Shipsey, Dominik Broński, Marcel, Avi Weinstock, Ben Wallis, Raul Wagner Costa, Stefan Glorch, Nadja von Reitzenstein Čerpnjak, Isse, Gaxrodi, walpo, Sam, Joaquin Tornello, Christof Petig, PopeRigby, nectical, RunRobDog, jshipsey, juliancoffee, Hrom, tygyh, Samuel Keiffer, Youser Nayme, Michal Sroczynski, Evgen Kot, UncomfySilence, 心慌慌脸红红, Brandon Dyer, uniior, James Hiew, laundmo, Sanctorum Thomas, do-no-van, Imbris, evgenkot, Scott Bronson, flo, João Capucho, DaforLynx, Jeffrey Cox, James Melkonian, Michał

    Since the last release we have started using weblate for tranlsation contributions, those contributors are listed here (in random order): tidare, Vuizur, juliancoffee, AldanTanneo, guillermytho, Paw, marcelodemonn, Nylux, Vybearz, 5Litt, DiXiao, ezamux, Jasmia, Timm, thomas-babord, zoli111, leca, Renkal, macintosh, zerocraft, GeroinEX, RyanOrigins, Vallley, mapemka, tdehtyar, alextecplayz, Nifou, Axegaik, jadedctrl, loglizzy, Sinari, Dutchy5, aleeo, DominicF96, FruityHarriott, evgenkot, Witch, alexjhr, valebest26, fvasco, karinator, walpo, bov, jiangyi, Sovenok-Hacker, thatevilman, fnetX, SomeTr, Ixniyevonn, mozz, Positron832, dyegomb Support the Project

    As always, feel free to support the project on Open Collective. It allows us to keep our servers running, and launch great release parties like the one for this release!

    Veloren Open Collective

    Enshrouded: Hollow Halls Update
  • Looks great! VERY excited by this! And the most important feature! Sitting! :-D lol I am excited to check out the update.

  • You may be offered a free premium Telegram subscription – but please don’t accept
  • Any recommended clients for XMPP? I'd love to try it, but from what I've seen is that it's massively complicated and while I'm sure I could figure it out, if it's not simple then there's no way I could help my family get it working as they're a long ways away from me.

  • You may be offered a free premium Telegram subscription – but please don’t accept

    Telegram is giving away FREE Premium subscriptions! All they need from you is to use your cell phone as a relay to text out their OTP codes! And the recipient of the OTP sees your phone number! What could POSSIBLY go wrong with this deal?

    PLEASE don't use Telegram! I personally recommend Matrix as it's totally FOSS, you can self host, there are tons of front end clients to choose from. Or even use Signal. I have my own issues with Signal, the fact they don't allow third party clients, you can't self-host, they have a proprietary shim in their stack that only they know what it does, they were pushing crypto, etc, but at least Signal is better than this garbage.

    VLC - App stores were a mistake

    VideoLAN @videolan App Stores were a mistake. Currently, we cannot update VLC on Windows Store, and we cannot update VLC on Android Play Store, without reducing security or dropping a lot of users... For now, iOS App Store still allows us to ship for iOS9, but until when?

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