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Recommendations for cheap hardware upgrade
  • If you need more ram but not a lot of CPU a used thin client can work, i use a HP t630 since 6 months now with only nextcloud and storage, has 2 ddr4 slots and 2sata m.2(not Nvme) for Expansion. Again its a 4core Pre Ryzen AMD chip so don't expect any Wonders. this is a good side for this and other thin Clients.

    Edit: according to HP the idle Power consumption is ~12w

  • Love me some arbitrary executed code /s (Plasmoids are not themes)
  • You can choose on the login screen, works well, but it gets confusing if the whole Desktop gets installed: example GNOME comes with gnome-terminal even if there is already xterm or KDE Konsole on the system

  • Yever just see a random post from a fandom you've never heard of and then BAM, you've got a new special interest.
  • I saw only memes on reddit of JoJo, and now i have watched till part5 and read all parts after it and various Oneshots. Now i wait till the Author makes more. And yes it was quite an obsession for a while, all thanks to a few memes. years later: ok lets watch that newish Rodriguez Movie: Alita. A few months later: i have consumed all content (2,5 long Mangas series) and am up to date and again. So Yes its: i see a small snipped and now i wanna know every Part of the Lore.

  • Nextcloud Talk is so good
  • Does it work in Windows/Chrome? I have tried to make a call with a frend but it would not show Video/audio in his side. It has worked from Firefox to Androidapp for me in the past

  • unused is wasted

    this is right after closing qemu-kvm

    Old phone to Webcam/security?

    Is there a good Foss Android-App or Termux way to see the camera from a older Android Phone ( ~Android 9) in the same network on another Phone or a Computer.

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