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NVIDIA Unveils Next-Gen Rubin, Rubin Ultra, Blackwell Ultra GPUs & Supercharged Vera CPUs
  • They make the grace arm cpu to pair with hopper GPU instead of AMD epyc and Intel xeon in data center products. They released a first version that replace these processors in their data center offering (formerly dgx). This is the announcement of the next generation of this offering Vera-Rubin will replace Grace-Hopper.

    I don't think they have announced anything about bringing this offering to the consumer space.

  • Update on LTT's investigation regarding allegations
  • They said at the time "We are committed to publishing the findings". This has not happened yet as far as I know, and it's critical. Accusations were specific, the investigation findings can't be vague.

  • What kinds of games might you recommend with deep worldbuilding and interaction that aren't RPGs?
  • The Outer Wilds might be the kind of games you're looking for.

    And if you are open to a more linear structure there is FPS like bioshock which have amazing world building and have very light RPG elements.

    There is also the "walking simulator" genre, with games like firewatch, gone home or SOMA. But it's also quite linear.

  • It’s too thrilling
  • "lait" not "lair" but that's look like an autocorrect mistake. The correct phrase would be close : "j'ai du lait sur le feu".

    I never worked in a kitchen, but an announcement would probably just be : "lait sur le feu".

    And last thing, the expression as more to do with watching closely than being busy. Watch something like milk on the stove.

  • Question regarding the routing table
  • If both networks And share the same level 2 Ethernet segment/vlan/broadcast domain, you don't even need the third nic, you can setup a secondary IPv4 address on the private nic on the network.

    I would not call that best practice, but if the number of host on the network is reasonable and you are aware of the security problems created, there's nothing really wrong with this setup.

    Having two nics on the same Ethernet network is actually trickier since you have to do ARP filtering.

  • German opposition leaders vow to fight EU car ban plans
  • "German right leaders vow to fight European right ICE car ban plans."

    This is a European election year, maybe it's time to recognize the political positions and stop identifying the EU as some undefined force.

  • What is the technology of being able to access PCIe devices over IP called?
  • I have no experience about what you are trying to achieve, but rdma and related technologies (infiniband, qlogic, sr-iov, ROCE) is not it. These are network technologies that permit high bandwidth/low latency data transfer between hosts. Most of these bypass the IP stack entirely.

    Infiniband is a network stack that enable RDMA, it's only vendor is now NVIDIA which acquired mellanox. Qlogic was another vendor, but it got acquired by Intel that tried to market it as Omnipath, but it was spinned off to Cornelis network.

    Sr-iov is a way to share an infiniband card to a virtual machine on the same host.

    ROCE is an implementation of the rdma software stack over ethernet instead of infiniband.

  • What adventure games do you recommend?
  • It's really stretching the adventure game definition but if you are open to first person games without combat with great stories I would recommend :

    • "the outer wilds" : really nice puzzles, good story, wonderful setting, definitely not linear.
    • "SOMA" : a little dark, engaging story, this was an amazing experience.
  • email TLS question
  • The gain would be that an attacker having a foothold on the internal network (by having a physical access or hacking a device on it) would be able to sniff and modify outgoing emails.

    I'm a bit sceptical about the performance claim on modern hardware.

    That said it's not a completely unreasonable tradeoff.

  • English may be a hot mess but at least we don't have to worry about this nonsense
  • English weirdly use feminine for ships, so think of it like that. But no it doesn't achieve much.

    I don't think it change the way we think about objects much, but probably unconsciously yes. For example, France itself is feminine and seeing some caricature personifying as a dude always feels weird.

    Usage dictates the gender. And some recent words are more or less controversial: gameboy, wifi, COVID, Nutella...

    When I think about the gender of a word I will usually derive it from a broader category. But that's not always obvious, for example Gameboy is a game console (feminine) but the words game and boy are masculine. COVID is a disease (feminine) but also a virus (masculine). And in the meme a washing machine is a machine (feminine).

    You can't not use gender since french doesn't have neutral pronouns. But I don't think it's frowned upon for a non native speaker to make this kind of mistakes.

  • Anon admires Hakimi
  • Looks like it's probably fake, the only source of this claim is some tweet from a random account. I couldn't find anything relevant after last spring, but I suppose the divorce is still not judged. At the time she claimed she was confident she would get her fair share.

    In France, doing this at this scale without paying any taxes would probably be very illegal.