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Those of you who don't vote, why?
  • The last four times I've voted. I spent, on average, less than ten minutes from arriving at the place to vote, and leaving that place. And I don't mean at the booth itself. I'd say from when I parked the car, to when I left in the car... but I walked. 10 minutes (the first 3 times) and after moving, 5 minutes last time.

    It's amazing how shit things can get, when enough people deliberately want to make it more shit. You know who and what I'm talking about. If not, I'd be happy to clarify.

  • People doing the 30 days linux Challenge are having several problems because of Mint's old packages and technology. Why people still recommend it when there is Fedora and Opensuse with KDE and Gnome?
  • Calling people stupid and lazy in nicer words is still calling people stupid and lazy.

    I think that's a bit unfair here. What I'm saying is that expectations often seems to be that "Linux should be effortless, but it isn't, so Linux sucks", and then we quickly talk past each other on which aspects we are referring to. Let me make up three categories:

    For users transitioning to Linux from Windows, and ...

    1. ... it shouldn't be an effort, but unfortunately sometimes is frustrating or annoying
    • Hardware control, e.g. drivers. More often than not it works with less effort than on Windows, except for very new hardware, and hardware that actually requires specific software (RGB led patterns, Gaming mouse profiles, all that stuff)
    • NVidia drivers can be a pain
    • When dual booting and Windows manages to fuck up something in Linux, and it looks like Linux is the culprit. (E.g. restart the computer from Windows, but it doesn't release claim on hardware, which doesn't let Linux claim it, so stuff like the WiFi adapter might not work.)
    • Specific software not available, like Adobe, Autodesk, etc.
    1. ... is something you can get someone else to do for you, but it's just how things are, unrelated to Windows -> Linux or the other way around.
    • Installing the OS -- downloading ISO, burning a bootable USB, BIOS, etc..
    1. ... it's expected that you figure out / learn, and if unwilling, Linux isn't for you
    • Using the OS, which at the very least, cursory knowledge of the software/package manager, and roughly how this works.
    • Familiarizing yourself with KDE / Gnome, etc.

    So, I assume people who just thought I was calling people lazy and dumb thought I meant categories 1. and 2. I just mean category 3. If you expect everything to be the same as Windows, and the effort required to understand the differences is too much, then only Windows will fit your needs. The impression I get is a general unwillingness to "figure stuff out". Not knowing shit is fine, complaining and not wanting to put in the effort to know stuff... how is that not being lazy?

    It was intended as kind advice without any the implied judgement of calling people dumb or lazy. If you don't want to have to figure stuff out related to the third category, Linux will likely not be a good experience, or even a productive or good change. If you move to another country, you should make the effort to learn the culture. It's not a good look to complain that things are different.

    If I were to try to suggest "a point" with all of this: Don't suggest to people that Linux is effortless for Windows users. Linux is immensely better, in almost every way (though mind examples in first category). But, it requires learning the basics of how shit works. It's not hard.... the information is well put together and available.

  • People doing the 30 days linux Challenge are having several problems because of Mint's old packages and technology. Why people still recommend it when there is Fedora and Opensuse with KDE and Gnome?
  • Windows has its own set of "never happen" things that would never happen on Linux. For example, without being instructed, writing a partition onto a disk with an "unknown" file system, which turned out to be disk, part of a RAID. Or simply override an existing boot partition after an update. Etc.

  • People doing the 30 days linux Challenge are having several problems because of Mint's old packages and technology. Why people still recommend it when there is Fedora and Opensuse with KDE and Gnome?
  • People who expect an effortless transition from Windows to Linux, are better off sticking to Windows. You are expected to be able to read stuff, and make some effort to understand it. It shouldn't be any less than what you'd expect if going from Linux to Windows.

    Many things will be different. You'll get a long way with learning some fundamentals. If you make the effort, it'll be well rewarded. If it's not worth the effort, stick to windows.

  • You can fit two cars there
  • American "I got mine" mentality at its finest. Too much lead poisoning (my leading hypothesis. You don't elect someone like Trump unless there is something seriously wrong) to realise it's a race to the bottom. When enough people do something at the expense of others, what a surprise when others also do it at the expense of you, and it all turns to shit.

    It's this absurd country of "Christian" values, except not the part of caring for others, "fuck that socialism hippie shit, except for Russia, which is cool now because they meddle in our elections... Or, they meddle in favour of my team! We need to do something about the socio-economic situation! What, unions? No fuck that Marxist shit you commie!"

    Etc. It's all just too dumb. Hence, lead poisoning hypothesis.

  • You can fit two cars there
  • It'd be some tasty schadenfreude to put parking fine after parking fine. Or even just straight up impound it. It would surprise me if there isn't some German law or regulation that forbids such cars, same with the Cybertruck.

    Want your stupid preference that is a detriment to everyone around you? Sorry, we don't do that here.

  • Windows 11 is now automatically enabling OneDrive folder backup without asking permission
  • Don't confuse "I'm used to X" with "X is simpler"

    Windows: Search the Web for some software. Visit webpage. Download executable. Run it. Go through a install wizard. (One month later) Update? Some do it themselves, some just let you know there is a newer version, and a lot of bigger players have a program dedicated to just updating some other program.

    Compared to (for example): paru -S <something>

    That's it. Updating aaaalll the software in your whole system, including the OS, and you don't have to restart, or even close any of the programs you are updating? paru

  • Good = Boring = No Corporate News Story
  • Can I answer for someone outside the US?

    The only reason why I might be OK with Trump winning is that, perhaps, if you experience "fascism light" at the hand of an absolute dimwitted toddler, the damage might be reversible.

    Just think about that... Any country wishing to destabilise the US, and destroy trust with allies, etc. Trump is peeeeerfect.

  • My Windows Computer Just Doesn't Feel Like Mine Anymore
  • The only difficult part would be to install Linux. It would be more difficult the other way around, so it's not like this part is a case of "Linux is difficult".

    You most just need the following:

    • Get a hold of a small USB storage device you can erase the contents of
    • Download an image of the Linux distro of your choice.
    • Burn that image onto the storage medium
    • Figure out how to enter into your bios, when the computer starts up.
    • Change the boot order so that your installer gets preference
    • Try out the Linux distro. If you like it, you can install it.
  • 376 boys in blue sat around and let 19 kids and 2 teachers die
  • What do you mean? If there are no guns... what... what would the shootings be done with? Fingerguns don't count.

    As for an example that comes close to what you're asking for:

    There is no silver bullet here tho. There are some pretty obvious directions that would improve things, and some that would make it worse. Adding more guns, is an amazingly stupid approach, and characteristically American. If adding guns makes things worse, could reducing guns help? Surprisedpikachu.

    Gotta defend yourself against people with guns, with guns, so make it more accessible. Give gammy a gun, you never know! How about littly Timmy, he's old enough to walk home... ah, that's right, there is no infrastructure for walking. That'd be too dangerous.... Meh. Enough Internet for today.

  • GOG Summer Sale has arrived
  • I've used both PS4 and Ps5 controllers. You don't need to do anything except to plug it in.

    I've only had issues in one game (Minishoot Adventures), where the solution was to disable controller support layer that steam comes with.

    I haven't tried Bluetooth, as I don't mind the cable.

  • True Gaming okamiueru

    I need game suggestions for "non gamer" SO with some unusual preferences

    I'm trying to find good gaming experiences for wife, who has some typical non-gamer traits, but also some otherwise hardcore traits. I find it hard to make sense of it, and I'm wondering if this is the right community to get some help and suggestions.

    Past gaming experience:

    • Sims 2: ~1000s hours on Sims 2. Loves the design of houses and villages, rather than the psychological experience of the inhabitants.

    Which is where I thought that there has to be some experience out of the huge collection of games that can be fun. Luckily, being a fan of Harry Potter, Hogwart's Legacy ended up being a big hit, and great introduction to 3rd person and open world mechanics.

    I've tried suggesting games, but none really sticked. Until...

    • Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon..... not, my idea. She was bored, and picked it at random from the list of installed games while I was away for some days. Doesn't seem to mind the difficulty spikes or dying 60 times in a row because of movement mechanics. And, it's not like I'm coaching. This is all her. I would never have thought to even suggest this game.

    So, I need some help with finding suggestions, since I'm apparently a bit clueless. These are some constraints:

    • ADHD and very easily bored. RDR2 would be a great recommendation, except that the game is very tedious. It might work if one got hooked, but, I doubt it'll happen. Hogwart's Legacy got past it by the setting and world building. Horizon: Zero Dawn on the other hand is an absolute no-go.

    • First person mechanic might be a challenge. 3rd person works a lot better. Not entirely sure why.

    • Competitionist to a fault. Hogwart's Legacy was 100%-ed beyond what the game was able to properly track. If a game hooks, it hooks deep.

    • Not a fan of gore, horror, and zombie themed games. Or in general enemies who look like they are having a bad time.

    • Probably not a fan of complex game systems if one is forced to understand it. (AC6 just.. let's you fly around and shoot things, even though you really should understand all of it). It's fine to sneak in game systems after getting hooked, but not as a prerequisite. If that makes sense.

    • Strategy games and turn based games are probably not a fun time.

    • Likes pretty worlds, but not a fan of artsy 2d stuff like Gris, or the many platformers of that type. Maybe Ori might be pretty and cute enough to work. It's a weird balance.

    • Playstation 5 is what is most readily available and perhaps more importantly, low effort. Though PC could be an option.

    • Doesn't mind a challenge that would be frustrating to most people, as long as one can get back into the action immediately. She doesn't have "gaming skills", and it's fine to be punished for it, but not with tediousness. For example Hollow Knight would be a game that is 99% getting to a boss and 1% getting killed by the boss. Not very fun. So the game design also matters. Demon Souls would have this same issue. Checkpoints in AC6 is probably a big element in why that game seems to still be fun.

    Edit: some more constraints

    • English is not a first language. So it's a somewhat higher threshold to get drawn in by text based storytelling.


    Here is what I've thought so far might be good games:

    • Monster Hunter: Probably amazing if one gets past figuring out all the mechanics. I haven't played this myself.

    Hm... and I'm a bit out of ideas. Suggestions?


    Stable diffusion SDXL0.9 is amazingly consistent, and consistently amazing