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Reiss Nelson informs Arsenal he wants to assess potential transfer options - The Athletic
  • it's a pity, the situation for Nelson, Smith-Rowe, Nketiah, and Vieira. especially when one considers that longer cup runs would have benefitted them all.

    i do hope they all go on to have fulfilling careers wherever they end up going.

  • adguard vpn selling user data to third-parties?

    my apologies for the long screenshot. i had purchased adguard's vpn service for five years since its primary adguard service is well know in the iapple ecosystem.

    on android, though, their app appears to send data to a lot of third-parties. has it always been this compromised? am i a fool to go for their vpn services as well?


    The Prodigal Son?

    There seems to be heavy consensus to set Son as the captain for GW5. My thoughts are to persist with Haaland. Am I missing something? Son has literally returned only in one game. Yes, TOT may have an easier fixture than MCI, but they are still finding their feet as a team, yes?

    Would it be worth it to disarmband Haaland for Son?