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I feel no remorse about save scumming in video games
  • Some people get pissed at the suggestion it should have an easier mode

    Do they really though? Or are you just imagining the people you argue with online in the least charitable light?

  • I feel no remorse about save scumming in video games
  • seeth over it for some reason

    I told you what that reason was though, and you ignore it in favour of imagining strangers as entirely unreasonable antagonists.

  • I feel no remorse about save scumming in video games
  • wished there was an easier mode

    Okay, that's a completely different issue though. The reason that difficulty selection gets push back is because developers are often very lazy in how they implement it, and it makes the "hard" modes little more than an exercise in tedium rather than an actual challenge. So people who enjoy the Dark Souls style games tend to get protective over one of the very few significant titles which scratches that itch these days. There are a wealth of significantly easier games to explore (and frankly better, too, unless you are there for the challenge).

  • I feel no remorse about save scumming in video games
  • I'm just surprised some people care. If you want to play with rules for limited saving that go beyond what the game is programmed to do, good for you champ, but some people enjoy playing all of the systems for their maximum advantage, and even more simply do not care.

  • Discussion about admins abusing Fediverse moderation tools (with proof)
  • You're not kidding. All social media right now is plagued by extremists who only seem to know how to fight. Even when they lack any real purpose for it they go looking for one.

  • Microsoft to test “new features and more” for aging, stubbornly popular Windows 10
  • Bring back support for Windows 7 and Windows 10 will die overnight.

  • TikTok fails ‘disinformation test’ before EU vote with failures posing a risk to electoral processes, study shows
  • Can we stop trying to pretend that the Internet is supposed to be some sort of bastion of truth so we can actually use it again, instead of watching corporation after corporation completely fail to grasp the basic nature of the technology?

  • fml
  • Might have something to do with the number of dumb shits who have decided that the correct way to express their identity is in whichever way pisses the most people off.

  • ‘Money Isn't Everything,' Says Person Who Has It
  • Money is what we all agree represents value

    Well, that's what it's supposed to be, but in today's digital world it is increasingly becoming only what a small handful of people agree represents value.

  • Electric Cars Are Suddenly Becoming Affordable
  • I think they are just bad at their jobs.

    There are a huge number of aspired investigative journalists who weren't good enough, and ended up writing niche interest pieces for hobbyist publications they don't actually care much about. This was the reason there was such a commotion over game's journalism around 2015, but the same problems exist elsewhere too.

  • ‘Money Isn't Everything,' Says Person Who Has It
  • Only reason people even need money is because we actively destroy the spaces we would need to live on the land without it.

  • has black mesa made a statement?
  • Imagine basing your political ideology on whatever pisses people off.

    And then you wonder why people don't like you.

  • has black mesa made a statement?
  • This is clearly a deepfake. A real corporation would never risk a PR disaster by suggesting that people should fight for more rights.

  • I used to oppose animal abuse and now I travel 40 miles to abuse animals (and bring some avian flu home)
  • In all seriousness though, unhappy cows don't produce as well, so dairy farmers are strongly motivated to keep them as happy as possible. Hell, some people even play classical music for them.

  • Qualified experts of Lemmy, do people believe you when you answer questions in your field?
  • everyone else has been very thoughtful and engaging

    Really? You've been picking fights with everyone in this thread?

  • Qualified experts of Lemmy, do people believe you when you answer questions in your field?
  • What exactly did you expect, picking an argument with someone in this thread of all places?