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The Great Climate Cover Up
  • Biden approved 50% more oil and gas drilling on federal land than Trump did

    Edit: since everyone is just dogpiling on the downvotes here, I was replying in the context of this comic implying only one party is driving USA oil consumption. Our oil dependence is independent of who is in charge and Biden hasn’t kept any of his promises of ending drilling on federal land. If anything the comic wrongly implies republicans are trying to cover it up, when in reality they openly flaunt oil drilling. It’s democrats that try to hide it behind empty promises and inefficient carbon capturing tech.

  • Rightwing US website that spreads election conspiracies declares bankruptcy
  • There are plenty of billionaires in the US funding this. They are declaring bankruptcy because of losing their case against Georgia election interference. Blaming every instance of American fascism on Russia just removes the blame from the actual perpetrators.