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Bernie Sanders urges Dems to 'stop the bickering' and back Biden
  • There’s no other choice. You can’t just think up an idealistic imaginary third option. The US or China. Choose

    There are other choices. There is no forced binary. There are around 200 countries currently in existence that you can look up to and many more past countries that no longer exist that you can look up to too. Or, like me, you can not look up to any country. The perfect system doesn't have to be already invented and in practice. Karl Marx did not look up to any countries when creating his system.

    I believe that every country currently in existence has flaws and do not look up to any of them.

    Killing civilians in Iraq is evil. Killing civilians in Gaza is evil. Sterilizing people is evil. The USSR and US proxy wars were evil. Installing dictators in South America is evil. None of these, however, are an attempt to erase a culture. There is a thriving hispanic culture in the US and the US government isn't erasing it. There are thriving sub cultures for every out-group in the US.

    Not that erasing a culture is more or less evil than these things. I do not engage in the ranking of atrocities. Atrocities are atrocities and I hate them all.

    Erasing the culture of the Uyghurs is also evil. Sterilizing Uyghurs is evil. Invading and erasing the culture of Tibet is evil. Erasing the culture of all of China with the cultural revolution is evil. One child policy is evil.

    Removing citizens' rights to talk freely about the government and society and protest what they dislike about them is evil. Censorship is evil. I'm in the US and I said all that about the US being evil and am not going to face any consequences and my comment will not be taken down.

    Not recognizing same sex marriage is evil. Someone who claims to be queer ought to recognize that and not look up to countries which don't recognize it.

  • Bernie Sanders urges Dems to 'stop the bickering' and back Biden
  • When was the last time the US tried to erase a people's culture? And when was the last time China tried that? When was the second to last time China tried that? What about the third to last time?

    Both countries are imperialistic in different ways. One does most of its atrocities to the citizens of other countries and one does most of its atrocities to its own citizens. Neither should be looked up to.

  • It's Saturday, what have you watched this week?
  • Finally watched the latest demon slayer season. It was only 8 episodes, so I binged through it. It felt more like a set up for the next season (prob the climax) then its own season.

    Started a currently airing anime called senpai wa otokonoko. Wasn't expecting such an accurate representation of the trans experience (and represents some other lgbt sections too) out of a Japanese comedy anime. It even has multiple blahaj.
    If you want to watch it, I would recommend going in blind because any summary will spoil some things that happen in the first episode.

    Disclaimer: I'm not trans, but 🥞

    Also watching the deer anime. My brain has rotted.

  • Connect A Song odium

    Skáld - Rún SKÁLD - Rún (Official Music Video)

    SKÁLD’s new album « Huldufólk » available on pre-order: SKÁLD:Youtube: https://s...

    SKÁLD - Rún (Official Music Video)

    Connection: run - run

    Well, technically it's spelled Rún not Run


    More posts than pixels on this meme


    New sport rule

    Some interesting posts to get you started:

    Despite both being around 12 months ago, one has a much lower percentage of still active commentors than the other.

    Connect A Song odium

    Shinsei Kamattechan - My War

    My war = my war

    Connect A Song odium

    BTS - Fire BTS - Fire (Audio)

    BTS - Fire (Audio)All Rights Administered By Bighit Entertainment Official BTS Audio On Youtube: #...

    BTS - Fire (Audio)

    Fiery = fire

    Connect A Song odium

    Guns N' Roses - November Rain

    Roses is the last word in the band's name

    Connect A Song odium

    Bloodywood - Gaddaar

    This is one of the songs this band performed in their world tour titled "Nine Inch Naans". The name of the tour is a word play on "Nine Inch Nails".


    One piece ch 1114


    A thing I noticed with many ppl


    Version 4.5 trailer and codes


    4.2 Livestream codes

    VA97KJNF24UV - First 4.2 livestream code

    NTQP2KPEJMUH - Second 4.2 livestream code

    9T96KJNE2LVM - Third 4.2 livestream code


    "Shadows in the Sand" Animated Short | Genshin Impact

    piped version:

    Better quality than the actual game trailers ngl


    4.1 livestream codes





    What's going on with typescript?

    I keep seeing posts of some drama with typescript. What happened?


    cross platform shared timers

    Hi, I'm looking for an app in which you can have shared timers with other users across both iOS and Android. A website could also work, especially if it's a pwa.


    Time sheet tracking software

    Hi, I'm looking for a time sheet tracking software on either linux or android that can track data like what I was working on and what times I worked on it. Preferably foss.

    Example: worked on debugging x from hh:mm to hh:mm on yyyy-mm-dd and hh:mm to hh:mm on yyyy-mm-dd.

    I don't care about the exact format, it just needs to contain all the information in the example.



    What species of fish has the highest mass?



    First car sub 30k

    Hi, I'm a new grad and looking for my first car. I am fine with certified pre owned cars. I prefer smaller cars and want good city mpg as I will be driving it in rush hour often. Not an ev or plug in hybrid as I will be living in an apartment. I would prefer a car with more tech (driving features like lane assist, park assist, etc.). I don't care about the media system.

    Some cars I am considering right now are the Toyota Corolla and Prius hybrid models. I am also considering a Kia Niro, but heard that insurance doesn't cover some years of Kia and Hyundai cars because of a manufacturing security issue?


    project engineer vs software engineer

    Hi, I'm a new grad who's been looking for jobs. I've seen some project engineer job postings which seem to need very similar qualifications to swe jobs. I only have internship experience as a sde. Is it possible to go into entry level project engineer jobs with only sde experience, and if I do go into it, would I find it hard to get general sde roles in the future?


    Holy hell (spoiler for daily chess challenge)

    Spoiler warning!

    Forced en passant in today's chess.c*m daily puzzle.