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First overseas trip with my girlfriend – Any tips to make It our best trip?
  • Yep. Agreed. Unplanned bits are often very memorable. Took shelter in a random café in Vienna and had amazing cakes. My favourite memory from that trip, I think.

    Have a broad plan, but don't fuss about sticking to it too much.

    Except the pictures bit. There I disagree.I like taking pictures of touristy stuff and such. Because It'll help me remember the way I experienced the place. And pictures of stuff in museums because it'll help me remember what I enjoyed most. I don't wanna have to look up a list of all the expositions later on in order to find something I wanna review or share with someone.

  • First overseas trip with my girlfriend – Any tips to make It our best trip?
  • Others have said it, but I'll stress it some more. Don't overplan. Whenever I go somewhere I make a list of all the places I wanna go to and I only schedule one place/day. Two at most if they're small things. But don't plan a museum in the morning and then a second place/museum in the afternoon, for example. You'll never make it to the second place. Or you will but you'll be too tired to enjoy it.

    1-2 places/day are enough. Trying to cram too much stuff into a day will ruin your trip, really.

  • Housing Crisis
  • Depends how you check the statement. If you do "is empty home = 27.4?" Then, sure. But if you do "is empty home >=27.4?" Then the statement is true. And the latter is the more relevant way to do it.

  • They don't want you to know
  • Haha, I love that. Spices are another one of my weaknesses as well. And I'd like nothing more than to do something similar to what you did, actually.

    Problem is my wife doesn't like the aesthetics of my solutions. I'm slowly wearing her down, tho. We went with something that she liked but wasn't as practical as it should've been. She's realized that it's not what we we were hoping for and has agreed to change it. Haven't found anything worthwhile at the obvious stores like Ikea and such so now I'm looking for alternatives.

  • What scientific discoveries greatly weakened religion and the case of God ?
  • Never read the Quran, but had a coworker who claimed the quran explains a ton of science, including recent science. She also believed in creationism and therefore also thought evolution was bs, so I didn't put much basis into her words.

  • No common rube
  • I think the idea is that average people have no clue what color they are. So they'd be forced to take it out to check and thus have to restart their PC. It's a trick!

    Altho, maybe I'm misunderstanding something because all the pins of all the electrical cords I've ever seen have been silver?

  • Couple goal rules
  • You mean like 'edinbara' or 'middlesbra'? Or asthma where the 'th' might as well not even be there? Queue? Is it weird or is it wierd? Worstersher sauce? English is full of those, c'mon :p everything is pronounced wrong.

  • Do you know any singleplayer games that are infinitely replayable?
  • My most played games outside of actually multiplayer games are arpgs. Diablo(mostly 2 and 3), path of exile, last epoch. Diablo2 and last epoch can be played offline, PoE can't. And yes, they're technically online multiplayer games but most people play them alone so they might as well be single player games to me. After that my most played games are RPGs and rogue likes. Plenty of good suggestions for that already

  • Is this NOT about 'saving democracy'?!
  • The fact that someone insufficiently familiar with law can't point to a path for these things doesn't mean that someone with more knowledge can't. Also, how are you so sure it isn't you who's being lied to?

  • Is this NOT about 'saving democracy'?!
  • Don't know the exact method, but I'm pretty sure appointing people that agree with him to the SCOTUS which will later rule that he's got absolute immunity for official acts is one of the steps.

  • Aeropress has easily become my favourite way to brew coffee ☕
  • Not quite. I said that was the main difference, but if we go into details, the physics of the thing, it's a bit more complicated. The guy who invented the aeropress, afaik, tried to make a handmade espresso replacement. He didn't succeed, but the way the aeropress works is a hybrid of immersion, percolation and pressure brewer, whereas the french press is all about immersion and that it's. It has the plunger, but that's for filtering, nothing else.

    If anything, I think the aeropress is closer to a moka pot than anything. But it's its own thing, honestly.