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Pierre Poilievre calls supervised consumption sites 'drug dens'
  • I suspect that Poilievre believes his supporters are more likely than average to cling to the outmoded belief that addiction is a moral failing rather than a medical issue, so it's to his benefit to demonize any and all services directed at harm reduction. (In other words, I am disgusted but not at all surprised.)

  • Discover Forums using the Discourse Software!
  • Reviewing it (I haven't needed to touch the setup in a good year or more), it's basically a replacement to make other code think the browser acceptability check returned true, since feeding in a fake User-Agent stopped being sufficient to pass the check a couple of years ago. One-liner, and not written by me, but I seriously hate the fact that it pushes browser monopoly.

  • Discover Forums using the Discourse Software!
  • I would be more impressed if Discourse worked in my browser without using an extension to inject code changes. It also tries to forbid browsers it doesn't recognize, regardless of their ability to run its code. Plus it doesn't downgrade gracefully—you should be able to view public information in full without Javascript (I don't expect any ability to log in or manipulate content, but reading things should work, and Discourse seems to break scrolling somehow). Not impressed. Granted, I'm not sure what I would choose if I were setting up a Web forum today, since mobile is now such a Big Thing and I don't use it, but Discourse fails at things I consider basic.

  • Many guns seized at Coutts border blockade are used for hunting: defence
  • What the guns might have been used for prior to the blockade, or when not present at the blockade, is not relevant. You can commit murder just as easily with a hunting rifle as with a handgun. It's just more difficult to carry the rifle concealed.

  • Unofficial Reddit API
  • This is likely to be C&D'd as well if it ever reaches the point where it does anything useful (remember, reddit doesn't need grounds that would hold up in court to send a C&D).

  • Yet more examples of how copyright destroys culture rather than driving it
  • We need more examples?

    Seriously, though, there are options in between keeping copyright as it is and removing it altogether. Shortening the term is one. Mandatory mechanical licensing is another (that is, allowing people to make copies for a fee set by the government or a nonpartisan board without requiring permission from the copyright owner, who does, however, receive the fee—the trick is setting the fee at a level that makes it reasonable for the average person making a single copy, but still high enough to make it unattractive for corporations churning out millions of them). We also need to overhaul how derivative works are handled, and some aspects of trademark law.

  • After nine years in office, is it time for Justin Trudeau to go?
  • One honestly wonders what percentage of voters do, in fact, remember what Bob Rae was like in office. I don't think most people are all that politically aware before somewhere in their mid-teens, which means that probably almost no one born after 1980 remembers politics during the Rae years. The number's just going to drop from here on, so I don't think "Remember Bob Rae!" is going to remain a useful rallying cry for the Conservatives for much longer, if it is even now.

    Of course, they'll just come up with a new one.

  • The Netherlands generates way more solar power than Canada. Here's how they do it - Global investment in solar power now tops all other energy generation technologies combined, says IEA
  • So what? It isn't as though solar is the only clean energy option out there (and the externalities from the production and disposal of solar panels make it not as environmentally friendly as it looks at first glance, although obviously still better than fossil fuels). Wind, hydro, nuclear, and even tidal may be more appropriate for our much larger, much colder, much less dense, more northerly country. We already have a lot of hydro and (in Ontario) a lot of nuclear, and both seem to serve our needs well.

    What we really need to do is shift Alberta's economy away from fossil fuels. That would do a lot more good than a Netherlands-sized installation of solar panels.

  • China starts smartphone inspections to boost 'anti-espionage efforts', raising fears among expatriates and foreign business people about arbitrary enforcement
  • Pretty much any country can search you at their borders if you're seeking to cross in, yes (there may be some special cases—I'm not sure that an EU citizen crossing from one EU country to another is normally subject to search), but most countries only do that at border checkpoints, or if you're caught crossing illegally. "More than an hour's drive away from the border is still the border" is not the law in most places, as far as I know.

  • China starts smartphone inspections to boost 'anti-espionage efforts', raising fears among expatriates and foreign business people about arbitrary enforcement
  • They can do it at the border or within 100 miles of it

    Pretty sure that's just a US thing (including declaring that international airports are "borders"). Other countries will have other laws.

    Still best to bring a burner instead of your real device if you're passing through international customs, though, even if both countries involved claim to be respectable Western democracies. Just in case.

  • Is 13 too young to work? A Saskatchewan proposal has reignited debate around kids and labour
  • Small companies vary widely in their morals. The best ones might indeed protect and teach, rather than exploit, a young worker. The worst ones . . . are worse than any large company, and you can't always tell from outside which type you've got. And family companies can be just as bad as any other small company, alas.

  • blocked silently?

    It's the "silently" part that's the issue. I acknowledge that is entitled to defederate from whatever servers the administration pleases, but still houses some of the largest communities in the Lemmyverse on some topics, and a heads-up that it was being blocked would have been appreciated.

    Unixporn nyan

    [TDE] Shadows of the Past

    There are definite reasons why people who step up behind me and take a look at my computer screen either flinch or look at me funny (sometimes both), and I expect people here will have some . . . interesting takes on this as well 😅. The colour choices may make more sense if you know that I'm usually in a low-light environment, so even some "dark" themes seem fairly bright to me, and anything with a white background is like a slap in the face.

    Trinity Desktop Environment 14.1.0 on Gentoo, homemade theme. For those not familiar with TDE, it is a fork of KDE 3, from the days before indexing daemons and other such CPU-eaters, so this looks old-fashioned because it is. The wallpaper is Digital Blasphemy's "Tropical Moon of Thetis", and yes, the font is the dreaded Times New Roman, presented here in all its jagged glory because I prefer to keep hinting and antialiasing switched off. The system monitor text on the left is from conky. On the right, TDE versions of konsole and konqueror (as file manager).

    (And just to clear up one piece of misinformation about TDE that comes up regrettably often: the development team forked QT3 along with the desktop and is maintaining it. So: unsupported widgetset no, QT3 more-or-less yes, if you find a bug please file it, if you don't know of any bugs please don't spread FUD.)

    Gentoo nyan

    So I guess everyone is . . .

    . . . busy re-emerging @world or untangling a QT5 slot-dependency rat's nest or something and has no time to talk? ;)