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SC Upholds Civil Asset Forfeiture
  • Surprisingly, there is a little bit more to this. Here is a video that goes over some of the Justices' opinions. Again surprisingly that bitch ass Thomas might have something postive to contribute by saying that CAF could be unconstitutional the way it's being used now.

  • Bonk intensifies
  • Everytime I go back to Bloodbone I remember how fucking cool it is, and how I wish we'd get something like a next gen update or PC port.

    Its been long enough now, I wonder if they'll give it the Demons Souls treatment on the PS6.

  • It's Time to Bring Back the Steam Machine
  • That's the big thing. After my postive experience with the Steam Deck, I switched my gaming PC to Linux. There were settings I had to tinker with to get my games running as optimally as they would on the deck, that I assume are set by default on the SteamOS.

  • GameDeals nul9o9
    [Steam] Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 Bundle $1.48 (90%+ off)

    Awesome games for the price.

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