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The little smart home platform that could
  • Oh it's not as bad as your making it. My water sensors were only about $20 - $30 shipped and I mean if you're going to make an order you might as well get that $30 z wave extender so the fence gate sensors I spent $40 on have good coverage. I pair those with about $100 in temperature and humidity sensors for the attic, garage and freezers. I mean I needed to justify the SDR I picked up for like $45 you know. My $20 garage opener has also made life that much simpler. Wait how much have I spent already?

  • Population tipping point could arrive by 2030: global fertility will drop below replacement level years earlier than expected.
  • Heh infrastructure from 150 years ago is vastly different than infrastructure today. 150 years ago you didn't have buried electricity lines, telecom lines and fiber, robust water and sewage solutions. Those things need regular service and replacement. If your population goes down that means your revenue to pay for those things go down as well.

  • Conjoined twin Abby Hensel is now married
  • Watched a video on them a week or two ago and they had the Principal talking about how they had two separate contracts for them. Sounded like they're both employed as individual employees.

  • Home Improvement nrezcm

    Bathroom Exhaust Question

    Our master bath doesn't have an exhaust fan and I'd like to add one to help with the humidity. It's the primary bathroom of use upstairs and the 2nd full bath is on the other side of the wall.

    Can I use a splitter to tie the other bathroom's exterior vent to the new exhaust? If I did I'd put the splitter closest to the vent to help prevent blow back to the other bathroom. They're both smaller bathrooms (50sqft and 100sqft).

    Or is it just better to put it on it's own exhaust vent?