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"Their goal Is total ethnic cleansing of the Gaza people": Physician Mustafa Barghouti on Israel’s expulsion order for Gaza City
  • They are a people, but not a nation. There isn’t any movement that unifies them internationally. I mean just that if the Palestinians lose their land completely, they might indeed end up like the Roma. And I mean, they are to this day some of the worst treated people in the world.

  • EU should add China's Xinjiang region and the aluminum sector to Forced Labor Database, rights groups says
  • The US has straight up slavery in its prisons, producing a not insignificant part of all industrial output of the country, and not even a peep.

    Still 0 evidence of any forced labor in Xinjiang, after several inspections by several organisations from the west, global south etc.

  • Upper Class Oopsie
  • Oh they have way more class consciousness than workers on average. But they have a different moral system than most of us as well. They don’t think it’s “bad” to extract the value produced by us to roll in hedonistic wealth. They think it’s good, actually. Because it just proves they are smart and we are weak. The smart SHOULD take advantage of the weak, because that’s how “we” get stronger. It’s just natural selection baby.

  • "Their goal Is total ethnic cleansing of the Gaza people": Physician Mustafa Barghouti on Israel’s expulsion order for Gaza City
  • Most of those “stateless nations” are concentrated in a state or sub-national division, that mostly corresponds to their traditional homeland.

    Expelling all Palestinians from Palestine would be a blow to their nation. Jewish people took millennia to rebuild a nation, and it only happened because of extreme circumstances.

  • Extreme pride in being an American stays near record low: Gallup
  • That’s your modern interpretation of those “rights” and document. The people who wrote that were mostly slave owners, who believed only land owning men should have any democratic rights. Black people were not even considered humans. Indigenous people were treated as pests. I mean…

  • What lessons should have been learned and implemented from the rise of Hitler and the Nazis in their ascension to power to prevent a recurrence of similar actors and ideological campaigns in future?
  • That it’s very easy for far-right parties to win under bourgeois democracy. That the center (right or left) will always side with the fascists. That the ruling class will quickly change to their side at the first sign of a mass left movement. That mass campaigns of violence against minorities will be overlooked, and far-right militias and mobs will be allowed to enact their own twisted justice on minorities, while authorities look to the side.

    I… feel like I’m describing basically what is happening right now all over the “west”. So… yeah. It’s not something we can stop until we take power. The people in power will always side with the fascists, against us.

  • Protestation
  • Slaves don’t earn wages to buy products. The slave-owners have to spend funds to feed, house them etc.

    But it was really more about creating consumer markets. There is no capitalism without vast consumer markets for mass produced goods.

    Mercantile slavery produced less, more artisanal goods, for a very small class of people (aristocracy and nascent bourgeoisie).

    And it wasn’t possible to expand the consumer markets without creating a new class of people who had an income to spend on commodities.

    This is extremely simplified, but it’s the main interpretation for the end of slavery. Like, when we study the Industrial Revolution, the British empire and the end of slavery in school, it’s always under that lens, of creating new consumer markets.

    But just to make it clear, slavery is still lucrative, to this day. Which is why we have more slaves in absolute numbers now than at any other point in history. But it can’t be the main relation of production, because capitalism depends on mass consumption by masses of people. So slavery can only ever exist as a marginal system.