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I cut out AvocadoToast™ and now I'm a millionaire.
  • If your professionnal situation lets you do this, go for it. Problem is, for a lot of people including myself, jobs are in the city. Moreover, here in France, by living in the countryside, you get an additionnal bonus of :

    • no public transit

    • no hospital

    • no doctor

    • no school

    • no post office

    • no bakery (the worst)

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  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Make a weekly menu, pin it on the fridge and stick to it. Then buy only the ingredients needed.

    The key of success is to be lucid and plan 1 or 2 lazy day, with pizzas or whatever, dishes that don't need any effort to make.

    You'll save a ton in groceries, and will waste almost nothing. Bonus point : you can generate the menus with an AI.

  • Paris is crawling with bedbugs. They're even riding the trains, and a ferry.
  • Man with bedbugs PTSD here. Let me tell you what will happen if you notice bedbugs at your place :

    • You will call a company to get rid of it

    • They will tell you that they can't come in less than 2 weeks and that they will charge you 400€ min. Deal with your itches until then, sleep well.

    • The company will tell you their prerequisites, usually : get rid of ALL your fabric/clothes and wash it at 60°c or freeze it for 4 days at -20°c

    I assure you that you never know how much fabric/clothes you have before you have to wash it ALL of it. My SO and i had forty 100L garbage bag of fucking stuff. The garbage bags are here for storage but also to keep your clothes and fabric sealed, to avoid the fuckers to either get away or get in. It will cost you money, you will lose time and about half your clothes thanks to the hot temp and shrinking.

    If the infestation is too big, you will also have to fucking freeze your books if you have some (they can hide between pages), throw away your mattress and eventually your bed.

    Also, the company will come at your place at least 2 times, best is 3, with a week interval. So during 2 to 3 weeks you will live among garbage bags, breathe insecticide for weeks, and eventually repeat the process in a few months cause one bedbug escaped and was hosted by your neighbor. Good luck to you ! (be brave)

    Ps : if you have animals, you will also have to deal with them during 5h the day the company is at your place. Spoiler : that will cost you days off and about 1000€ in total.

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  • La France et les français nouben

    De navet à film culte : “RRRrrrr !!!” vingt ans après, histoire d’une réhabilitation De navet à film culte : “RRRrrrr !!!” vingt ans après, histoire d’une réhabilitation

    Descendue à l’unanimité par la presse à sa sortie, la comédie d’Alain Chabat et des Robins des Bois semble plus drôle qu’à l’époque. Le film est disponible sur Disney+ et Prime Video.

    De navet à film culte : “RRRrrrr !!!” vingt ans après, histoire d’une réhabilitation

    Ayant découvert ce titre quelques années plus tard, j'étais complétement passé à côté des foudres que les Robins et Chabat se sont prises lors de la sortie ciné !

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals nouben

    idk if it's cute, but here is my cat