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  • CTO of my company was up at 1am this morning in the chats. Pray for the IT department

  • What's the most cringe shirt you can come up with that's okay to wear in public?
  • No meaning - it was just a random picture combined with a random phrase meant to make someone laugh

  • What's the most cringe shirt you can come up with that's okay to wear in public?
  • Vagina man shirt

    I'm not sure how other people feel about it, but this is my"Vagina Man" shirt I had printed after a night of Jackbox

  • Poll shows 84% of PC users unwilling to pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware
  • I was just thinking the other day how I'd love to "root" my TV like I used to root my phones. Maybe install some free OS instead

  • What accent color are you using on your device right now?
  • I'm realizing it's blue but I'm normally a fan of purple, so I may switch.

    I aim for #333399 because it's nice and easy to remember

  • Are cars with AWD worth it compared to FWD.
  • I think AWD is widely unnecessary for most people in most climates. It is just an unnecessary feature to sell you a more expensive car.

    I have lived in snowier climates my whole life and have also driven 2WD vehicles the entire time. I have only gotten stuck once, and I know that for a fact because I remember it being surprising that it had never happened before. You really don't need it if you just drive carefully when conditions are suboptimal.

    AWD gives you a false sense of invincibility as well. It's important to keep in mind that "all wheel drive" does not mean better stopping. If you're going to stop, more wheels with power doesn't help. And in terms of dangerous situations, it's usually the lack of stopping that's the problem, not the lack of going.

    There are also issues with fuel efficiency to consider. AWD vehicles generally get lower fuel efficiency compared to 2WD versions of the same car.

    Overall, no, you really shouldn't get AWD unless you really need the feature.

  • A step too far?
  • I absolutely love this one - this is one of the better jokes ever posted on this community

  • Firefox search box jumps focus to address bar
  • To be fair, moving to the top allows for much more space for the list of predictions, so there's at least some benefit to ir

  • Why is the US not considered a third world country?
  • I'm sorry but that's still the meaning of the term. I know it is colloquially understood to mean a "poor" country, but we shouldn't ignore the original intent.

    Also, please don't tell me how my country is. I quite literally live here. I can read every article online that you can, plus I can go outside and see it for myself. We know we have problems, we aren't ignorant to them - at least not all of us - and they're nowhere near as bad as some commentors on this post believe they are.

  • Why is the US not considered a third world country?
  • It's a cold war term - basically, first world is the US and capitalist countries, second world is the Soviet and communist countries, and third world are the unaffiliated.

    It's slightly more nuanced than that, but that's the basic summary.

  • Well apex is ruined with next battle pass
  • "Ruined" seems a bit dramatic, no? Game still plays exactly the same with these changes, just don't buy the Battle pass and do the free tier

  • What's going on with TikTok getting banned?
  • While data privacy is a concern, in my opinion the real fear motivating the government is the massive control China has, indirectly, through TikTok, over citizens' beliefs and culture.

    As another comment pointed out, Facebook (and Cambridge Analytica) had an enormous role in Donald Trump getting elected. That is the kind of influence and power that shouldn't be in the hands of a foreign power (ironically, it's the kind of power the US has wielded for generations over many countries). And the US especially doesn't want China or Russia to have that power.

    If China felt inclined, they very likely could push to have the algorithm modified to fit a particular agenda - say perhaps promoting a pro-China candidate - and most users would barely notice and slowly be drip fed posts that nudge them in a particular direction. People in power could start to lose that power at the behest of TikTok.

    As many will likely point out, there's a good arm's distance between China and TikTok right now, as far as we know, but it's possible they are more involved than they let on (much like the NSA and Facebook) and could become more involved over time. It's a risk the government is unwilling to take.

    A good example of what kinds of things can happen is when TikTok published a post to every US user with their congressperson's number, urging them to call them to protest the ban. I'm certain that scared the shit out of the US government and probably did more to force the ban down mid than anything else.

  • What's best way of telling a dating app match, you're done texting for the day?
  • In the first few messages try to establish a date, event, some meeting.

    This has always been my biggest tip. There is zero point in making smalltalk on the app. You aren't getting accurate versions of each other, you are getting short, premeditated responses. And, if your match is a woman, she is getting dozens of additipnal matches and conversations, you don't want to become "boring" and forgotten. Just meet in person as soon as you can in 99% of cases.

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • I'll go ahead and say this also includes all "Souls-like" games for me.

    Combat seems clunky, buggy, and unnecessarily difficult. I don't have a ton of time to play games, so when I do, I want it to be relaxing.

  • a cool guide to survive in the wilderness
  • In an emergency scenario anything that water will not soak into and ideally that light can pass through will likely suffice well enough. Generally this would be a rain poncho or tent, not just big sheet of plastic.

    You also don't need plants and can do sea water or urine instead. Or, if you are in the desert, you will have to dig deep enough to draw from the moisture in the ground. But in both these cases it is important that the "plastic" funnel be transparent so sunlight can pass through.

  • How often do you have conversations with an LLM AI (ChatGPT, Gemini, etc?)
  • Conversations as in a back and forth? Never. Not much of a point to it.

    Asking questions about topics? On occasion. I find myself distrustful of hallucinations so I usually use it as a jumping off point.

    Asking about bugs and documentation? Once a day at least

  • What book(s) are you currently reading or listening? July 01
  • A Short History of Ireland by John Gibney

    Paying a visit to Ireland and wanted to learn some of the history. It's a good book but definitely wish it included pre-1500s history, since it is a more Britain-centric view of Ireland, really. Starts when Britain really gets to colonizing

  • Sound Space Plus or Rhythia: Rhythm-based aim game
  • If it's broken then why no issue being tracked? Is there any issue tracking at all or is it genuinely all through Discord?

    I would really recommend using GitHub's features whenever possible, especially for important information like the status of the Android build. Very few people are keen to join a Discord group to find the status of your code or instructions

  • Sound Space Plus or Rhythia: Rhythm-based aim game
  • The whole thing looks suspicious to me - there are no images of the game, broken English everywhere, tons of contributors but only one open issue. The repo is just odd in a lot of ways and is sending out bad vibes.

    Also, the Android instructions make no sense, since there's no APK in the releases. Unless they somehow bundle that in the source code or Linux zip.

  • goddamnit
  • I got excited when I saw this post because I knew someone in the comments would have a solution!

  • Swifties (x-post from ScienceMemes)

    cross-posted from:


    While garage sale-ing recently, I found some old VHS tapes - I've now decided I want to start a personal archive and digitize these types of obscure tapes

    I got an Elgato capture card and a VCR off of EBay and have already digitized three tapes I've found at garage sales.

    Any advice for cleaning up the image and audio? I recall there were VCR cleaners but never was confident of their efficacy.


    If I touch them she recoils but I can't help myself


    He goes belly-up more often than you'd think


    Any accurate gardening games?

    I want to become a more knowledgeable gardener, and besides research and studying, I think a fun way to enhance my knowledge would be a fun gardening game. Are there any that are particularly accurate or relaxing?

    Garden Life looks pretty chill but maybe not challenging or accurate to reality.

    And to clarify, by accurate I mean you need to plant in correct lighting, water an appropriate amount, and fertilize to optimize for stems, flowers, fruits, etc.. Bonus points for having the option to pick your planting zone!


    I'll admit, I turned up the saturation on this picture a bit

    All things bodyweight NotNotMike

    Getting older so I've decided I need to get into a routine of working out.

    Reached 30 and the wheels started falling off. Gained 20 pounds and back pain out of nowhere, it's like a damn sitcom. I feel uncomfortable in clothes I've worn for a decade so its time to put in effort. Better late than never I guess.

    I want advice on good beginner resources. I'm talking really beginner, like how many reps to do, how long between reps, what machines to hit, etc. I've been to gyms before but just kinda rode the reclined bike them made shit up when I got to the weight machines. I also am terrible at not doing too much with my back, which is almost certainly where my back pain originates from, so extra instruction on how to properly engage my core is a bonus.

    The one advantage I have is that I'm very good at tracking calories. I've just gotten lazy since Covid. So I've downloaded MacroFactor to try out some new technology. I've used Waistline recently but it's just too cumbersome to add food, and I lose motivation.

    Appreciate the help in advance!

    P.S. the one upside to turning 30 is that I can grow a beard now. So at least I've got that going for me


    Pros and Cons of using Rider over Visual Studio

    Around two years ago I was on a really small team, just two or three developers, and the other developer decided they wanted us to use Rider. Because I didn't have a preference, I used Rider and rather enjoyed it. However, that developer has since moved teams and now it is just me (for the time being).

    So I was considering moving back to Visual Studio or even switching to Visual Studio Code, but I wanted to see some arguments against this.

    Here is my list so far, but it's probably out of date since I haven't used Visual Studio in a long time.

    Pros of Rider:

    • Much faster than using ReSharper
    • Less sharp interface with a better font
    • I'm used to it at this point
    • I have a Nyan cat loading bar which is kind of fun

    Cons of Rider:

    • Enterprise license is expensive (probably)
    • New versions of C# aren't immediately supported
    • Refactorings are becoming less necessary with the rise of AI assistants
    • Don't really like their source control manager

    Wanted to hear what other users think. What keeps you using Rider?


    I like to collect a big pile of them and open the chests all at once :)


    I'm just here to laugh at Spongebob memes

    Oh and banned for rule 1 if you disagree

    Old School Runescape NotNotMike

    I've got a theory about one of the Chaos Fanatic's Combat Achievements - Praying to the Gods

    The Praying to the Gods achievement requires you to kill the fanatic 10 times "without drinking any potion which restores prayer" and without leaving the wilderness. Simple solution is to pray on the nearby Chaos Altar or to take the obelisk down to a less busy altar near Ferox.

    However, do you think the spaghetti code takes into account Stat Restore Pot Share or butterflies? Could you cheese this one with a friend?


    I can't sit on the couch anymore without one (or both) of these goobers requesting a blanket fort. If they're desperate enough for a fix they'll even share

    I would recommend everyone try this. Just sit down, bend your knees, throw a blanket over, and show them the entrance. Just be warned they will not leave unless you make them


    Pretty sure Mylo is part goat


    Opinions needed: Best way to develop NuGet packages

    My favorite way to develop applications is microservices, or at least smaller services that can separate concerns a little bit. In our current application, there is an API we've created with an OAS document and an auto-generated .NET SDK based on the document. We then have a web console that makes calls to the backend API using the SDK and, ideally, customers would also use the SDK.

    So my question to everyone is: what is the best "flow" to develop a NuGet package?

    Currently, we have pipelines which publish the NuGet package of the SDK to our internal NuGet repository on every commit within a merge request. We have a manually incrementing semver with an additional build number tacked on (for example 1.2.3+abc123).

    Now this works pretty well, but we often run into problems where a tester's NuGet doesn't pull down the latest version based on the build number if it detects it has the proper semver number. For example, if we create 1.2.3+abc456 NuGet won't pull down this version as long as it has the original 1.2.3+abc123 in its .nuget/packages directory. Testers and developers have to manually delete the version from the packages directory and do a fresh restore.

    So, is there a better way to do build numbers? Or should I be deleting the NuGet package from the private repository every time (doesn't sound ideal...)?

    The other part of this question is what is the best way to develop and test NuGet packages locally?

    My current flow is a PowerShell script which will create the new .nupkg file, publish it to a local/filesystem NuGet directory with some random semver number (i.e., 9.9.9), update the .csproj with the version (temporarily), and then do a fresh dotnet restore on the target project. However, this can be cumbersome and feels like something that should be built into the dotnet command. Am I missing something, or is this really the best way to develop locally?


    Adding Ecosia to Firefox Android without the App

    You can add Ecosia as a search engine to Firefox Android by going to Settings - Default Search Engine - Add then entering the following:

    • Name - Ecosia
    • Search URL -
    • Complete URL -

    This will also allow you to use the Firefox Search widget on your home screen to search Ecosia.

    I tried using the Addon to no avail, so I had to manually add the search myself.

    Thanks for creating the community! I had forgotten to use Ecosia on Android for a while now. So much missed opportunity


    It's cold and they are trying their best to share the lap


    Chester is an old boy. He just wants to cuddle up on the heater vents and sleep


    Dive into Deep Learning - Free, online, and open source book about deep learning

    The book was written originally by a group of Amazon engineers and strives to be a resource on getting started with deep learning.

    Even if you have no interest in developing models, you should be aware of how they work under the hood.

    For the AI enthusiasts, it makes them more interesting. For the AI doomists, it makes them less scary.

    The book being online and an easy to remember URI makes this a great reference book that you can access from any device with an internet connection. You could read the whole thing with cURL if you were feeling wacky. You can also clone the repo and host it locally if you want to "own" a copy.

    They are releasing a physical book in English this week, so for you collectors out there can have something for your shelves.


    This needs to be a well-defined psychological principle. I do stuff like this all the time

    Get good loot from a toolbox in Fallout? Gotta check them all now

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals NotNotMike

    'Tis the season for fireplaces