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Version 256 of systemd boasts '42% less Unix philosophy'
  • I haven't seen any breakage, although you may find documentation assumes SystemD. Debian maintains init freedom, and support for sysVinit was improved in Bullseye, so it's not being forgotten about.

    If you don't fancy going that route, there are Debian forks that are designed to be SystemD free such as Devuan or MX linux, which defaults to sysVinit. I've not tried either, but they seem well regarded, and I'm sure there are others too.

  • Two people were struck by lightning. News reported that both survived and are in stable condition.
  • In Olde English 'Vraylle' surely means 'one who walks about carrying a giant metal rod in a thunderstorm'. That's got to be it.

    Seriously, when you were told you had potential this is not how you were supposed to demonstrate it! I hope you're Ok and these incidents are just a good story you can tell now.

  • Long Cow is coming
  • I was doing fine, seeing two cows, right up until I read your comment, and now I see it as some sort of weird giraffe like creature with short legs and a surprising ability to balance even with its neck stretched out that far.

  • Long Cow is coming
  • I was doing fine, seeing two cows, right up until I read your comment, and now I see it as some sort of weird giraffe like creature with short legs and a surprising ability to balance even with its neck stretched out that far.

  • This amuses me greatly.
  • It's not that hard to figure out, you're right, but it's like the difference between a McDonald's burger and a t-bone steak cooked just right, with fries and a glass of wine. You might not want either, but if you do, most people would prefer the steak.

  • Gettysburg report
  • You owe me some fresh brain cells, many of mine spontaneously underwent apoptosis to avoid reading that. How does anyone, no matter how under his spell, hear or read that and not immediately assume he's had a complete mental breakdown?

  • Gettysburg report
  • Sorry, but that's utterly unrealistic, it's vaguely comprehensible, coherent and there is some logic to how the points link together.

    You're clearly an intelligent adult, and so I'm afraid that the only way you could hope to emulate the original is by giving yourself significant brain damage, moderate alcohol poisoning and a topic you know nothing about, then writing three different paragraphs, mixing the sentences together, removing random words and scattering in some arbitrary pauses. Please don't though, both for your sake and the favt that we already have enough verbal diarrhea in the world.

  • Burrito
  • I, for one, welcome our immortal, time-travelling, hamster overlord, but please stop giving away their secrets. The 'vapourisation' is the cover they need to make the particularly tricky jumps through time and space. It's not needed every time, hence why it's not more common, just when they need to arrive at a very specific point that's already crowded with other manifestations of the ur-hamster.

  • Burrito
  • Of course they're not blowing up the hamster! That would be unethical, immoral, probably illegal, very hard to clean up, and, most importantly, lasers don't blow things up, they vapourise them.

    They vapourise the hamsters.

  • This Week in Science
  • Check the linked article, the issue is around how information that is technically true but presented in certain ways can influence people. They found that headlines that, for instance, said someone had died after being vaccinated had a significant effect on people's intention to get vaccinated themselves, despite complications being very rare.

    Basically people are easy to influence, and you don't need to outright lie to do it, just presenting facts in an unbalanced way will do it. Many would call that lieing too, but it's by omission rather than by fabrication.

  • xkcd #2942: Fluid Speech
  • Turning 'potato' into 'puhtaytuh' is an example of what they're talking about. Saying 'puhtaytuh' involves less mouth movement than saying 'potato'.

    Try using 'hot potato' in a sentence and you'll probably notice that the glottal stop at the end of 'hot' gets toned down or dropped. The 't' sound will still be there, but your tounge wont move as much as if you say 'hot' on it's own.

  • 'It's very possible': Trump floats imprisoning his political opponents
  • Oh I absolutely agree that making sure people actually vote is important, and it's something a parties supporters can do. You can bet that Republican voters will be pushing each other, and Dems need to be just as dedicated. The thing is, that's a whole lot easier when your candidate is saying and doing things you agree with, and not doing stuff you abhor. That's the nit the party and candidate have control over and should be tuning. It wouldn't be easy to make big changes, but even more moderate changes would be helpful. Biden seems to finally be changing his tune on Isreal a bit at the moment, the question is whether he's irreconcilably alienated too many voters already, or if he can win them back.

    Expecting people to vote for Biden despite disliking his policies because the alternative is worse is logical, but might, I fear, be excessivly idealistic. The more Biden and the Dems listen to their base the easier this will be.

  • 'It's very possible': Trump floats imprisoning his political opponents
  • I think you're significantly misunderstanding whst they've said, or at least I get something entirely different from it.

    The two of you seem to actually agree on almost everything, including that the Dems don't have an overwhelming majority (I can't see where they've said otherwise anyway). You seem to be saying that people should vote Dem regardless of what they're doing, which they, and I agree with. They're trying to point out that a) the Dems probably can't win over solid Rep voters, and that trying to by making policies that would appeal to them risks alienating the Dem base, and more importantly swing voters and b) making policies that appeal to the Dem base and potential swing votes, despite the fact they might further alienate Rep voters is likely to result in a larger voter turnout for them.

    A lot of the things Biden is currently doing seem to be aimed at trying to get Republican voters on-side, but are quite unpopular with the Dem base. Precisely because they don't have a large majority losing any voters could be catastrophic.

    The two parties, and their presidential candidates, are fairly evenly balanced in votes at the moment, both with a solidly entrenched core, a periphery of less commited voters, and the swing voters inbetween the sides. The candidate that wins is likely to be the one who loses fewest of their periphery voters and alienates the fewest swing voters. Making policie to try to 'poach' voters from the other party's core is a lost cause, but might cause some of your potential voters to stay home even if they don't vote Rep.

  • 'It's very possible': Trump floats imprisoning his political opponents
  • You two seem to be somewhat talking at cross purposes.

    As far as I can see, what they're saying is that the Dem candidate needs to apeal to Dem voters and those who could be persuaded to vote Dem, to ensure their vote. If Biden turns enough of them off and they don't vote he risks losing. On the other hand dyed in the wool Republican voters probably can't be turned, so there's no point trying to apeal to them.

    You seem to be saying that not voting for Biden, despite him being unpopular, risk letting Trump in. That is also true, and it is vital that Trump is stopped, they're just pointing out that that is easier if Biden listens to his base, rather than population wide surveys.

  • Rule
  • I reckon it won't be long before we can just replace these sorts of inages with a short prompt and just have an AI generate the image on demand. We can swap bandwidth usage for energy usage instead. I'm not sure that's a good trade, but with the way the internet is going that just makes it more likely to happen.

  • Comments no longer have nesting bars

    I've noticed that recently comnents on posts no longer have the long colored bars next to them showing their depth into the reply chain. Was this deliberately changed, and is there a way to bring it back?