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Jack Black announces new movie ‘School of Spineless PR Management’
  • What if the day you decide it's time you go outside to realize the day was two years ago and now half your friends are being "re-educated" and you have to hide that you ever knew the other half.

    I tell people as often as I can, especially my trans and bipoc friends; now is the time. Get a couple guns (a long one and a short one) and learn how to use them. Learn some basic first aid, you really just need to know how to stabilize someone. Start networking with like-minded people in your communities. The police will not protect us, they’ve proven they’ll happily club senior citizens to the ground and shoot any protesters in the face with rubber bullets while escorting a rightwing murderer to safety. We only have soap, ballot, bullet, and jury boxes and obviously the soapbox has limited impact and the ballot box increasingly less.

    Iran was a secular, liberal state until almost 1980 when they (mostly legitimately) elected an Islamist theocracy; it could happen here.

  • Go into the private sector and make the bank while you can then go into consulting. Save academia for later in your career when you're getting burned out.

    Just IMO, YMMV.

  • Understandable, carry on.
  • I've watched that video a dozen times and even in the heavily edited video you can tell the guy won't leave him alone. That was apparently the third interaction they had

    Bart Sibrel is a conspiracy theorist, liar, and a grifter and wiki makes it sound like he had it coming. Say what you want about "patriotism" and "heros" and the military industrial complex; Buzz Aldrin climbed on top of a rocket and rode it into space and was only the second person to step foot on another celestial body. He was a fighter pilot before that and was the first astronaut with a PhD. He lost close personal friends in the space program, they all did. IMO he be allowed another jab if he wants.

  • Elon Musk's X pushes Trump tags on all US users
  • It really has changed. I noticed it a few months back. Subtle rightwing and like, morbid "shock" content and even some animal abuse started popping up more and more. I just gradually started using it less and less, it was pretty obvious what was going on.

  • Elon Musk's X pushes Trump tags on all US users
  • It’s time to start being afraid of the cult of elon.

    He's said he's going to donate $45m per month to Trump until November. It's becoming very clear he bought out Twitter to suppress free communication of people.

    He sees which way the wind is blowing and is hoping he can help install Dictator-for-a-day Trump who'll deregulate every industry and cut every tax that might apply to him.