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Pirate and Viking fest this weekend in Edgewood

> This year’s Pirate Viking Summer Festival will boast 10 food and drink vendors and dozens of craft merchants. If you’ve never tried mead and are curious, there will be plenty of opportunities to try the honey-based wine as well. “The whole premise behind mead is it was easier to ferment and keep and you can make plenty of it, as long as you had honey,” says Vigil. > > The Pirate Viking Summer Festival is happening August 19 and 20 at the Wildlife West Nature Park at 87 N Frontage Rd. in Edgewood, NM. Gates open at 10:00 a.m. on both days. Saturday festivities wrap up at 6:00 p.m. and the festival ends at 5:00 p.m. Sunday.

Tickets are $25 at the gate.

Who here in the fediverse is into RVing?
  • Well enough for a 30 year old land yacht. I only drove it 20 miles out to my dad's house, but i took all the back roads and kept it going slow (it also does not have a passenger mirror currently)

  • iPhone nocturne213

    Is it possible to set volume per app (Spotify and maps specifically) while using Bluetooth ?

    Firstly I am still rather new to iPhones. I have an iPhone 14 pro with the newest release version of iOS and use maps for navigation and Spotify for music over Bluetooth in my wife’s car. The onboard navigation lowers the music before giving a prompt, however with maps the volume of the music is most times louder than the directions.


    Has anyone found times for each band at isletta Tuesday ?

    I am looking to get tickets to come up and see gwar at isletta tomorrow but will not be able to leave to be there at doors. And as usual Isletta is very tight lipped with everything. Would hate to buy tickets and drive 80 miles just to miss the only band I want to see.


    4 week old flea market kitten

    My son was at the flea market Friday and someone had a box of kittens. He texted to ask if he could have one and while waiting for a reply he was holding one. The guy with the box walked off leaving my son and someone else with a kitten. Vet says he is 4 weeks old, not even fully weaned.


    If I have two skyrangers and 2 full squads how come i can only deal with one terror site?

    How come you cannot send out two squads at the same time? I realize i cannot fight them both at the same time, but i could do one mission and then the next and the game test it as if they both happened at the same time.


    Biden wants to compensate New Mexico residents sickened by radiation during 1945 nuclear testing

    > BELEN, N.M. (AP) — President Joe Biden said Wednesday that he’s open to granting assistance for people sickened by exposure to radiation during nuclear weapons testing, including in New Mexico, where the world’s first atomic bomb was tested in 1945.

    > Biden brought up the issue while speaking Wednesday in Belen at a factory that produces wind towers.

    > “I’m prepared to help in terms of making sure that those folks are taken care of,” he said.

    Fortnite BR nocturne213

    Is the current season only squads?

    I only played a couple matches so far this season (with a friend’s son) and it looked like the only BR options are build/no-build, and fill/no-fill squad. Are the solo, duo, and trios gone?


    My next air cooled project

    I am currently getting my '63 Ghia back onto the road, once I finish with that my '63 Transporter is next.


    Avocado oil is the best vegetable oil for cast iron seasoning?

    > Repeatedly oiling and heating a cast-iron skillet gives it a nonstick surface due to a chemical process called polymerization. In the context of seasoning a cast-iron skillet, polymerization occurs when the oil is exposed to high temperatures, subsequently breaks down, and forms a bond with the metal. This process is more successful if the oil you use is high in unsaturated fat. There are many vegetable oils that are rich in both mono and polyunsaturated fats, but avocado oil outperforms others due to its higher smoke point.

    > The smoke point of refined or regular avocado oil falls between 500 and 520 degrees Fahrenheit. By contrast, grapeseed oil, a more commonly recommended seasoning oil, is 420 degrees Fahrenheit. That's high, but it's still significantly lower than the smoke point of unrefined or extra virgin avocado oil, which is 482 degrees. 

    > A higher smoke point causes polymerization to occur at a much slower rate, which is precisely what yields a more solid nonstick coating. As a result, your cast iron will stay seasoned for far longer.

    I have always used peanut or vegetable oil on my cast iron.


    Is there a setting for GoodNotes (on iOS) to always open with tabs instead of needing to choose a document?

    Sometimes when I open GoodNotes the tab screen closes and it goes to the document screen, but when I open a file all of my tabs are still open. Is there a way I can always have the tabs open? Or go from the documents to the tabs without having to open a document?

    ETA: This is mostly regarding GoodNotes on iPad.


    Time based automation to change Auto-Lock timer?

    I use an iPad as my cash register for my business, I am looking for a way to change the Auto-Lock timer while the shop is open to keep the screen from sleeping, then when I close change it to allow it to sleep again.


    [D4] Season 1 bug? I have claimed multiple tortured gifts without receiving credit

    I am on Chapter 5 of Season 1 and am almost done, but cannot get credit for opening a tortured gift for boon in the tide. Today alone I claimed 3 in tier 3 and 1 in tier 4.

    I collected enough for a mystery gift, but was unable to find one in time so I had to settle for a smaller one.

    Has anyone else had this happen? Any luck with it?

    Hammock Camping nocturne213

    Do you use a pillow while hanging? If so which pillow?

    Typically i use my shirt balled up as a pillow, but i recently started to wear new long sleeve shirts that are very thin and did not make a good pillow at all, so it may be time to finally get an actual pillow.


    An entire mobile home

    This has been on the side of I-25 for close to two months now.


    Looking for a drop only aspect? Check this website for the best chance by slot.

    I was working on compiling a list of aspects i found by their slot, but then found this.

    Put in your class and the aspect you are trying to find and it will you which slot has the highest chance.


    Alternative to Keep on iOS?

    Keep is an app my wife and i use quite a bit and would love to find an alternative on iOS (if there is also an Android app that would be a huge plus, our son has an Android)


    Do you make your own paneer?

    I have been making my own paneer for almost as many years as i have been making Indian food. I started pressing it between two plates, now I have Dutch style cheese press that i use. I make two gallons of milk into paneer every other week or so. I love having paneer in the fridge and being able to make a dish on a whim.

    Over the years my my method and presses have changed. My father and sisters are allergic to citrus, so i stopped using lemon juice as my acid and switched to white vinegar.

    I am looking to upgrade my cheese molds, i am currently using some for tofu and the amount of pressure i use on the paneer is distorting them. I have good solid round molds, but i much rather the uniformity of square paneer. If anyone has a suggestion for some i would love to upgrade.


    Not enough Animus to complete Oldstones

    > Fixed an issue where the player would not be able to receive enough animus to progress through the Hallowed Ossuary dungeon.

    It appears this is an issue in other dungeons too. I was unable to finish Oldstones due to a lack of Animus. I went back through the entire dungeon just in case someone wandered and i missed them.