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INTERVIEW: ‘The American people are in rebellion.’ Dr Jill Stein [15:55 | May 22 24 | George Galloway MP]
  • I would love if we'd support a leftist party. There are some good leftists parties out there. It's why it's such a tragedy that that's so much of the attention and money is being siphoned off by an obvious enemy ploy in the green party. The green party is the greatest enemy to the left, after fascist and liberals and other leftists of course.

  • 17-year-old trans teen Tayy Dior Thomas shot dead in Alabama
  • No, that's how I end up against a wall. How many of us have to die before you morons understand that it fascism isn't something to reason with it's a cancer. Fascism is a disease that must be cut out. For healthy democracy to function every now and then you have to gather up all the fascist and hang them.

  • Swoosh!
  • I can't say I agree I think it's necessary. I see way too much astroturfing the other way. Way too many suspicious memes. Things I've seen before. Things I don't trust for a reason. So I'm perfectly okay with the concert reminders to counteract the idiotic memes with evil backers.

  • Swoosh!
  • Don't forget Lina Khan over at the FTC. God I love her. People like her being put in charge and in a place to affect change is why you got to vote. Remember Lina Khan, remember Sonia Sotomayor, remember Elena Kagan. Remember the people that we need in government keeping the wheels turning and moving toward a better tomorrow. One option gets to those people the other option gets us literal fascists. It's as simple as that.

  • Despite surging demand for long-term care, providers struggle to find workers
  • So if I'm reading you right your argument is the problem is that you actually have to pay people. Everything stems from the fact that if you pay people you might have lower profits. So it sounds like your argument is we need slaves. That seems to be the direction you're heading here from what I can tell. You stop two steps short but I don't see other direction you're heading with this.

    Also note you say profits but that's incorrect, the current model is where profits are going to go down. Increasing the supply of workers allows it increasing the supply of clients which would increase profits. What you really mean to say is that short-term stock prices go down. Which we all know is speculation based.

  • UT-Austin announces round of firings in latest step to comply with Texas’ DEI ban

    The firings come after state leaders criticized universities for not doing enough to enforce the ban. Students say UT-Austin has already overcorrected.

    UT-Austin announces round of firings in latest step to comply with Texas’ DEI ban

    The University of Texas at Austin has laid off dozens employees who used to work in diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

    The university fired about 60 people and some the offices where they worked are expected to close by May 31, according to a joint letter from the Texas Conference of the American Association of University Professors and the Texas chapter of the NAACP. The firings were first reported by the Austin American-Statesman, citing people familiar with the decision.

    UT-Austin President Jay Hartzell said in an email Tuesday that the school was also disbanding the Division of Campus and Community Engagement, which provided support and resources for “those who may face the most significant challenges in accessing” education, according to the department’s website. The AAUP and NAACP said about 40 of the people who were fired used to work in this department

    An Arizona lawmaker announced she was getting an abortion. Here's what happened next

    For the first 25 minutes, the Arizona Senate's floor session on March 18th was unremarkable.

    Then, state Sen. Eva Burch stood up and announced to her colleagues that she was pregnant, and planned to get an abortion.

    Detailing a deeply personal medical history of past miscarriages, Burch told her fellow lawmakers that she made the decision to seek an abortion after discovering that her fetus is not viable.

    "I don't think people should have to justify their abortions," Burch, a Democrat, told the chamber.

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