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MAGA Idiots Wearing Diapers For Cheeto Jesus
  • He’s what? 80 something? By itself, yeah can happen at that age, nothing to be ashamed of, although also not something to shout from the rooftops either.
    However, I did read somewhere that he apparently doesn’t change them very often.. now that is gross.

  • Aged like... what ages much faster than milk? Aged like room temperature pork?
  • Wait wait wait how do poles shift if the Earth is flat with pillars on the corners and a domed roof on those?

    And I’m not pulling this out of my arse, it’s the same collection of gobbledygook as the Portents nonsense!

  • Cats With Jobs Nightwatch Admin
    The Librarian is in.

    You got any overmeaw books? Purrrrease return them soon!

    Fallout 4 Nightwatch Admin
    When you keep trying to press “E”
    Don’t let Nestlé hear about it Found: Giant Freshwater Deposits Hiding under the Sea

    Researchers are discovering freshwater reservoirs below the coastal seafloor that might someday save dry regions from drought

    Found: Giant Freshwater Deposits Hiding under the Sea
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    I ran from Reddit, it be like that

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