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Elon Musk backs down from $45 million a month pledge to Trump: ‘I don't subscribe to cult of personality’
  • My respect for him tanked in 2014 when I first met someone who worked for him, and heard what working for him is like. Abusive managerial style sounds.. too gentle. Somewhere during the Trump administration I lost my last ounce of respect for him, and somewhere in the last few years I started losing respect for people who still think positively of him.

    Between his sense of humor that reads as '15 year old on 4chan', his aggressive bigotry, and abject lack of redeeming qualities, I'm not sure what he could do to change my mind at this point. If he gave a billion to the Trevor project and apologized for the bigotry, I'd be skeptical about his angle.

  • Sticker Mule cofounder supports fascism
  • I just followed their instructions to delete my account, citing their CEO's unprofessional use of their mailing list, and my resulting discomfort with them having my mailing address. You may want to consider doing the same.

  • Switzerland mandates all software developed for the government be open sourced
  • I don't think anyone intends public funds to be quite that sticky; public education is itself a public good, and having once attended a public school really has nothing to do with developing a product 20 years down the road.

    Also, writing open source code can support a viable business. Not every example has been successful, and some have been sold to hypercapitalist owners who wanted to extract more profit, others have failed to keep up, but Canonical is doing alright with it, Red Hat did for a long time, among others. Plenty of bigger tech companies also employ people to write open source software, despite it not being the company's main business, React, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and so many other projects. Those engineers definitely aren't working for free.

  • Donald Trump speech shooting: Gunshots heard at president’s rally – latest news
  • Yeah the truth is we don't know. There are lots of possible causes we can't rule out at this point, it seems dangerous for a publicity stunt, but it's possible. Someone afraid and somewhat unhinged, among other possibilities.

  • [BLB] Overprotect
  • Giant Growth isn't that great, I'd usually rather have protection abilities like Indestructible or Hexproof, an aggro ability like Trample, or a [[Fog]] effect. Even if it costs more.

    A lot of green combat tricks are more expensive Giant Growths that give you added value, and to my eye this is strictly better than a few of them, one of the most versatile save for [[Gaea's Gift]], and one of the best.

    Not every green deck wants combat tricks? But this is a pretty good one. I'll definitely pick up a few.

  • Jimmy would rather see butterflies and eat fresh produce.
  • The best lawn is one that serves a purpose for a reasonably sized group of people. Feeling or being compelled to maintain something you don't want, that's of no value to you, or nature, is the worst part of lawn culture to me. Nobody should be expected to have a lawn they don't want, if you have a better use for the space, do that instead if you want.

    Sounds like their lawn is at least good for their community. Maybe it's suboptimal urban planning, but that's far less bad than wanton waste of resources in my book.

  • Scalpers Work With Hackers to Liberate Ticketmaster's ‘Non-Transferable’ Tickets
  • The very few artists who do, and have the creative freedom to so do are probably the only ones who could get away with this. Convention Centers don't seem to have the same density of existing Ticketmaster relationships, and while they'd have to pay to bring in seating at some, I bet they could do it for something similar to Ticketmaster's middleman fees.

    I'm not sure the difference between costs for concert venues and convention centers, but if it's anywhere near comparable, it could be feasible.

  • 'Before marrying Melania in 2005': What new documents claim about Trump-Epstein
  • Even if he didn't directly participate, did he witness it? Turn a blind eye? I hope future reporting is clear what it is and is not evidence of, but I also hope people ask the very reasonable questions that follow from what we do know now.

  • Sierra Leone outlaws child marriage with new bill
  • I can't find the text of the new law in 5 minutes of searching, but from looking at a variety of reports, it seems like this law removes loopholes that were being used to get parental permission for marriages involving children. I suspect they just wrote it this way because the bulk of the issue is older men marrying teenage girls, and that is a thing it does ban.

  • Sony will cut around 250 jobs from the recordable media business manufacturing hub and will gradually cease production of optical discs, including Blu-ray discs.
  • It's very easy to make digital copies of physical media. The resulting copy is likely to be as high quality as you can find, and as portable as any digital copy can be. Pop it in a folder and point Jellyfin at it, and it's available anywhere.

    It's also the easiest legal way to get a good digital copy.

  • Windows 10 shows Linkedin Learning Ads on Login Screen
  • I haven't had this happen personally, but are you allowed to edit your hosts file? I'm assuming those IP addresses are coming from DNS resolution, and if you hardcode those DNS entries to resolve to, it'll stop the ads.

    nslookup <ip address> should give you the domain names, if not there's DNS logs in Event Viewer that should tell you.

  • Will Trump go to prison for felony hush money conviction? Experts are split - ABC News
  • Intent isn't the same as what will happen, the law does prescribe what he must do, and if that violates his intent, so be it.

    But it does mean he'll presumably be on the lenient side of what he's allowed to do, which means it's very unlikely Trump's going to jail as a result of this conviction. Unless he ends up with a negative recommendation from the probation officer, which seems unlikely from what has been said publicly. But I wouldn't say "absolutely not" yet.