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Genetic testing firm 23andMe investigated over hack
  • From what I’ve heard people got their accounts at random other companies/ services hacked, their emails and passwords were posted/ sold online, and then the hackers bought them and tried entering them into 23andMe which succeeded for a number of users who use the same creds across services. I agree the article could have been clearer, but it does seem like a meaningful distinction to me that 23andMe itself didn’t get hacked

  • Inside the brain school
  • I think the clumsily forcing children to relive their trauma in an unwelcoming environment with strangers without any preparation for how that might go wrong is the part that seems the most harmful.

    Regardless though, any time a scientific study is being performed on an at risk population there are a set of safeguards and guardrails that need to be put in place to ensure safety and ethics. Children of First Nations families who have experienced trauma are one of the most vulnerable groups I can possibly think of, who don’t have the same ability to advocate for themselves or the same safety nets as others.

    You’re correct that this seems to have done less harm than many of the egregious examples of experiments or acts done to native peoples on colonized land, but the fact is that in the 21st century every group, regulatory body, ethics review board, and government agency that was involved in this seemed to shrug and leave these kids in the hands of a lunatic who thought he could teach them to fly or talk to angels by altering brainwaves

    Sure it could have been worse and this doctor could have caused more harm than he did, but honestly the fact that he was given the access, funding, and opportunities he was is a resounding indictment of the system as a whole regardless of what he did with them

  • Inside the brain school
  • I know a bit about Canada’s history there, I appreciate you sharing more information.

    The level of disregard our society has for indigenous populations and the injustices they suffer is heartbreaking and infuriating, most people seem to think it’s either a problem of the past or an uncomfortable conversation to ignore

  • The full video from the famous "Tank Man" photo
  • I don’t think I’ve heard anyone imply that he’s important because he’s a martyr, it’s the fact he believes in his cause strongly enough and he was brave enough to stare down inevitable death and force the other guy to blink that’s so memorable about that image (at least for me and those I’ve spoken to about it)

    The psyops propaganda you posted is definitely cringe af but it seems to clearly show the tank turning in the clip, calling it a clear example of misleading people into thinking he was killed is a pretty big stretch imo

  • Do you prefer Reddit or Lemmy?
  • Agree, it feels like everyone wants it to be less toxic than Reddit but I’m not sure it actually is. There are just as many mods out of control, wild politics, trolls etc. here than there, and just because it’s a smaller community and easier to stick to your instance/ block others doesn’t mean it’s better. I certainly have more communities, servers, and individuals blocked on lemmy than I ever did on Reddit

  • New filings reveal FBI authorized use of DEADLY FORCE when they raided Mar-a-Lago
  • My dad grew up in one of trumps dad’s buildings and both of them were scummy businessmen and terrible landlords, Trump sr was convicted of trying to keep black renters out of my dad’s building.

    I know a lawyer and a metal fabricator who did work for him and he stiffed them both. The metal fabricator added what he called a “trump fee” for every job after that because trump would never pay the last bill, so he just increased the price of the previous ones.

    The “mainstream media” may be bad at a lot of things, but they’re not pulling things out of the air here. Trump is a bad person, and there’s a mountain of evidence to support that if you want to look