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Was not expecting that [spoilers for new mission]
  • It was absolute chaos and I loved it. Brought a Gatling sentry by chance and it was dropping them constantly, but not fast enough. Had an incendiary breaker, but it could barely keep up with them. Constantly spraying with the exosuit dropped more until they destroyed it. It was one of the most intense swarms I’ve ever seen, 10/10.

  • What is the use of heavy armor?
  • What? You’ve never tanked wearing the armor equivalent of the Michelin Man suit?

    It sucks for moving, but it’s excellent for small defense maps like high value target and eradicate missions. Unless you need to run from guys with chainsaw hands or bile titans, or hulks…

    Yeah, no, it’s shit.

  • 9 years later, I finally played fallout 4
  • It revived the game for me. Changed settings so it would grow without my tedious input, so thankful for that. Show up to settlements over time to find evolving cities that are actually worth visiting and make the game feel alive, like you didn’t build every shack in the wasteland personally with the toaster you hauled from a national guard building.

  • Researchers are making progress on producing cows from just stem cells, with no eggs or sperm involved. Some people are wondering if the same tech might one day work with humans.
  • Lol, it’s click-bait garbage.

    Sure, we’ve sequenced the genome, but they’ve tried somatic cell nuclear transfer only to find out that the cell dies with the mammoth nucleus. Unless it was stored in cryogenic storage beneath lead shielding to protect from ionizing background radiation it’ll never work.

    The only hope they have is cloning huge sections of the mammoth genome into the elephant genome, which is a project the size and scale of which will never be performed if we can’t even be fucked to properly care for their only surviving relative the elephants (or even care enough to do anything about global warming for that matter).

  • They actually look pretty cool now IMO
  • I’m gonna say no if there are any other nearby enemies that have you attention. Had a squad of some 50s-80s last night and we got thoroughly fucked up on insane difficulty.

    Problem was that we couldn’t see them until they were within striking range due to fighting the general stream of rabble, then they’d uncloak and almost instakill before getting a short distance away and reclaiming while wounded. We couldn’t follow the stream of them back to the nest either, so they basically preyed upon us until we stumbled upon and bombed the nest. Then we suffered from the ones already on the map since again, we could only see them when they were within a meter or two and they’d quickly kill us.

    They are by far the most lethal addition, as you can detect and evade other giants long enough to kill them, but you can’t run or hide from these bastards. Certainly forced us to operate much closer to each other in future games.