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AI industry needs to earn $600 billion per year to pay for massive hardware spend — fears of an AI bubble intensify in wake of Sequoia report
  • AI is mostly a grift at this point. It’s just a label people slap on any product by adding 3 lines of Python pointing to OpenAI. If you want boilerplate data then sure, that can be useful at times, and maybe condensing data can be handy as well.

    Recently I realized this is just the visible grift because it’s all over the news. What other hype bubbles are floating around other industries, propping up the bullshit economy we are wasting our lives to keep alive?

  • New study links COVID-19 to lasting neuropsychiatric issues, highlights vaccination benefits.
  • Shit! Something clicked just now. I've been having trouble sleeping for the better part of a year and thinking back it lines up with an infection. I've tried everything from quitting coffee to banned screens during an evening routine to working out at different times to tire myself out. Nothing helped.

    Maybe this is the problem.

  • Cycling isn't legitimate transportation...apparently

    The person on the left is carrying bags, the one in orange is a delivery driver and a couple of people are wearing backpacks. Aside from car brained, Damaris is also blind.