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The only way we lose is if we stand divided.
  • I agree. So we should all rally around a candidate who actually has a chance to beat Trump rather than blindly following some guy who's comfortable handing over the White House as long as he, "tried his best."

  • A TL;DR of the Goldman-Sachs AI Criticism
  • That's a great use case. Splunk does something along those lines. Logs are particularly nice because they tend to be so large that individual companies can often have the AI trained to the specifics of their environment.

  • A TL;DR of the Goldman-Sachs AI Criticism
  • This is all true if you take a tiny portion of what AI is and does (like generative AI) and try to extrapolate that to all of AI.

    AI is a vast field. There are a huge number of NP-hard problems that AI is really really good at.

    If you can reasonably define your problem in terms of some metric and your problem space has a lot of interdependencies, there's a good chance AI is the best and possibly only (realistic) way to address it.

    Generative AI has gotten all the hype because it looks cool. It's seen as a big investment because it's really expensive. A lot of the practical AI is for things like automated calibration. It's objectively useful and not that expensive to train.

  • Sizing pants: men's vs women's
  • Things will only have useful size metrics when the buyers want useful size metrics.

    Men's pants come with useful size metrics because they're useful and we attach very little meaning to the measurement of men's pants.

    Women's pants come with stupid size metrics because we attach a lot of meaning to the measurement of women's pants.

    It's the same reason condoms sizes are all on the spectrum of large to extra large without actually providing a length and diameter.

  • There are already some games like that.

    Some games like Eve or Factorio have backstories that make it clear the player sucks. Capsuleers are immortal but the rest of the crew isn't. The Factorio engineer lands on a strange planet, pollutes the hell out of it and kills the natives.

    Then there are games like KOTOR or Pathfinder:ROTW where the evil path has you make some pretty fscked up dialog decisions.

  • New York Times editor Joe Kahn says defending democracy is a partisan act and he won’t do it
  • "He says" is not the same as "he says, essentially".

    One is directly reflects what he said, the other injects your interpretation of what he said. It requires the leap of believing that defending democracy is best done by stopping Trump, even if it means abandoning journalistic ethics. He claims that defending democracy requires an impartial media.

    To say that he doesn't want to defend democracy is entirely bullshit. It's not what he says or implies. He just disagrees with you on how best to do so.

  • New York Times editor Joe Kahn says defending democracy is a partisan act and he won’t do it
  • That's not what he says. Not only does Kahn not say that himself, he's not even asked about it.

    He's asked, "Why don’t you see your job as: 'We’ve got to stop Trump?'" And he responds that the role of the media in a healthy democracy is to provide accurate and unbiased reporting, rather than hiding or misrepresenting facts to favor one candidate over an other.

  • Why is the pundit class so desperate to push Biden out of the race?
  • It's because we're talking about two entirely different groups of people.

    More and more Democrats are calling for Biden to withdraw because they don't believe he can beat Trump.

    Republicans are happy to stick with Trump because they're fairly sure he can trounce Biden.

  • Why is the pundit class so desperate to push Biden out of the race?
  • It's silly to talk about a "pundit class". It's not like they're a group with any coherent ideas, much less any sort of persistent group loyalty. They're just people with opinions and a platform.

    This article tries to make it sound like he's a really popular candidate and there's some shady group of kingmakers trying to block him.

    The main reason that people are pushing for him to step aside is that they don't believe he can beat Trump. It's not that people were grumpy about a raspy voice. There was already a lot of suspicion that he's going senile. He got the benefit of the doubt and the debate was his chance to prove the doubters wrong. Instead he confirmed their deepest fears. Since then, he's provided a steady stream of examples of his diminishing mental capacity.

    A formal cognitive assessment might lay those fears to rest but, at this point, it's unlikely. For many people, the conclusion is clear; the evidence is in and he forgets what he's talking about mid-sentence. Many people look at the polling numbers around that just want someone who has a chance of beating Trump.

  • Loyalty to the flag
  • The visual qualities are exactly the point.

    If you wave around the constitution, it's indistinguishable from some random bits of parchment. Most people can recognize their flag, even when it's flapping around and next to similar flags. Humans are just very visual creatures.

    In either case, the pledge isn't actually to the object itself but to the country represented by that object.

    The problem we have in the US is that Old Glory is commonly used to represent some particular group's vision of what the US should be rather than a symbol of the country as a whole. When that sort of change is broadly positive, such as when it started to become a symbol of American ingenuity in space, it's easy for everyone to rally behind. When it starts to symbolize a message like, "We should give the police unrestrained power." it becomes more divisive.

  • why isn't anyone calling for Trump to drop out.
  • do they think anyone else realistically could, at this point, other than Biden?

    The answer to that is clearly, "Yes." The calls for him to bow out are coming from all corners; various mainstream media outlets, donor groups, alternative media, pundits, and even sitting Democratic politicians.

  • why isn't anyone calling for Trump to drop out.
  • The people calling for Biden to drop out are completely different from the people who want Trump to stay in the race.

    Democrats want Biden to drop out because they don't believe he can beat Trump.

    Republicans want Trump to stay on the ticket because they're pretty sure he'll crush Biden .

  • Is Michell Obama the champion who can take down Trump?
  • It's a news aggregator that links with multiple independent assessors to automatically assign bias, accuracy and ownership metadata to articles. They then sort them by topic so you can easily see multiple views on the same issue together with some quick metrics on how trustworthy those views are.

  • If Gaza is the largest open air prison in the world, it makes sense that they would have the biggest prison gang in the world.