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TIL that some people do not have an inner voice and think in different nonverbal ways.
  • I think I have an inner voice, but that's clearly not a voice I hear at all, that's the speech part not resulting in mouthing anything. It's mostly true for foreign languages (like english) but less so for my native french.

  • Bone conduction headphones?
  • Shokz Openrun, the smaller ones.

    Sound quality? Good, lacking bass but overall good.

    It has to be quite loud before anyone at the office hears anything

    A bit of everything, mostly rock, electronic.

    Comfortable Yes, all day long for 6 months straight during office hours.

    No irritation, not a trace like you would have on the nose when wearing glasses

    It barely touches the ears

    No it does not bounce, it's super light and I got the smaller size that's quite close to the head.

    I can barely fit my index finger between the band and my head.

    How’s the battery life? Over 8 hours for sure.

    How long have you had it? 6 months

    I wear it at work, when driving a convertible , or working in the garden. (Even with foam hear plugs when needed, it messes un the EQ balance but still enjoyable).

    Do they stay put, or do you need to reposition them frequently? No they just do their thing.

    It's paired to both my phone and laptop, but that feature is far from perfect : windows notification messing up the music, or phone notifications messing up Teams calls/meetings.

  • How did you pick the name of your child/children?
  • For our kids, we wrote down a small set of rules :

    • french origin (with my very french and common surname, living a in french-speaking country)
    • kind of rare (I have a very common firstname)
    • that would go well or be used in english as well
    • that would survive the atrocities of the local heavy accent (teachers and so on...)
    • not too long, easy to write
    • aesthetically pleasing when written down