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It just feels wrong
  • That's a big reason I went to Emby instead. Liked it so much I paid for it and gained access to LDAP support for logins so everyone can login to the same account they use for other things I host.

  • Man sues Apple for accidentally exposing his infidelity
  • Yep, instant sync is never a guarantee. There still has to be a queue for command messages along with authentication plus authorization of said commands. And just like you said, you must be connected to a network that then can reach their cloud to even receive the command queue.

    I run a sync service between multiple Active Directory domains as a result of a merger and the directories haven't been cutover yet. Along with this sync is a password sync that is normally instant. Most of the times (> 90%), less than a second. Sometimes 3 seconds. Other times? 2 minutes. Even when things are within the same LAN, there's the possibility of a backed up queue.

    So yeah, this is purely on him trusting the sync implicitly and not verifying. In my case, I trust it too but will on occasion have to assist users because it's not infallible. Karma got him and I have zero sympathy.

  • Tis the season
  • Oh absolutely. It's crazy, right?

    A friend of mine has a similar breathing problem, and it was regular occurrence to mention when either one of us "snotted" lol. We both knew that that was literally the best relieving feeling we experienced.

    Do yourself a favor and get into an ENT to find out if something is fixable with medicine or if it'll require surgery. I researched best ENTs specifically looking for those who were the best rated for surgery in my area. Happily went out of my way to find one, completely expecting to need surgery. I could tell he was not wanting to break the news I could only fix it with surgery but I immediately wanted to schedule it and he was a bit taken aback lol.

  • Tis the season
  • Nope, my breathing problems were never helped by anything like Afrin. If anyone, only saline spray or neti pot seemed to help. The valves in my nose were the most significant issue but then in my sinuses, my ENT/surgeon said, and I quote, "it was all jacked up in there" 😂😂😂 I do appreciate he recognized the casual approach was best with me, even if I understood the technical bits about the procedures.

  • Tis the season
  • This meme pains me. Have had two surgeries on my nose and sinuses to help this, but I had an S-shaped septum and weak cartilage surrounding my nasal valves. Breathing in collapsed one valve, breathing out collapsed the other, and that had happened pretty much my entire life. So much better now, but my breathing will never be "normal".

  • We do have roasted
  • It went bad because it somehow dried out (maybe the seal was defective). Popcorn pops by heating the water inside the kernel to the point it bursts open. If you have old popcorn, you can soak the kernels for 10 to 60 min, pat dry, and then heat.

    I hope your future popcorn is prettier. Or that you enjoy pity popcorn.

  • When did you get hit by "the tetris effect" AKA playing a video game so much that you get the urge to do moves/actions from the video game in real life?
  • Not exactly the same thing, but when I got my first VR HMD, for about two weeks afterwards I had to fight the urge that my real hands were the fake ones rather than the ones I would see in VR. Supposedly it's something like 25% of first time VR users who get a similar feeling, but it didn't make me feel any better about it. Never happened again, even with how rare I play VR games, but it was rather off-putting.

    Oh just thought of another one: when I was playing WoW back in 2005, I got so into it that it was effecting everything. My social life died and it was effecting work enough that my boss had to have a long convo with me to get my shit together. But what really made me realize how bad it had gotten was having dreams where dialog with people I knew IRL was all in text and I would have to type responses to people when face to face with them.

  • Pokémon NO
  • This was from 2 years ago by the looks of it (found a Reddit post of this from 2y ago, can't see the date on mobile though). It just was coincidental there was another one literally today too in the early morning hours.

    Also a tornado warning will never last that long (over 15 hours), it's generally 15 to 30 min and very location specific. It may be longer if there's a long chain of storms all showing signs of active circulation on the way through, but anything over an hour is pretty rare, even in tornado alley.

  • Counterfeit Cisco gear ended up in US military bases, used in combat operations
  • 800-53 Rev 5 is such a pain in the ass to implement fully but holy shit is it much needed. Bad actors out there everywhere and if followed to the letter, those controls will save you almost every step of the way. "Almost" because there will always be a new method to infiltrate an organization or agency, but the damage control built into these controls should lessen the impact regardless.