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Why Americans are bummed out about the economy
  • Where did you get "it costs literally 12 cents a box"? Is that a random number for effect or do you have some insider knowledge and know that for sure?

    Either way is fine with me, just curious because it seems like a very small amount after paying for the raw materials, the workers wages, the shipping costs, and the grocery store overhead, etc.

  • Trump says some migrants are 'not people', and warns of 'bloodbath' if he loses
  • Trump's all about using strong emotional language without actually saying anything. Using vague language so that you can interpret it however you want is kind of his trademark.

    Rush Limbaugh was also a master of it, and conservatives have convinced themselves he was a great man too.

  • "Shame must change sides": a Belgian model warns about deepnudes
  • I think the issue is that there is sexual imagery of the person being created and shared without that persons consent.

    It's akin to taking nude photos of someone without their consent, or sharing nude photos with someone other than their intended audience.

    Even if there were no stigma attached to nudes, that doesn't mean someone would their nudes to exist or be shared.

  • Voting is SILLY and here's why.
  • I watched some of it, all I saw were specious arguments that I'd expect to hear from goth teenagers at the mall. Maybe tankies find this kind of stuff compelling, rational people probably won't.

  • Gen Z's climate anxiety is real and needs action -- for everyone's wellbeing
  • I think it's a combination of learned helplessness and an unrealistic expectation of your ability to affect change.

    As of July 1st, 2023, there are 334,914,895 million people participating in the US political system, I think it would be a little ridiculous if every one of them could influence our government. Not all the people can vote, but they're still participating in the political system whether they know it or not.

    Each of these people have their own ideas, hopes, dreams, ideologies. It takes a long time to sway that much public opinion, even when you aren't fighting disinformation campaigns from powerful corporations and state actors. Keep at it and have realistic expectations about the impact you'll have and how quickly things will change.

    Do what you can, live the best life you can, and don't take responsibility for things that aren't your fault.

    Edit: corrected the population of the United States because people oddly focused on that part of my comment.

  • What were the consequences of you going to college? Do you think it helped you in life or did it only hold you back?
  • My masters degree in statistics has been instrumental in my job, both in getting the job and using the skills I learned on a daily basis.

    My degree 100% improved my life and opened doors for me that I wouldn't even have known about without it.

  • Push for Washington state Democrats to vote ‘uncommitted’ instead of for Biden in March 12 primary picks up steam
  • Sorry for not making it more clear, that is an example of how FUD works and not something I know for certain is FUD.

    It has a lot of the hallmarks of a Russian FUD campaign. It's catchy, it's easy to explain and understand, it has a very strong appeal to emotion, it's easy for someone to participate in and feel good about themselves, it allows participants to feel connected to a cause without actually having to really do anything, it undermines Biden's presidency to the benefit of Russia and Trump.

    Given the timing, the nature of the campaign, how it seems to be spreading, and who benefits from it, I think that there's a really good chance that Russians or some other group are amplifying and spreading the campaign even if they didn't originate it.

    I am open to the possibility that it's a purely organic campaign, however we're unlikely to ever know with certainty if the vote uncommited campaign is FUD or organic. Unfortunately that's just the nature of FUD which makes it so effective.

  • Push for Washington state Democrats to vote ‘uncommitted’ instead of for Biden in March 12 primary picks up steam
  • Are you implying FUD is a conspiracy theory? Or that FUD exists on the fediverse is a conspiracy theory? Or that the recent "vote uncommitted movement is FUD" is the conspiracy theory?

    Regardless, I'm not dismissing the vote uncommitted opinion, and I certainly don't dislike it. Even if the "vote uncommitted" movement is Russian FUD I'm all in on it, and I'm even committed to taking it a step further because I'm so upset about the Joe Biden's extreme facists policies.

  • Push for Washington state Democrats to vote ‘uncommitted’ instead of for Biden in March 12 primary picks up steam
  • That's an interesting take. It seems like this thread is about sending a message to the DNC establishment, but maybe I missed the restriction of "sending a message to the DNC, but only through the Washington state primary".

    There is no strawman, only lived experience.

  • Push for Washington state Democrats to vote ‘uncommitted’ instead of for Biden in March 12 primary picks up steam
  • I updated my comment so hopefully it's clearer. Its well documented that Russia and China use social media to spread FUD, which undoubtedly includes the fediverse.

    This part is conjecture: it seems likely that the fediverse is an entry point for FUD because the lack of moderation and the large number of users sympathetic to their cause.