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Verstappen reveals shock health issue since 2021 Hamilton crash
  • This is poorly worded and translated. He was fighting with visibility issues/blurry vision in 2021 up to and including at least the USA GP, but has since fully recovered.

  • Is a cloud backup an acceptable backup for a home server?
  • Just always keep in mind that you might not be home and that this might not be your priority in the heat of the moment (no pun intended).

  • ich🍖iel
  • Kommt darauf an:

    Wenn man isst was man ist, dann ist man ja schon was und das Essen wird in dem Moment zu dem, was man schon war.

    Wenn man ist was man isst, dann wird man in dem Moment zu dem Essen, was man soeben gegessen hat.

    Oder so.

  • Authy got hacked, and 33 million user phone numbers were stolen
  • Why does it require a phone number to use?!

  • Why do you still hate Windows?
  • I basically have one primary criteria in choosing operating systems: I want the one that gets the least in my way doing the things I want to do (whether that's something productive or entertainment). I don't care that I'm using Linux, it just happens to be Linux (or a Linux distro) that's currently better at getting out of my way than Windows (or macOS, or any other OS).

    I've been evaluating Linux on my desktop like once per year maybe, and until recently Windows always won in terms of getting out of my way. I was using Windows 10 LTSC IoT before (because guess what: it got in my way less than regular Windows 10/11) and it was pretty good honestly, but what finally tipped the scales over for me was that Microsoft decided to let an update add unwanted entries into my start menu and re-enable the stupid search field in the task bar.

    So I re-evaluated different Linux distributions last year, eventually landed on Fedora and together with swapping my Nvidia RTX 3080 for a Radeon 7800 XT for better Linux compatibility (especially with Wayland) and also Valve's Proton getting better and better, I started using a Linux distro full-time on my desktop January 1st, 2024.

    Stuck with Fedora for a few months and landed at openSUSE Tumbleweed (after some annoyances regarding SELinux and other things iirc with the Fedora 40 update). Tumbleweed or rather the fact that it's bleeding edge had its fair share of issues in the last days (with some big releases like Mesa 24.1, Plasma 6.1 and some other packages being relatively buggy). This made me think about using a more stable distro like Debian or openSUSE Leap (I know there's also Slowroll, but some issues Tumbleweed has also roll over to it), but then again I pretty much always have fairly recent hardware in my PC, which usually demands somewhat recent kernels and other packages.

    If I find that Windows gets less in my way tomorrow than what I'm currently using, I'll consider switching to Windows. Or macOS. Or Debian. Or FreeBSD. Etc.

  • FreeDOS, now 30 years old, will soon run Windows 3.x | TechSpot
  • Win 3.1 works great via DOSBox, even supporting higher resolutions and color depths.

  • Steam survey for June 2024, Linux still above 2%
  • If you count different versions of Ubuntu separately, then yes.

  • Btrfs snapshots vs immutable distro?
  • Depending on how it's done they aren't really comparable.

    I'm not familiar with openSUSE's immutable distro, but Fedora bases their atomic variants on what are essentially glorified container images (meaning they include a kernel for example). Every single deployment of a given image will be identical to each other. Only certain directories are writeable so that configuration and user data can be modified independently of the base image.

    You can also "overlay" your own/custom packages, which essentially installs them into the image. When updating, a new base image is pulled and your overlayed packages are installed into the base image again. With a "regular" distro, you are deriving from the default install as soon as you install packages or even uninstall default packages (which also works with atomic distros, but the package removal is overlayed).

    It's not so much about the ability to rollback as it is about reproducibility across several machines. It's comparable to how iOS (and recently also macOS) and most Android variants work.

  • Nintendo Sues 'Modded Hardware' and r/SwitchPirates Moderator 'Archbox' * TorrentFreak
  • Hahaha that got me! I legit thought this could've been a PR stunt that actually may have happened until I read the last sentence ... after which I thought it was even more likely to have happened.

  • Nintendo Sues 'Modded Hardware' and r/SwitchPirates Moderator 'Archbox' * TorrentFreak
  • It's actually 10 years old when taking the original Wii U version of Mario Kart 8 into account.

  • Nintendo Sues 'Modded Hardware' and r/SwitchPirates Moderator 'Archbox' * TorrentFreak
  • One might even go as far as saying it's morally not okay to pay for a Nintendo game because you are in a way financing their lawyers.

  • How to Stare at Your Phone Without Losing Your Soul
  • But consider that anything not honoring your time and attention is disrespecting you.

    This is why I use ad blockers, switched to Linux and why I'm always quick to delete apps that continuously nag me to do something.

  • Moving files from Windows VM to my Host
  • rclone supports Proton Drive, no need to run a Windows VM for that.

  • Rage (Xbox360)
  • I'm not 100 % sure how it exactly works, but I think Microsoft recompiles/translates the games and you then download the changed binary instead of playing off your disc (which is also why texture streaming should be a lot faster).

    This is most likely a process that's automated for the most part though. And I highly doubt it's recompiled from source, that's why I called it "translated".

  • Rage (Xbox360)
  • Games using the id tech engine were often affected by visible texture pop in, and apparently the PS3 version was affected more than the 360 version, but the latter still was noticeably affected. Rage uses id tech 5, but I remember playing BRINK (id tech 4) on PS3 which had no mandatory install (it ran from the disc without installing anything to the HDD upfront), but used the HDD extensively for caching texture data. After I upgraded from the standard 5400 rpm HDD to a 7200 rpm HDD I remember texture pop-in was noticeably reduced.

    Xbox 360 emulation on Xbox One or Series isn't really accurately emulating the hardware, instead it translates the original code to something the One and Series understand.

  • Worst is UTC vs GMT
  • Sounds feasible.

  • Apple finally adds support for RCS in latest iOS 18 beta | TechCrunch
  • Clothing (or other things, clothing was just an example) does get you excluded from a group. The only reason a bully would want to "include" the bullied person in their group is so they can bully them more.

    I agree that they could open up iMessage to competitors with relative ease and that this would be a good move. Not because it would seriously stop bullying, but because it would make it a little bit easier to find a common messenger to use (we don't really have that problem in my home country, as most people use WhatsApp, which is multi platform).

    What I'd hate is if Apple removed all indicators that what I'm sending or what I already sent is an SMS/RCS message instead of an iMessage. It shows me what features work for that particular conversation, and if I'm roaming in a region where sending SMS is not free, I want to know when I'm about to send one.

  • Apple finally adds support for RCS in latest iOS 18 beta | TechCrunch
  • I doubt the bullying would be any different if it was a beautiful red (or whatever is considered a pretty chat bubble) instead.

    And even if it was a blue bubble, the bullies would find another reason to bully someone.

    I get the peer pressure part and sure Apple might be exploiting that in America, but in the past it was clothing brands or whatever it is now. Making the bubbles the same color (or even bringing iMessage over to Android completely) would get rid of a single symptom, not of the root cause.

  • Apple finally adds support for RCS in latest iOS 18 beta | TechCrunch
  • Funny how many people wanted RCS on iOS in order to be compatible with Android, while large parts of Google's implementation of RCS in Android is proprietary as well.

  • List items have no active/tapped state

    Normally, list items have an active state when they are being tapped (example from Mlem):


    Lemma doesn't seem to have any special state for an active list item. This can make it seem like one didn't actually touch the item, it feels kind of weird to use.


    Update TestFlight build at least to the App Store build

    Would it be possible to update the TestFlight build whenever a new build is pushed to the App Store? This way, TestFlight users won't have to switch to the App Store version because the TestFlight version would always be at least as new.