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Stonehenge sprayed with paint by environmental protesters
  • On top of that, one of the biggest problems with climate change is that us as individual citizens have absolutely no control over it no matter how many people try and guilt us into taking action.

    No amount of individuals recycling, driving less or with a more efficient vehicle or with an electric car, or drinking less water is going to change the fact that container ships, factories, manufacturing facilities, cruise ships, private jets, etc. belch more pollutants into the atmosphere by so many orders of magnitude that anything we can do as individuals is completely and utterly inconsequential in comparison.

    Me recycling my plastic doesn't mean shit and it never will. Same with me driving an electric car vs. a gas powered car, hell even me driving a car with good fuel economy vs one that has bad fuel economy. Cargo shipping is responsible for more than 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world while passenger automobiles are responsible for 5%-7% at most based on recent estimates. If every single person in the world stopped driving fossil-fuel powered cars and moved entirely to renewable fuel sources for their transportation, it would still be a drop in the bucket -- and that's never going to happen.

    But the media keeps pointing the shotgun at everyday citizens like it's our fault that cruise ships belch shit into the atmosphere when we haven't been on a cruise in 10 years, or it's our fault that the shipping industry refuses to use more ecological and eco-friendly fuel sources.

    Tell me more about how me as a single person recycling is gonna save the world, lol.

  • GPD Win n1ckn4m3

    60hz IC Firmware Update - Software Instructions

    GPD has released a software only version of the fix for the screen stuttering issue in the GPD Win 4. The .EXE file IC/EC flash can be found here:

    READ THE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED IN THE FILE -- both readme.txt and readme_EC.txt -- (or follow se1000's new guide here) -- you MUST do both the EC flash ( and IC flash (Win4_LCD_Update.exe) to fix the stuttering. The IC flash will not work until you have done the EC flash.

    • Extract to the root of a USB stick
    • Boot from that USB stick (press F7 while booting to bring up the boot menu)
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to update the EC to V08.00
    • Unplug the USB stick and reboot Windows
    • Fully close MotionAssistant -- if it is running, it will stop the flash from succeeding.
    • Run the Win4_LCD_Update.exe as Administrator (REQUIRED -- right click, run as Admin) to update the Display IC

    If you have any issues, join the Discord and ask in the GPD Win 4 channel, someone will be happy to assist.

    How my morning is going...
  • I mean, let's be real -- 50% of the USA's SSN is on a dark web site due to the Equifax breach.

    Freeze your credit, it's the only way to protect yourself. All of the ID protection services are just overpriced insurance and don't actually prevent ID theft.

  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is "underperforming", says industry analyst
  • I think it's stupid as hell for Square to have not released this on PC at the same time as they did on PS5, locking to a single console is a poor choice especially when that console is as expensive as the PS5 is and has as few exclusives as the PS5 does.

    With that in mind though, "a single game" is somewhat of a misnomer. The original FF7 took about 40 hours to play from start to finish, and about 80 hours if you wanted to really 100% everything. FF7 Remake took about 40 hours to play from start to finish, and about 80 hours if you want to really 100% everything.

    Is the root of your concern that you're paying too much for too little gameplay? Considering rebirth takes about 50-60 hours to beat and ~80-100 hours to 100%, I don't understand the criticism.

    If the answer is that you expected over 100 hours of base gameplay for $70, the problem isn't with Square-Enix, imo. That's before taking however long the 3rd game takes to beat into account, as well (which according to the devs is going to be at minimum the same length as rebirth -- bringing it to over 150 hours of base gameplay for the trilogy.) I think expecting 150 hours of base gameplay in a single purchase for a story-driven JRPG is unrealistic. The only JRPGs that come close would be Disgaea and Persona 5 Royal, and I'd argue that the production costs on both of those are significantly lower because of their art style and the way that story is presented in both.

    That said, on flip side, the joy of these games eventually coming out on PC means if you wait long enough, you'll be able to get all 3 and DLC for like $50 total, so there are options for everyone.