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One of my back teeth is aching at the moment
  • Go ahead and live with dentures then. When your bottoms pop out every time you eat steak, remember what you said here. Teeth are absolutely essential. It’s cheaper to take care of your natural teeth than it is to drop 30k on implant-supported dentures, or if you’re broke, just basic ones.

    Source: I work in the field. Bottom dentures are by far the most disappointing service we do.

  • I just want to thank AMD devs for their freesync handling
  • I switched from Nvidia to AMD about a year ago. I was worried because everyone harps on AMD drivers, but they’re pretty solid imo. I have yet to have an issue with them, and I’d say that I even prefer them at this point!

  • Gay Agenda
  • Efficiency, yes. The second part is a little misguided though. The different gears in a transmission allow the vehicle to move at your desired speed while keeping the engine’s speed low, thus reducing fuel consumption.

    Power to fuel consumption isn’t really a thing afaik. Naturally, a slower spinning engine will use less fuel.