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Alberta backs off funding cuts to low-income transit passes in Calgary and Edmonton

The Alberta government has backtracked on funding cuts to the low-income transit pass in the province’s two biggest cities.

According to information provided by the Alberta government, they will backstop the funding commitments they’ve made to both cities. In Calgary, that amount is $6.2 million.

On Tuesday, both of Alberta’s big city mayors spoke out about the funding cut, with Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek saying that it was a “cruel” decision by the province. Calgary city council, after discussing the item behind closed doors, unanimously approved a plan to urge the province to reduce its requisition of the education portion of the property tax and ask them to pay the full amount of property tax on provincially owned properties in the city, up to the $6.2 million.

Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services Jason Nixon spoke with media via Zoom on Wednesday afternoon. He said they’ve always wanted to ensure the low-income transit pass programs continue.

“The province does not want to see the low-income transit program in our two largest cities go anywhere, and we will make sure that we’re there to support if that’s what’s needed to be able to have it continue,” Nixon said.

He said that after conversations with both cities he recognized that cities needed further support to continue the programs.


‘It’s just cruel’: Low income transit pass provincial funding stripped from Calgary, Edmonton

Calgary could have to fully fund the Low Income Transit Pass (LITP) moving forward, as the Alberta government has pulled their contribution to the affordability measure.

“I don’t think there’s any way to explain this other than saying it’s just cruel. This is an absolute cruelty to low-income Calgarians who absolutely need this funding to be able to get through their lives,” she said, noting that it’s another example of the province offloading costs to municipalities.

“They’re expecting us to find the money somewhere to make this whole, and you also know what that means – that impacts your property taxes.”

The mayor said Calgary already foots 83 per cent of the $38 million – or $31.8 million.

How 'forced financing' makes some car dealerships more money
  • My wife and I once had enough saved up to buy a used car from the dealership. The sales manager told us their incentives were structured around financing, so paying cash up front wouldn't count towards their monthly sales figures, and to them it was "useless".

    Ended up financing with an open loan and paying it off, in full, on the first payment. Probably lost them ~$1000 in processing fees but they knocked off another $150 for my first interest payment.

  • what are some of the most glaring and significant mistranslations in movies? add spoiler tags if necessary, please.
  • In John Wick, when he interrogates Francis the bouncer outside the Russian nightclub, John asks him if he's lost weight. Francis responds, in Russian, "yes, 23 kilograms," but the subtitle converts it to "over 60 pounds." This completely destroys the fact that Francis was using code to tell John there were 23 guards inside.

  • Retiree 'in shock' after Canada Post finds missing $300K inheritance cheque
  • No you're understanding is incorrect. There is a big difference between an expired cheque and a reissued cheque.

    If I walk into a bank with an expired cheque, they will not honour it, so there is no risk of 2 people cashing the separate cheques. If I walk in with a valid certified cheque, they MUST honour it, even if someone already cashed the reissued cheque.

    You are correct that the recipient could wait ~1.5 years for the cheque to expire and then issue a new cheque, but that's a significant delay and the estate likely wants to close its books before then.

  • A snapshot of wait times at hospital emergency departments across Canada
  • It's due to the capabilities of the wait times reporting system. Alberta has integrated reporting on all acute care sites, updated every 2 minutes, due to having a single organization (AHS) overseeing the IT and reporting infrastructure of every hospital in the province.

  • Liberals believe time is on their side. Is it?
  • It's amazing to me how quickly we forgot that carbon pricing was a conservative policy proposal. It was literally a concession the Liberals made to the Progressive Conservatives in the early days of planning to address "global warming" back in the days of the Kyoto Accord. PC's wanted market solutions instead of regulatory heavy handedness to shape Canada's way forward. LPC preferred cap and trade, but couldn't get it passed, so they agreed to support carbon pricing because it was better than nothing.

    Fast forward to today and suddenly carbon pricing is Liberal policy and ignore/deny is the CPC strategy.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • They don't want insidious "woke" teachings to enter our school curriculum. Teachings like LGBTQ people should be treated like everyone else, same sex relationships are normal, people of different racial backgrounds can be friends, we should demonstrate respect and tolerance for people of different religions (or non-religious people).

    In essence they want the freedom to hate and vilify those deemed unclean by their preferred stone age text that was written decades after the events it purports to describe and has been translated across a dozen or more languages. And they want the freedom to pass that hate onto their children without anyone from the government/school suggesting to their impressionable young children that there are acceptable alternative points of view in a plural society.

  • Why were we able to stamp out Nazism but not the Taliban?
  • The Nazi party was outlawed following the war. The Nazi ideology was not stamped out. The reason why the Nazi party didn't fight a guerilla war to maintain power was because they didn't have to. Prominent Nazis with valuable skills were pardoned and welcomed into mainstream life (e.g. Werner von Braun became one of the lead rocket scientists for NASA). I don't believe they even had to recant their ideology or party affiliation.

    One need only watch a few far right rallies before a swastika flag or three will show up and announce that Nazism is still alive and well 80 years later.

  • Canadian government suspends advertising on Meta-owned platforms Facebook and Instagram
  • I strongly recommend the book "The Four" by Scott Galloway. He does an excellent job of breaking down how the Four Horsemen (Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook) destroy regional competition by leveraging their power as content gateways yet constantly skirt regulations that apply to broadcasters. Their cries of "we're not a broadcaster, we're just an aggregator" ring hollow when their algorithms determine what articles & headlines people see and they have shaped public opinion on various topics (e.g. elections, supreme court decisions, labour negotiations, public demonstrations, etc). He outlines how Google outmaneuvered the NYT and became the defacto gateway to all journalistic content because they were able to freely link to content created by others, while still putting an editorial spin on stories through their aggregation (eg should the story talking about "BLM protestors" appear before or in place of the story about "counter-racism demonstators" (narrator: they are the same story).

  • What do guys think of the current state of blockbuster movies?
  • This is demonstrably untrue, and contradicted by your own statement. Guardians 3, Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse both did very well in theaters despite being big franchise movies. Audiences aren't tired of the theater, they are tired of spending big dollars for badly written movies at the theater.

    Disney and Marvel have been cranking out a massive flood of titles over the past 5 years, and that has diluted the talent pool and shortened the development pipeline forcing way more cookie cutter scripts going through far less review with much worse CGI hitting the big screen. It isn't cinema people that is keeping people away, it is bland, uncreative cinema with bad writing.