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Les médias avaient menti
  • Le deuxieme fait marquant ce soir sont les chaises hautes du plateau De TF1. Le designer detest vraiment les politiques et veux leur faire passer un quard d'heure inconfortable .

  • Signal under fire for storing encryption keys in plaintext on desktop app
  • You are telling me this has been going on for almost a decade now, and no one ever noticed ?

    So we trust open source apps under the premise that if malicious code gets added to the code, at least one person will notice ? Here it shows that years pass before anyone notices and millions of people's communications could have been compromised by the world's most trusted messaging app.

    I don't know which app to trust after this, if any?

  • Microsoft has gone too far: including a Game Pass ad in the Settings app ushers in a whole new age of ridiculous over-advertising
  • Microsoft is so confident in its desktop marketshare that they allow themselves to push the overton window on what users will tolerate.

    The only competitor they can lose users to is Apple. And even then not everyone can afford an Apple computer, especially in the rest of the world

  • Pixel 8a joins the LineageOS 21 build roster
  • LineageOS kinda dead these last years they only do pixel phones. While the hoards of people using android are buying Samsung's and Xioami's budget phones

    Edit: after reading the comments. I checked again and was surprised they have updated the list with newer models they weren't on the list a few months ago

  • Internet forums are disappearing because now it's all Reddit and Discord. And that's worrying.
  • We need help communities on Lemmy. That's what is going to make it rank in SEO and fly. Communities like software help (office, adobe creative products, etc), financial help and advice. And ask docs communities.

    Memes won't help SEO rank.

  • People who started learning a second language, how has it made you aware how broken English is ?
  • You do you. And you have to take into consideration what your goal is by learning Arabic.

    Dialects are definitely easier to learn and more rewarding as it allows you to converse with people and test your advancements. But you won't be able to easily transition to another dialect. Because MSA is the glue that make the intelligible.

    Learning MSA will take you triple the time. And I imagine your teacher is both proud of his dialect. But also doesn't want you to drop learning if you were to have chosen MSA

  • People who started learning a second language, how has it made you aware how broken English is ?
  • We only refer to MSA when talking about Arabic. Most Arab speakers consider dialects side languages to Classical Arabic. They have never had a transcription throughoutout history. People started writing in their dialects only recently with the arrival of SMS and the internet.

    I get that as a new comer to Arabic you probably have come across learning materials for dialects like Egyptian and levantine. But in reality you won't find uni courses for those dialects because academics don't consider them to be proper languages with clear grammar and an established vocabulary.

  • People who started learning a second language, how has it made you aware how broken English is ?
  • Languages with phonetic writing in the modern day likely achieved that through a language standardization process that included spelling reforms.

    Not Arabic. It is pronounced as it is written. Except a handful of words that have a different transcription to make them easily distinguishable.

  • Problem with federation! Comments from seem to not federate

    Any news on why this is happening with this instance ? it might be harder to check if upvotes and downvotes federate to the outside lemmyverse .

    other instances seem to federate better.

    Don't the instance owners use it ?