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How I like my pi
  • Installing uBlock is so quick, all you need is 30 seconds of their consent to lean over their shoulder and install it. The whole process can be faster than the actual ad break, in some cases.

  • Headphones are a crutch
  • I am a conductor and pianist with a decent level of absolute pitch who reads sheet music to myself like this all the time, and this description captures the synesthetic experience really well!

    The weirdest part in my experience is that it's easy to listen to an audiobook at the same time because the sections of the brain that process each of those things are totally separate, just how you can listen to music and study at the same time.

  • What are your experiences with polyamory, first or second hand?
  • I recently attended a polyamorous wedding where one pair of individuals in the polycule were formalizing their individual bond/commitment to each other (but both still remaining in the larger structure of the 5-6 person polyromantic/polyamorous constellation.) It was cute! All the other members of the group walked the bride and groom down the aisle and gave cute best-man-style speeches instead of a religious ceremony.

    I enjoyed the event and they all seemed really happy.

  • cute dogs, cats, and other animals mrmacduggan

    Boyo has caught another mouse


    He caught a mouse


    Unlimited Power