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House Ethics Committee releases statement regarding Representative Matt Gaetz
  • Kids cant consent to sex with an adult. It doesnt change at 12 or 16 or 17.

    You fuck a 17 year old when youre 36, yes you committed statutory rape. Its not "aww shucks, close enough" consenual sex. Especially when that 17 year was also plied with illegal drugs and alcohol by these adults.

    The fact that the victim opened an onlyfans in her 20s after being drugged and raped by several 40 year old men when she was a minor isn't the defense you think it is. Sexual trauma often manifests as sexual promiscuity as victims try to retake control of their bodies from their abusers.

  • Effective Altruists: look, we *tried* to invite nice people as well as the huge racists we knew were huge racists when we invited them. What? Exclude the racists? But they're so *interesting!*
  • The comments about the event are great over here. The initial poster talks about 8 invited racist speakers, but you could argue there were more like 10 or 12. The owners/organizers then talk about how the confrence had 60 speakers. They later say they would have backed off the "edginess" (i.e racism) by 5%.

    So even by their own take, instead of having 15% racist invited speakers, they would prefer 10% invited racist speakers. We want 5 racists next time, not 8.

  • DJT shares tumble 13% as Trump Media stock sell-off accelerates
  • Id recommend doing neither if youre not comfortable with the terms.

    Shorts can be particularly dangerous. Puts/Calls tend to at least be a static gain or loss, although it can be large as well.

    In this instance where you want to bet money on a stock falling, you would buy a put or sell a call. You can buy and sell for different time frames and different total amounts, but that's extra complexity. Start very small, standard length and only 1 contract at a time.

  • US aircraft carrier captain playfully counters Houthi's false online claims of hitting his ship
  • So youre a journalist welder? Aware of the deep ins and outs of navy culture from exhaustive interviews? Id probably like your article more than the posted one. I still don't think you really understand what I'm describing.

    A ship in drydock is no ship at all. The sailors on it are not at all the same as when they are underway. It's an utterly different animal. Even a Before/After isn't it, because it doesnt contain the During.

    A docked ship is just a job. A ship at sea is a crucible.

  • US aircraft carrier captain playfully counters Houthi's false online claims of hitting his ship
  • Okay, then you know even less about it than I thought.

    The above is entirely about life aboard a ship underway for 8 months while at war.

    I appreciate the welding mate, but you dont have any view about this experience because you never saw it.

  • US aircraft carrier captain playfully counters Houthi's false online claims of hitting his ship
  • You didn't live the life.

    Imagine thinking enlisted didn't have their own politics to deal with, their own rigged games to suffer, but without any of the "has its perks" of being an officer. Having to also decide about making a career out of it or gtfo to try the civilian rat race.

    But no, since you didnt live it, you cant understand that they went through all the same terrible shit you did, but much, much worse.

    You had perks, ways to get away from those 5000 people, to connect with those you care about. Small human dignity's like private space, a call home, a round plate to eat off.

    They had shit all. All the pressures you felt but more, with none of the kindness that came with it. They had to pull back into their own minds for that. Thats the solitary. If you leave it, it crushes you, because you have no "has its perks" to relieve the anxiety, the pain and the fear of it. You just grit and bear it until you dont grit anymore.

    That's when the ash starts.

  • US aircraft carrier captain playfully counters Houthi's false online claims of hitting his ship
  • 8 months at sea and one port call. Absolute fucking nightmare. It's basically like solitary confinement at that point. You get locked into a routine that eats your soul. Everything turns to ash, and then it gets ground down finer and finer until its all that you have. It starts to choke the life out of you, but you still want it because its all thats left of you.

    How surprising that everyone quoted in that story was an officer, all people who had free time to hang out with support dogs, have cookies, get neat patches made. Not one enlisted voice in the whole article. A ship of 5000 people, with a compliment of a dozen of smaller ships, and they found 3 officers to talk to, people with their own rooms, catered mess with plates and no lines, phones that call out to land, largely unhobbled internet. I wonder why they had nothing negative to say at all.

    Im glad these comfortable men have such concern for their "sailors." Sending out instagram pics and attaboys to the public but for some reason not one reporter welcomed to talk to the enlisted sailors, report on what they are experiencing. The ash.


  • How One Chinese EV Company Made Battery Swapping Work
  • My exposure to electric roads are electro-magnetic rails under the road that provide a constant electric field that cars drive over.

    The losses from trying to transmit power from the ground at least 24 inches to the car would make the effort insanely energy inefficient. Like 100-1000x times less efficient than plugging a car in.

    This basically won't ever be a good idea.

  • Paradox Interactive has completely cancelled "Life By You"
  • In a hilariously circular way, EA has this beat still.

    The Simcity 2013 launch was so terrible it killed Simcity and the studio Maxis, basically paving the way for City Skylines to take over the genre 2 years later.

    It was online only, to the point where if you disconnected from the Internet you were booted out of the game. It also did most game rendering server side to force multiplayer/anti piracy/EA Origin store, and they only had enough infastructure for 1/10th of their player base on launch. That 10% isn't exaggeration, either. They underestimated server load by 90%.

    It was also a severely buggy, local resource hog somehow, even with being mostly remotely rendered. Since only a tiny fraction of the servers needed for the game were online, the game just chocked itself to death.

    It took months to get it to a "working" state, at which point people had discovered all the insane and dumb behavior by ingame actors like citizens just picking a random house to go to end of day/etc. The tiny city limit size caused by being always online was also a very sore point for players, as you could barely build anything in a city building game. You could finish buillding your "city" in just a few hours, at which point you had to buy another "zone" that was separate from your current one. They didmt seamlessly connect like old SimCity or city skylines, you actually entered another tiny city slice to build on. It was terrible, and the size limit was clearly one of the measures to reduce server costs, as each zone looked like it was a new small server instance.

    By the time they actually resolved the server issues, the game was dead, ending a 20+ year legacy in gaming for the brand and the studio. EA hasent made a simcity game in 11 years because of its failure. It was a shitshow and a half.

  • Supreme Court strikes down Trump-era ban on bump stocks, gun accessories used in 2017 Vegas massacre
  • As a counterpoint to your well reasoned argument, you could also easily say constitutional organizists want to strip back any equality or progress our society has made via the courts. They do this by weaponizing the fact that we have a broken legislature. To achieve their goals of stripping freedom and rights from the "outgroups" all they have to do is be explicitly literal when it suits them, ignoring all intent of a law, and then the outgroups will be powerless to actually regain those rights, effectively legislating our nation from the bench.

    When a law that helps people that they dont like comes before them, then they can suddenly "guess at intent" and "give standing to anyone." A clear example of this is when they struck down Biden 400B student loan forgiveness. The law itself gave the executive incredibly wide powers, and Biden worked entirely in them to enact that forgiveness. He followed the "originalist" interpretation, but suddenly all these originalsist jusges had questions about "greater fairness" and "was this really in the intent of the law" when it says in effect "the executive can do what the fuck they want." They even let a state just "get standing" by claiming one of its agencies would have had standing if it sued. The agency did not in anyway sue. That's how bad they wanted to not be origionalists when it suited them.

  • G7 agrees to loan Ukraine $50 billion from the interest on frozen Russian assets
  • From the article:

    When Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, Western governments froze about $300 billion in Russian assets — including money, securities, gold and bonds — held mainly in banks in Europe.

    Leaders of the G7 economies have agreed to use the interest generated by the assets — about $3 billion per year — to help Ukraine.

  • Baba Yaga Boba Yaga by Beth Sparks -

    Source: Boba Yaga (by Beth Sparks - ArtStation) [] > I was gonna wait and post this with some other drawings, probably, but it grew legs on twitter and i’ve gotten a couple of ‘did you draw this’ questions so i’m putting it up now to try and cut down on confu...

    Boba Yaga by Beth Sparks -