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Have you seen someone die in front of you?
  • Not to be depressing.. When i was 5 I sometimes slept in bed next to my mom. Woke up one of those days and she was already in rigor mortis. I touched her and she felt like an uncooked turkey, if that makes any sense. Took me a couple decades before I could actually handle an uncooked turkey or like, be around someone wearing her favorite perfume without almost fainting. Nobody knew exactly what killed her, maybe just sudden death syndrome.

    If animals count, when i was about 6 my sister had a horse that slipped on the cement and when it managed to pull itself back up.. I don't think it's totally accurate, but my memory is that its whole body was raining blood a few feet in front of me. Like I remember my vision being framed by blood dripping like a rainstorm from a cloud. Needless to say, it didn't survive. I remember my dad using the hose to spray all the blood off the cement. I saw lots of dead pets over the years... Between all the wild animals and the back road that everyone sped on, most pets had short lifespans.

    Anyway, I grew up through a lot of other fucked up stuff... And people wonder why I'm weird. And if you don't want morbid answers, don't ask morbid questions.

  • Favourite DE
  • I use kde6+Wayland. I do like the simplicity of Cinnamon, but it runs games slower than kde, even though mangohud claims they run at the same speed. For example, in Cinnamon it'll say 60fps when it's clearly in the 30s-40s, and kde actually runs the same thing at 60fps. This is with every tweak i could find, and yes, including turning on the setting to turn off compositing during games.

    Kde6 is still quite buggy at times, but I'm really enjoying Wayland's smoother general behavior over x11, even with x11 stuff like wine/proton. This is on arch + AMD rx 6600 xt. I used old gnome 2, then mate, then Cinnamon for years, but if KDE can clean itself up a little bit (no judgment tho, i get it) it may be my permanent DE. Generally when i go to report a bug, it's already reported by someone else...

  • LPT Do it.
  • I generally do this on my NAS, combined with nightly and bi-weekly backups, plus a 6-mo safety backup, to a backup drive. Also, basic off-site nightly backups for important stuff. If I worked on really important stuff that required lots of versioning, though, I'd probably go with a versioning system instead of inserting the date.

  • New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • There's a dozen apps for it, but I wouldn't trust them to do a perfect job. At a bare minimum, you'd probably need to keep said app up to date at all times, and it'd need to be one that runs in the background or runs on every boot or something.

  • Microsoft stoops to new low with ads in Windows 11, as PC Manager tool suggests your system needs ‘repairing’ if you don’t use Bing
  • I find it funny, actually. For years, I used DOS, exclusively command line-based, on a 286 and when I got a new 486 computer in the early 90s I was so excited to get Windows 3.1 on it. Decades later, I find myself hating Windows and going back to Linux and often a command line. As far as I'm concerned, the closest thing to the last usable version of Windows was 7, and it still kinda sucked.

  • What open-source software would you like more people to know about?
  • I say this a lot, but "nomacs" image viewer/editor. I take a lot of time lapse videos and I have directories of like, 50000 identically-sized images each on a smb server over gigabit ethernet and nomacs can open from a directory and quickly cycle through the photos using the arrow keys, without resetting the current pan/zoom setting (important for me), without any trouble. It takes about as long to open the directory of photos as it takes for my samba client to download the directory data.

    It also has a lot of cool little quality of life features, including lots of shortcut keys for overlaying metadata and such. It has basic image editing capability as well. The only other image viewer I use is digikam, which is more for organizing personal photos. Otherwise it's all nomacs, baby.

  • Movie lines people laughed at in theaters despite not actually being intended to be funny?
  • I don't go to theaters enough to see entire audiences laughing, but I laughed..

    I laughed uncontrollably at the climax/ending of Dark City at a friend's birthday party. It was his favorite movie at the time. He wasn't amused. I think the fact that he took the movie SO seriously, and that it ended in such an embarrassing schlocky way, was just too much for my poor system.

    the ending spoiler

    It turns into a Dragonball-z fan film, with energy beams meeting in the middle and one guy straining and pushing harder and knocking the energy beam into the other, and other silly nonsense. It did not fit the tone of the movie AT ALL. Then, the movie ends as quickly as possible.

    Also laughed my way through most of the first Fast and the Furious movie, in the theater. At the time, it seemed like an amazing absurdist comedy, but these days it'd be very tamely dumb. Lots of people probably think of it as some sort of classic or some shit now.

    Finally, nobody in the theater laughed once at Down Periscope. IMDB has it at 6.2, but.. nobody laughed. We walked out after giving up 30min in. edit: it was a different spoof movie from almost the same time that I'm thinking of, McHales Navy. Sorry for slandering you, Down Periscope, I'm sure you're amazing.

  • Home Improvement mortrek

    What kind of valve is this exactly? Never seen that exact connection type

    I'm pretty new to this. I was considering replacing it with something else because it leaks slightly from the valve if it gets moved around at all, but I don't know what this connection is to start with. It goes to a dishwasher.


    Dryer vent connection broken off flush with wall, in a rental

    I have a friend who lives in a Section 8 housing apartment and the dryer vent (that normally sticks out enough to connect a dryer to) is broken off flush with the wall by previous tenants. I believe it's also glued/foam filled into place, so it can't be easily pulled further out or anything. They'd probably get in trouble if they modified anything excessively anyway. No pictures, sorry.

    They have a stacked washer/dryer that works, but cannot use them due to no venting. There is no way that the landlord will fix it, as they refused to fix many bigger, more dangerous things until the state forced them to. They are just stuck with the apartment that they have. Also, they currently have a negative income, so I'd have to fix it out of my pocket. Currently they just walk to a laundry place and pay a bunch of money (that they don't have) to wash their things.

    Is there some sort of trick that's still safe, like a metal insert that you can put into the vent to extend it? Some way to make it usable without modifying the building?

    This is Washington State, USA, so it'd need to pretty much follow laws/code if at all possible.

    Thank you.


    Lifecycle of a Sunflower Time Lapse - yt link, sorry

    Let me know if YT is not acceptable and I'll take it down...

    I can't really disable ads anymore thanks to YT, so apologies. Use adblockers if they let you, I guess.


    Rexing V1LG dashcam weird rebooting when shutting down - bad battery

    I have a Rexing Dashcam that I've used for a couple years, and lately it's been behaving badly. It works perfectly fine while on, but when it's time for it to shut down, it often will shut off early, then reboot over and over until its internal battery is totally dead.

    Everyone on the net says it's a bad card. Nope. It does mess up the card's partition by quitting in an uncontrolled fashion and by rebooting over and over, but I took the thing apart and the real problem was that the little internal battery is swollen and almost dead.

    All the battery does is provide the camera with up to 30 seconds to save the currently captured video and perform a controlled shutdown, and as such, it's quite small. The battery in my V1LG was a 602040 3.7V 450mAh lipo. It was pretty badly swollen (they are supposed to be relatively flat). I've ordered a cheap replacement for $7, which is a lot cheaper than a new dashcam.

    Anyway, if your dashcam is behaving oddly at power-down, and you've tried different cards with no success, it may be your battery.


    Question: are videos acceptable?

    I've made a lot of time-lapse videos of plants. Not sure if it fits a "photography" theme.