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2x2 lumber at Home Depot is now 1.28x1.28. Actual size is supposed to be 1.5
  • I think this is an excellent time to point out that curl quotes (“ ”) are what are typographically used for quotations and apostrophes and hash marks (" ') are what are used for feet and inches. So it would look something like:

    “ 2"× 4' ”

    (Spacing is still a bit ugly, I’d kern me some quote marks)

  • Columbia University community 'shattered' after police raid
  • She's taking a "World Bank" approach to this situation, that's for sure. This quote by her is hilarious:

    "The point of university is to be intellectually challenged and confronted with difference." She argued that universities needed to 'teach people to have difficult conversations', adding: “It’s through that process of listening that you learn, you build consensus, and you move forward as a community."

  • More than 100 arrested as NYPD cops in riot gear storm Columbia University, clear protests
  • HK was hugely coordinated though. It would be like if not just a campus but the whole city was in on it because they knew they didn't have a choice, and the tactics were more specific to what would work against the CCP, not the US. If it was in another country that wasn't an oppressive autocracy, it would probably have been very effective.

    Edit: hey downvote if you want, but tell me something like this doesn't take coordination:

  • Anon has an asexual gf
  • sorry to see you've got people judging you instead of, you know, just like asking questions and trying to be curious?

    The asexual spectrum is a real thing, and it may not be your cuppa, but please don't erase us, especially you fellow people on the rainbow.

  • XXX
  • You say that... But I named my kid "Kirby's Dream Course" after my favourite golf inspired Kirby game and next thing you know... child gone, forced into beta testing.

    Any time I see my kid's name on the credits it's always abbreviated KDC, but it still brings a tear to my eye.

  • It's the truth
  • This is pretty much what I said when I came out as asexual to my fam. To which my dad said, "so... you're gay." I shrugged and said yeah sure. I'd rather be labeled that than forced into comphet.