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What's the deal with the rank standard packs

I’m assuming because it’s the end of the standard year blizzard is trying to squeeze money out of everyone but each time I check the shop the standard pack bundles I unlocked for reaching bronze, silver or gold etc have disappeared.

Do they only unlock for a certain time?

Or are they only there for certain ranks?

Anyone have a list of all the bundle tiers?


I did it first run! Wooooooo!

Some tips:

  • Unless you’re playing hot and are confidently legend (i.e. you’re holding your own when you make it to legend) then all the usual advice applies with this brawl, don’t bother.

  • You really have to know your opponents deck and mulligan for cards you know will give your deck the best chance at winning.

  • I played optimally with my deck but one mistake did cost me a game so you will be punished for sub optimal plays.

  • You do have an element of luck with matchups but I faced two decks which are hard counter to my decks (Thaddeus sludge warlock) and won because I played around their combo trigger. I stress again, you have to know your deck and your opponents very well.

  • Don’t take excavation rogue as your deck unless you are sub 1000 legend, you’ll die.

Would I recommend earthen paladin? The meta for the brawl has shifted a bit more to value decks I chose this deck because treant Druid and excavate rogue is so popular and this deck hard counters Druid and performs well against rogue players who play suboptimally.

Earthen will not perform well against Reno decks unless you get a very good draw.


Catch-up Packs!

What do people think?


Is it cheaper now to just roll a new account with no standard cards and get 1000 cards?

For me it may seal the deal to buy the Showdown prepurchase bundle.


What show did you watch because of memes but were dissappointed?

On the other place I constantly saw memes of shows that I thought ‘well if they’re that popular they must be pretty good’

Shows like:

Avatar, The Office, Parks and Rec and IT Crowd

I’ve watched them and I just don’t get it. They aren’t so amazing that they are worth that level of adoration IMO. Avatar has its good spots and Parks and Rec is pretty enjoyable but I cringe at American office and IT crowd is forgettable.

However a show I actually really like, Community, only started getting the same type of treatment after the pandemic because people watched it on Netflix. Although it’s still not as popular as these others. Are people just really basic or am I out of touch?

Anyway, what show did you watch and think ‘I don’t get what the fuss is about’? Maybe it was Community?


Returned to Hearthstone after 5 years, what should I know?

I’ve returned to Hearthstone after 5 years (I boycotted every blizzard game after their treatment of Blitzchung) wondering what the best way to be a FTP player is now?

Is Arena still the best use of gold?

How should I get gold now? I see that quests have all changed.

Any obvious ‘to dos’ I should be aware of?