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Favorite Portland Eateries?
  • I know a lot of places.

    La Taq - get as many Brisket tacos as you can eat (diversifying by ordering a variety will result in regret... you'll wish you went all-in on brisket)

    Killer Burger - the Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon Burger is divisive. Some love it, some hate it. Their Classic is a solid 9/10 too, so go even if you have conservative tastes. Fry quality is inconsistent across locations. Sellwood location had disappointing fries when I went 2 years ago. My local location (not in Portland) had excellent fries yesterday.

    Sckavone's - their Chicken and waffles is lovely

    Genie's - their real claim to fame is their Bloody Marys, but the food's good too, no specific favorites

    Pine State - Reggie Deluxe with cheesy grits

    City State - solid biscuits and gravy or benedict. They even offer the two together in a combo

    Horse Brass - no specific recommendation but the vibe is good

    Matador (multiple locations) - grande nachos with steak. I recommend a mexican lager to go with it (taps rotate)

    Petite Provence - their menu rotates but if you can get anything with their smoked salmon, do it

    Saburo's - best quality and best value of sushi you will find anywhere in Oregon, hands down. Didn't care for the "big O" roll but everything else is good. Try the Spider roll, Sabu roll and veggie tempura (I order with no mushrooms) if you are unsure

  • Donald Trump, Immigration Expansionist
  • Incorrect. He doesn't think that. He said it, like he says anything, to get votes.

    Let's not pretend he'd lift a finger to help immigrant workers if elected. Everyone here's smart enough to know that, at least, right?

    Look at what he did during his first term. Everything he did was to help himself, or help people who had something significant to offer him in return. Even if he thought immigrants would work for less, he's not the one employing them.

    More likely he'd flop on this issue and frame it as protecting American jobs, to further entrench the votes of mid-to-right voters.

  • Girl, 15, speaks out after classmate made deepfake nudes of her and posted online
  • The girl looks very much like a younger Christina Model.

    Even before the time of AI, photoshopping one person's face on another's body was totally within the realm of possibility... I wonder if there are any laws about that, which could be used as precedent.

  • Couple drowns in rip current while on vacation with their kids in Florida
  • Maybe when you get older you'll start to appreciate things that you don't appreciate now. I used to think I disliked the heat, but it was actually the sensation of clothes sticking to me I disliked. Now I know to time my bathing to make sure I'm clean during the hot hours and I like heat much more now.

  • Has Elon Musk made any sexist remarks?
  • He has PR talk about how he has "relationships" with his female employees (the correct word would be harassment). The idea of consent goes out the window when the person asking you for sex acts could fire you for saying no.

  • Yeah so, first of all, 10 minutes is too long to leave it on. Second, anything scented is going to be more irritating than the non-scented version. Third, vaginas don't like corrosive chemicals.

    I recommend a pH-neutral body wash like Vagisil Scentsitive Scents for sensitive areas. It won't fix the burning but will hopefully not exacerbate the issue where other body washes might.

  • Could death by starvation be delayed by drinking your own blood?

    Let's say you are dying of starvation. You pull one of your teeth out, causing blood to slowly seep into your mouth, which you swallow. The calories from the blood getting digested will delay the time you die of starvation, right? Or will losing blood while starving kill you faster?


    [Solved] Show where guy in college calls home asking for a photo of his car's hood

    The guy tries to surprise his family by asking for a photo of the car, then plans to pop out of a fake car seat. But the plan backfires when he gets stuck. The car has a toy car glued to the hood. The request was something like "the guys don't believe I glued a toy car on the hood, can you send a pic of it" or something.

    The show has mystery elements, and the episode starts with the premise that the guy is missing. I forget how popular of a show it is.


    What games have the best mining/smelting/forging components?

    I love these mechanics. Manually controlling a player character to run around a world doing these things is great for immersion.

    I've already played Skyrim and My Time at Portia.