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Every day.
  • I don't have that hope. There's plenty of gun violence in my country and state and neighborhood. I'm not anti-guns per se, I'm anti-fuckwits and universal firearms access is leading to the a real dystopia.

  • RealSense depth camera in ticket machines
  • yep, structured images are projected, then left right cameras capture images, the device compares the differences in each image and can use that to build a rough 3d model of the face. I strongly suspect these are used to make sure people aren't using printed images to spoof the verification - but never put it past the state to horde data and hoover up everything they can.

  • Every day.
  • LOL... how could anyone live in a country with free healthcare, subsidized higher ed, public transit that covers the vast majority of the population, practically zero gun battles daily.... oof, yeah, how could anyone?


  • Even if god exists religion can't possibly be the way to god
  • It will become its own Great Filter.

    yeah, I can't see us passing the future hurdles and it makes me exceptionally depressed. we can't get coal rollers and vroom vroom types to stop pouring hydrocarbon byproducts into the atmosphere, how are we going to get the entire world to pull back.

    we have one biosphere. once chance. and it's already so very very very fucked. AMOC collapse, Microplastics in EVERYTHING including all testicles measured - PFAS everywhere - ice sheets collapsing - ocean temps off the charts - mexico, us south, india, pakistan COOKING... it's all gonna get worse and still the assholes are talking about drilling more and driving their shitmobiles.