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  • That's what i have decide to do but in future. I feel streaming services really took the fun of trying to discover songs on your own finding your new favourites were a hobby in the past and also the songs you find yourself stick with you for the longest. Also the algorithm is not at all 100% accurate there are hit and miss. Mostly misses. So i have gone to traditional way of doing things but with a foss spice in it. Goodbye spotify and youtube music. Still i have to use youtube but atleast i can use it logged out and still get good recs. For now I have made playlists in invidious and will move it to self hosted solutions. I dont have time nor knowledge nor can i afford it for now. Tq all who replied.

  • Spotify/Ytm
  • For now I've used these apps Vimusic Musify Spmp Simpmusic Spotube Innertune Blackhole Beatbump Clipous

  • Spotify/Ytm
  • I know abt spotube. It's really bad, hangs up and late start-up but most importantly plays youtube songs not spotify. Also I don't know if recommendations work in spotube.

  • Spotify/Ytm
  • Simply bcz I like foss.I have moved to other opensource alternatives to popular apps so it was the only app that wasn't. Also bcz I use obtanium to install apps, installing spotify meant to install using apkpure links which maybe unsafe, and if I want a modified app, first have to install xmanager.

    I said that but its also true that streaming and opensource are a bad match. I tried to go full invidious and play songs via invidious client called clipous, its excellent video player but I missed spotify's mixes and recs.

    While google is just evil, but youtube is really intimidating cuz it has a lot of foss apps that can just sync the liked songs, take recs from ytm and play songs.

  • Spotify/Ytm

    I am trying to move away from spotify but am really stuck. Ytm has opensource mobile apps that can directly use ytm and its recommendations but spotify doesn't have any decent option, but i like the recommendations more in spotify.

    Ytm is very much connected to youtube it has videos and audio mixed up, its so bad. Also it needs to enable youtube history in order to save history of songs. I only consider it bcz of mobile apps solutions.

    Spotify is what i really want to use but it doesn't have foss app. But atleast it just records music and not get connected everywhere. Only downside is that i would be using propriety app which may have more trackers.

    It comes does to which one to trust spotify or Google

    What do you say?

    Rip Yuzu
  • Nintendo competing to get the most evil corporation award from activision.

  • Keep proton pass and proton mail with single account?
  • Okay lets say I set a memorable password then I would also be removing 2fa from account as well?

  • Keep proton pass and proton mail with single account?
  • Proton pass is a password manager but it uses the same account as proton mail. So I can't have a secure password for proton mail as I would have to use it to login to proton pass first.

  • Keep proton pass and proton mail with single account?

    Proton pass

    Guys I use proton mail and proton pass but the issue I have is that how can I have a secure password for proton mail with 2fa if I use proton pass? If I have a less difficult password then I am lowering my security and If I want to have a 2fa (with local encrypted file) then I have to save it on some secure cloud, which for me is proton drive or mega then again I have those passwords saved in proton pass so I would have to login to proton pass first, If I lower password of those apps then again it risks security. ( I am sorry I am so confused). Please help!

    Recursive authentication
  • I know but I remember it was saved by default in it. I am really confused about it. What should I do abt it? Should I just make a memorable password and remember the proton account password? or something else?

  • Recursive authentication
  • Same thing with proton pass. How will i login to proton pass if i save my proton mail password in it.

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