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Steam Is Run By Fewer Than 80 Staff, Lawsuit Docs Reveal
  • I don't know where this contractor bullshit is coming from; if anything that should be aimed at Microsoft.

    TBF, Valve does hire contractors to help work on Proton and Steam OS. I have no idea what the terms and compensation are, I'm just pointing out that they do hire contractors

  • Anyone who drives a car/ has the driver license... Is it worth the hassle getting the license?
  • Tbf, there are a gun laws/classifications that are silly. Short barrel rifles were banned solely to fill in a loophole in the National Firearms Act because Congress was originally going to ban handguns. Then Congress realized that a handgun ban probably would be shot down by SCOTUS, so they took out the handgun ban and forgot to remove the SBR ban.

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • The reason communities like yours and the one behind your house aren't connected is to reduce the amount of cars driving down your block.

    Which is ironic because it has the opposite effect by forcing every resident to get around via car

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • Yeah, unfortunately the Levitt-town style of suburbs (which are all that's allowed to be built nowadays) are largely incompatible with public transport. We need to fix zoning laws to allow pre-war style suburbs to be built again to make public transport feasible. And all of this will take awhile to fix

  • TBF, not that different than when they got planes from Poland early on


    NAS + Jellyfin + Sunshine/Moonlight?

    I'm looking into building my first NAS/Jellyfin server, and one thing I keep wondering about is whether I should try and make it work as a Sunshine server to stream games to my TV via Moonlight.

    On my current desktop, I mainly do this for emulated games or former console exclusives. That being said, I'd rather not use my desktop as a server, hence wanting to cram it into a NAS/Jellyfin server. Is this a good idea? Or should I drop it and keep the media server separate?


    Can we donate to the server yet?

    Per the title, I remember TheDude mentioning that he will set up a way to donate money to help cover server expenses months back. I haven't seen a link yet and wondering if that's been done


    Yuzu doesn't recognize my controller on startup and forgets my mappings whenever I open the controls configuration.

    As the title says, Yuzu is being a hassle. I'm having to reconfigure my controller every single session, which is extremely annoying when I'm streaming it through Moonlight/Sunshine and have to either walk all the way across the house to fix it or use the controller to emulate a mouse.

    Also, Yuzu is "saving" my configurations, but only in name. Every time I open it up in the configuration menu, all my button remappings (ex: flipping face buttons) are reset to default.

    Is there anyone willing and able to help with this?