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California Passes Bill Requiring New Cars To Beep At You When You're Speeding
  • The light repeating ding of the AE86 after it screeches around every corner

  • The US is thinking about letting Ukraine use its weapons to strike Russia, even if it enrages Putin: report
  • Kind of annoyed people here still haven't made the connection that NATO doesn't want to support an offensive war because that would cost money and the entire MIC would not be making tech for profit. Hence why most tech given to Ukraine has been 90s surplus.

    Nukes don't really mean anything even to Putin. Unless Moscow is under direct invasion, MAD will keep even the most insane at bay.

  • “Everyone is absolutely terrified”: Inside a US ally’s secret war on its American critics
  • Kashmir and the LoC is an underrated conflict involving some overated countries.

    Hindu nationalists on one end and useless military elitists on the other.

    Hope FBI gives him proper protection because RAW has been paying assasins to kill people abroad.

  • On self-driving, Waymo is playing chess while Tesla plays checkers
  • I still want to see someone slap an airplane grade INS suite into a car and load it up with some maps to see how far it can go without relying on GPS lol.

    Not that it would functionally change much, but I find it annoying only self driving cars are still using dedicated navigation setups.

    Google Maps has an aneurysm if you're not going above 5mph even though the accelerometer really should have made this a non problem. Its even more dumb to be using your tiny phone receiver for vehicle navigation. GMaps still has to wait until you're past a spot before finally deciding where you actually are.

  • Happens once per thread
  • That's the joke lol.

    So many comments complaining about .ml users with no .ml users in sight

  • Seattle’s first protected intersection, Dexter Ave N @ Thomas St.
  • Dumb considering Michigan also mandates dedicated left turn lanes on every small intersection.

    Like okay left allowed on any road but not if it's a split avenue. Instead of making a cheap and usable roundabout or ring road, let's make you play frogger against 3 lanes of traffic so you can do a massive U turn.

  • Happens once per thread
  • old reliable:


    Blame the .ml users

  • Indian PM Narendra Modi convinced to be 'emissary of God', questions his biological origins
  • Another day another reason why broke Pakistan still has a good reason to exist.

  • Yellen Calls for EU-US Cooperation to Counter Surge in Chinese Green-Tech Exports
  • And by EU-US cooperation she means EU sanctions against China and not actually going after companies who outsource to China or any other country for that matter.

  • The first crew launch of Boeing’s Starliner capsule is on hold indefinitely
  • North American Aviation (NAA) made a better command module out of 1960s technology than what Boeing could ever dream of.

    Sadly NAA (later Rockwell) was bought out by Boeing.

    They're like the Microsoft of aerospace. Buy out competition and then kill what they just aquired.

  • Egypt changed terms of Gaza ceasefire deal presented to Hamas, surprising negotiators, sources say
  • I thought this was already known and intentional?

    They said Hamas accepted a watered down version of the original deal which was that it included a permanent ceasefire of which Israel refused to agree to.

    The point of Egypt being an intermediary was to convince both sides to come to an agreement, so it doesn't really seem off that they would try changing requirements to see how each side would respond.

  • New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity
  • It would probably take the Houthis 5 minutes to invade the entire country if the USA dipped lol.

  • Joe Biden Condemns International Criminal Court Prosecutor’s Pursuit Of Arrest Warrant Against Israeli Leaders: “What’s Happening Is Not Genocide”
  • LBJ was responsible for covering up USS Liberty

    And Kennedy was supposedly killed for opposing things like toppling nations such as Cuba.

    So I would assume Kennedy as he would likely have been much more critical of their actions and would have made the incident very public.

  • Is this too soon?
  • That looks like an Mi-8 helicopter

    The one they were using was a Bell 212 lol

  • Campus In Crisis - Eli Valley
  • Aside from poking fun at CNN, this is almost verbatim to what Fox and Sky News have been reporting about the protests.

    The last video I saw they were claiming the protestors were anti American and calling for the killing of the entire government.

    All their interviews have been exclusively with pro Israel students which usually ends up being a drunk off his ass frat dude complaining about his personal safety.

  • I'm finally moving over to Lemmy! What are your favorite active communities on the platform?
  • linuxmemes and the worldnews communities on both .world and .ml

    It's good to have both because they bias against each other.

  • Masahiro Sakurai refused to add Dolby Surround to a Kirby game because players had to sit through the logo
  • This scrub is why Brawl ran in slow motion and included random tripping because the 5 melee players scared him with enjoyable competitive gameplay.

    It's probably because they didn't want to pay Dolby licensing fees, not because it makes a 2 second difference in the loading screen.

    even see how this would affect the loading screen considering I run live AC3 encoding on an old laptop much older than the switch and it has zero effect on the boot and login time. nvm it was a GC game.

    Basically every Wii game shipped with Dolby Digital no issue.

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