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Wild strawberry season is here!
  • Same here, never had any problems so far, but every so often I hear or read that one should be careful 😅

    From what I know rinsing should be good enough, however I have literally no way to back this up, so do your own research. Whenever I have access to clean water I rinse anyway, if it might not help, it certainly won't hurt.

    For instance, this German article says that it is likely a myth that wild berries are an infection vector, since there have not been many / any cases traced back to this source conclusively, but that it is hard to definitively link it to a certain source, since it takes a lot of time from contact to the first symptoms.

    Even so, the infection rates are going up in the last few years, but that may be completely unrelated to wether people pick wild berries or not

  • Wild strawberry season is here!
  • Yes, very delicious!

    And they also grow great in a pot on the balcony, just dig out a plant in the woods, they'll multiply like weeds

    --- edit ---

    Just wanted to add: If you are in an area where tapeworms or similar parasites are prevalent, be sure to give any wild berries a good rinse before eating

  • Crypto Mining May Use More Electricity Than the Entire State of Washington
  • While I don't know the numbers, I'd guess that traditional financial systems all together probably are processing orders if magnitudes more transactions. So while a pure total energy consumption comparison is one thing it would be interesting to conpare energy consumption on a few different factors:

    • total energy consumption
    • energy consumption per transaction
    • energy consumption per user
    • energy consumption per $ amount transacted

    Not saying traditional finance would come out on top, I'm legitimately curious

  • Wind-Tolerant, Autonomous Drones Could Cut Bridge Inspection Costs by 30%
  • I'm no expert on inspecting bridges, but I'd think that you still would need a professional inspector to do the inspecting, only that they would save the time of actually travelling out to the bridge themselves and instead could do it in their office, no?

    And then there are probably things which still need to be done on site, such as non-visual inspections (ultrasound, X-Ray, Vibration testing, Tourque measuring on bolts, paint thickness,...? IDK)

  • Man shot by LAPD officers who mistook cellphone for gun wins $2.35 million at trial
  • His shooting [...] was one of at least 38 in the last five years in which LAPD officers opened fire on someone who ended up being unarmed

    So on average, more than 7 unarmed people get shot by police each year, in Los Angeles alone, never mind the whole country!?

  • It's just faster....
  • Automatically clear cookies on browser exit, only whitelist the couple of websites you use regularly.

    Has the added benefit of making tracking cookies fairly (but not completely) useless

  • Gamers nexus on LTT
  • For some great irony check out this wan show segment where linus talks about how he doesn't like that a prototype (backpack) of theirs ended up in the hands of the public Time 53:29, in case the timestamped link doesn't work

  • Welp that answers a lot of why all .ml are down
  • Yes, but it is very quick and cheap to get a domain validated cert from a CA that is generally trusted by most web browsers, so once the bad actor has the domain, the should be able to trick most users, only maybe certificate pinning might help, but that is not widely used.

  • [gelöst] Wohin ist der Button für die lokalen Posts verschwunden?

    Seit kurzem wird mir auf der Startseite bei nur noch die Auswahl für All oder Subscribed Posts angeboten, der Button für Local exisitert nicht mehr. Ebenso in den Settings, und wenn ich die Webseite im incognito mode anschaue. Auf anderen Lemmy Instanzen ( und sehe ich den Button.

    Ist das Absicht? Habe ich hier etwas verpasst? Hat das ev. mit der aktuellen Sicherheitslücke zu tun?

    Sorry falls die Frage schon gestellt wurde, ich habe nichts gefunden.

    Espresso lovers, where do you get your beans?
  • because it's (more) sustainable, about CHF 39.- per kg

    But I also like to just get a bag of coffee from a local roaster, whenever I visit other places/cities, I think it's a great way to have coffee that brings up the good memories when I'm back home again

  • Der holländische Griff - Dutch Reach
  • Im Prinzip stimme ich da zu, funktioniert aber weniger gut für Beifahrer, weil dessen Spiegel nicht für ihre Sitzposition eingestellt sind und funktioniert gar nicht für die Passagiere auf den zweiten Sitzreihen, weil da keine Spiegel vorhanden sind.

    Dutch Reach funktioniert unabhäbgig von der Sitzposition, und wenn man sich mal daran gewöhnt hat ist es auch nicht komplizierter oder aufwändiger als "normal" die Türe öffnen