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Israeli army knew of Hamas plot to take hostages before 7 Oct
  • Then we're two crazies now.

    The ties between Hamas and Iran are well documented. The ties between Russia and Iran are well documented.

    In my opinion the likelihood of this happening on that exact date by accident is next to none.

  • The 22nd Mechanized Brigade captured a turtle.
  • Yet another sign of the Russian economy boo...aaah f**k... I can't even...

    At this point it's just depressing how tankies continue to defend Russia, essentially claiming everything's fine and dandy in Russia, when Russia is sending their own people to the front lines in death traps like this.

  • Everything Apple iOS 18 Will Do, Android Already Does
  • Ok my god. I had an Samsung Omnia 7 and I loved the Metro UI.

    Remote Desktop to a Windows 2008 Server and try to open the Start Menu by clicking a single pixel in the left lower corner... Shoot me.

  • Vladimir Putin issues fresh demands to Ukraine to end war
  • No. That's not what I wrote. To try to get it to that you'd have to perform quite some acrobatics to be able to leave out "South Africa" from the picture.

    South Africa requested not to have to arrest Putin last year. War crimes in Ukraine not the top priority for South Africa then but it seems like they changed their mind about war crimes since last October. Well, not regarding war crimes in Ukraine it seems though...

  • Samyang: Denmark recalls Korean ramen for being too spicy
  • No one seems to bother looking up the origin of this. Fødevarestyrelsen:

    However, the capsaicin content is so high that it can pose a health hazard. In Germany, several children have been hospitalized with poisoning after being challenged to eat strong chili chips.

    -The quantity of hot chili is even higher in the investigated noodles than in chili chips, which have previously led to poisoning injuries among children in Germany. That is why it is important that parents are aware of the extreme noodle varieties and avoid them, says Henrik Dammand Nielsen.

    I grow Carolina Reaper among other chilis and I like really really strong food. However, just because I like eating something doesn't mean it's not dangerous or that kids should eat it.

  • Kremlin's top security officials call on Russians to mobilise to inflict 'maximum harm' on West in response to sanctions
  • One of Russia's top security officials called on Thursday for Russians to mobilise to inflict "maximum harm" on Western societies and infrastructure as payback for increasingly tough sanctions being imposed on Moscow by the U.S. and its allies.

    So... The sanctions are tough? You're saying they are having an effect? Good that we finally get this confirmed.

    "We need to (respond). Not only the authorities, the state, but all our people in general. After all, they - the U.S. and its crappy allies - have declared a war on us without rules!,"

    This is a lie. The rule that Russia broke was "do not invade neighboring countries and don't murder and rape the civilians".

    In his latest comments he spoke of the need to find critical vulnerabilities in Western economies, to target energy, industry, transport, banking and social services, and to stir up social tensions.

    Yet again, why focus on this if the Russian economy is booming and sanctions are toothless?

    While we can discuss how big the effects of the sanctions on Russia and the Russian economy are, we can conclude that the sanctions have a real tangible and a clearly noticable impact.

  • BRICS calls for reform of the UN, reform of the financial system, Palestinian statehood, and the end of unilateral protectionist measures
  • 32. The Ministers recalled their national positions concerning the situation in and around Ukraine as expressed in the appropriate fora, including the UN Security Council and UN General Assembly. They noted with appreciation relevant proposals of mediation and good offices aimed at peaceful resolution of the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy.

    Holy f...... Russia attacked a sovereign state and thousands have died as a direct result of this and this is what BRICS concluded?

    Yeah, that's no world leaders. Many of them are just oil hungry Russian marionettes that are willing to look the other way when Russia commits war crimes.

  • Raspberry Pi launches its IPO
  • Going public introduces shareholders that prioritizes return on investment as opposed to making technology and knowledge about technology accessible for many.

    It doesn't always end this way but often enough to worry about it...

  • Russia Releases Female Prison Inmates to Join Ukraine War
  • This is yet another sign of the Russian economy booming!

    Since everything is going so well, Putin continues his glorious fight for equality! Now women will have the same rights as men to serve in the meat grinder.

    There's absolutely no desperation here... Nothing to see... Move along.